NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — A 12-year-old who sent a shopping cart hurtling onto a woman from a fourth-floor Harlem parking garage is being sent to a therapeutic foster home.

WCBS 880’s Irene Cornell On The Story

A Manhattan Family Court judge sentenced the boy Thursday to at least six and up to 16 months in the residential program. She could later extend his stay.

The boy and a 13-year-old friend pleaded guilty to assault in the Oct. 30 shopping cart prank.

Marion Hedges, 47, was seriously injured. Her husband, Michael Hedges, said his wife will require months of rehabilitation due to neurological damage.

The 13-year-old later wrote her an apologetic letter, calling his actions stupid.

City lawyers say the 12-year-old was the one who gave the cart the final shove. Judge Susan Larrabee says he has serious anger and mental health problems.

Larabee said the boy’s home life has been chaotic, punctuated with frequent moves, parental neglect and violence, including an episode in which the boy saw his father attack his mother.

The judge noted that the boy has been suspended at times from school, once after he started choking a girl.

“All of those things do not mean that you’re doomed to keep living like this,” Larabee said. “You can have a better life. You can do better yourself. But it doesn’t happen overnight.”

The boy’s lawyer, Sandeep Kandhari, said his behavior reports have been “for the most part, exceptional” while he’s been in a detention facility since his arrest.

The 13-year-old was sentenced last month to six to 16 months in a therapy-oriented boarding school.

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  1. jkhjkhjhkjh says:

    u cant help savages, avoid them at all costs, why do people feel ” enlightened” when they try to help them? they will take evrything from you and kill you and not care. i say electric fence around the projects, air drop lots of guns, wait…..mmmm…about two days, they will all be gone

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  3. jmdat says:

    I don’t care what his home life was like. That’s no excuse for what they did.
    That “punishment” is a travesty. Just wait, we will see them again shortly.
    I hope people learned that there’s no point in being nice to the savages. They will see kindness as weakness and hurt you. It’s too bad the parents (if either even have two) aren’t also held responsible I’m tired of the breeders not being responsible for their spawn.

  4. DanTe says:

    I blame that woman. She walks into the jungle. And than expect the monkey s to behave differently. Stop invading their environment and getting them into trouble. The animals always gets in trouble whenever humans insist on encroaching their habitat.

  5. T.Bill says:

    to Dawg
    These two animals were intent on pushing that cart off the building and ontop of their inteded target. If the fence was three feet or thirty feet they would of found a way. They were out to hurt/kill someonee. If not at this parking lot it would of been somewhere else. Like when one of them tried “Choking a girl in school”. These two are animals, are Grenades with the pins missing.
    They should be locked up for the rest of their lives to protect society, or we will be reading about these two animals agin.

  6. T.Bill says:

    to Jwoods
    >>>”The judge noted that the boy has been suspended at times from school, once after he started choking a girl.”<<<

    Choking a girl in school, who are you going to blame for that the parking lot company as well.
    These are animals who have no respect for life! Lock them up NOW for the rest of their lives, or we will be reading about these two animals agin in the near future.

  7. T.Bill says:

    What a joke to blame the parking lot company and deflect the real blame.
    No smoke or mirrors will cast blame on other then the two young animals that pushed the cart off the building and hit thier target that they picked out.
    And lets not forget the feckless parent sof these two animals, thet share some fo the blame. At 12 years of age, their “anger issues” are not going to go away so fast if at ever. The onus is on the criminal/justice system to make sure that these two animals are put away for life before they kill someone. It’s just a matter of time.

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  9. Sam Popack says:

    Send him to work gathering shopping carts this will greatly reduce his anger and given an education what shopping carts are for.

  10. Deibon Snook says:

    Just execute him now and save society the troubles that will come from this monster when he grows up. Just track him and see where he ultimately ends up.

  11. GW says:

    If he has been so damaged by his home and family life, why doesn’t the judge hold the parents and the rest of the family accountable? Somebody should pay for this innocent woman’s pain, rehabilitation and quality of life loss.

  12. JWoods says:

    I’ve been following this story since it broke and I still see no mention as to what the parking operator Central Parking is doing about it. Their cost saving methods that eliminated all employees at the facility, lack of proper security cameras and not to mention the height of the walls around the garage should hold them accountable.

    1. Give him 5 years says:

      Give me a break looking for someone else to blame.It was a rotten kid doing a rotten thing.Him and only him should be blamed.What do you want them to fence in whole parking so it is like a prison.If Parents teach there kids right this would not happen.His parents most be doing a really good job.Imagine this monster at 20 .

      1. Dawg says:

        That is not true, Jwoods has a valid point. Had this money hungry corporation not eliminated jobs and put in the proper safety precautions to begin with this tragedy may have been avoided.

        1. Cynical BAHstid says:

          Some of you guys and ladies have to remove your head from where you sit. The parking garage attendant is at the bottom of the structure. The incident happened higher up. Why don’t you blame Target, Bob’s, Best Buy and Costco? What about the “security guards” that work at the mall? Were they too busy flirting with the high school girls and boys from across the street?

          I hate over-priced parking garages, but then again I am amazed that so many of you are over-gifted. You are able to drop your pants and sit on a keyboard and the out come ends up on our computer screens

  13. T.Bill says:

    “Judge Susan Larrabee says he has serious anger and mental health problems”
    There is a shocker!
    It’s only a matter of time before he kills someone.
    I agree with the other comment, 16 months or 16 years. as this kid becomes bigger so does his problems and the dangers he poses to civilized society.
    I hope that they lock him up for the rest of his life.

    1. libraeffect says:

      i dont belive his sentence will help him change…. Needs something like 10 yrs behinf bars or maybe even 5 yrs…why would you want him to die???what he did was horrible however now you want him to die??? 2 wrongs dont make a right….i hope you feel the same for T.J. Lane in Ohio

  14. m&m says:

    “16 months in a residential program”.
    Great, one can only wonder what he will learn to do there.
    16 months will not undo 12 years of bad parenting.
    This will be a waisted life and I would bet if anyone follows this kids life, he will be spending most of his life in and out of jail.

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