VALLEY COTTAGE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A former Marine is hoping to be reunited with her partner so he could live out his final days in the comfort of her Valley Cottage home.

Since being discharged in December 2007, former Marine Cpl. Megan Leavey has been fighting to adopt Sgt. Rex, a 10-year-old German Shepherd.

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“I’ve spent every waking moment with that dog,” she told CBS 2’s Emily Smith.

A traumatic brain injury knocked Leavey unconscious in Iraq in 2006. Insurgents watching from a rooftop  detonated an explosive, nearly killing her as well as injuring Rex’s shoulder. Together they made it out alive.

“I’ve taken care of him. He’s taken care of me. It’s just a bond you can’t break,” she said.
After the injury,  Rex went through rehabilitation with Leavey until her military commitment ended in 2008. At that point Leavey tried to adopt him, but the military still had need of his abilities.

Megan Leavey and Rex (credit: Facebook)

“He’s actually the oldest dog working at Camp Pendleton in California,” Leavey said.

Recently, Rex developed facial palsy, preventing him from performing his tasks.

“He’s pretty much just sitting in a kennel not doing any good,” Leavey told 1010 WINS. “If he is not approved to be adopted he could be put to sleep that same day because they pretty much don’t need him anymore.”

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“What would be the point of keeping a dog that is unable to work around in the kennels? My plan is to not let that happen,” she added.

Leavey and Rex spent two six-month tours together in Iraq, completing more than 100 missions.

Leavey said while in Iraq, they depended on each other.

“Rex slept next to me, I fed him, I walked him, I groomed him,” Leavey said. “He depended on me to take care of him completely and I did, as he took care of me.”

Sen. Charles Schumer has sent a letter in Leavey’s behalf to the man in charge of the military service dog program.

Now, all Leavey can do is wait.

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