NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The disclosure of the NYPD’s expanded surveillance of Muslims prompted criticism for Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. Some politicians and law enforcement officials critiqued the program. But a new poll finds a broad majority of voters support the practice.

The poll by Quinnipiac University shows that voters say the police act appropriately in dealing with Muslims 58-29 percent. Voters approve of the way the NYPD is doing its job by a two-to-one ratio according to the poll: 63-31 percent. And 82 percent say the NYPD has been effective in combating terrorism.

Kelly enjoys a 64-25 percent approval rating whereas Bloomberg is at 54-35 percent. That rating is up from 46-42 back in February.

1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks with Maurice Carroll

“New Yorkers brush aside the gripes about police surveillance of the Muslim community,” said Maurice Carroll, director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. “Voter approval of the way police are handling terrorism is through the roof and overall approval for police in general  and for Commissioner Ray Kelly is undented by criticism.”

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The poll may offer some reassurance to Kelly and Bloomberg who have recently been publicly criticized for the surveillance program. The most recent criticism has come from authorities and politicians in New Jersey over the manner in which the NYPD has operated there.

“This is New York Police Department. I know they think their jurisdiction is the world. Their jurisdiction is New York City. So if they’re going to leave their jurisdiction and go to investigate a case in another jurisdiction, it could be dangerous,” said New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on March 1st. “This is the way law enforcement people get hurt or killed, is when they’re not cooperating with each other, not communicating with each other.”

“It’s starting to have a negative impact. When people pull back cooperation it creates additional risks. It creates blind spots. It hinders our ability to have our finger on the pulse of what’s going on around the state,” FBI Newark Special Agent in Charge Michael Ward said last week.

“Anything we’ve done in New Jersey, we have done under an agreement with the state of New Jersey that was signed by a previous governor, and still remains in effect,” Bloomberg said.

Imam Talib 'Abdur-Rashid and other religious leaders at Riverside Church - New York, NY - Mar 13, 2012 (credit: Marla Diamond / WCBS 880)

Imam Talib 'Abdur-Rashid and other religious leaders at Riverside Church - New York, NY - Mar 13, 2012 (credit: Marla Diamond / WCBS 880)

WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond: Religious Leaders Protest

Meanwhile, some two dozen religious leaders on Tuesday urged Mayor Bloomberg to launch an investigation into the NYPD’s surveillance of Muslims.

“We feel that these activities are a crisis. The people of faith throughout this city, and really throughout this land, are deeply opposed to this transgression of human rights,” said Pastor Stephen Phelps of Riverside Church.

Phelps called the spying racial profiling, a form of terrorism.

“Increasingly Mayor Bloomberg and commissioner Kelly are acting more like rulers than public servants,” said Imam Talib ‘Abdur-Rashid, who heads the Islamic Leadership Council of New York.

He says it erodes Muslims’ trust in the NYPD.

“We too seek the peace, safety, and security of our city,” he said.

The leaders also called for an end to the NYPD’s controversal stop-and-frisk program.

“The practice of racial profiling and of stopping and frisking works the same as terrorism works,” said Phelps.

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  1. Peep says:

    Place all Muslims under surveillance and Gov. Fat Boy Christie.


  2. Heather Czerniak says:

    Maybe Muslim countries should start casing Americans traveling abroad. After that massacre in Afghanistan a few days ago, I’m feel a whole lot safer knowing that Marine guarding the US embassy isn’t a trigger-happy redneck who grew up watching Chuck Norris movies.

  3. The Facts says:

    This month long series of non-stories was the creation of the Associated Press. The mayor, the police commissioner and the entire New York City Police Department were basicly depicted as villains. Thankfully, the general public has seen through the propaganda espoused by the extreme left in the name of political correctness.

  4. F. Allreligions says:

    Now correct me if I’m wrong. Muhammad Ali became a Muslim and refused to serve in the military because Islamic creed, law, or whatever required he be a conscientious objector, i.e., a person of peace. So if being a believer in Islam, being a good Muslim means being a person of peace, who are these Muslim impersonators who want to kill, kill, kill for their imaginary god? Or is there some other reason like they are talentless boobs who can’t do anything but kill and destroy? Makes ya’ think ……. don’t it!?

  5. lee says:

    The FBI and DEA fabricate evidence, steal from suspects and use murder to close those bad cases.
    There is evidence that employees from DoD, CIA and DOJ accepted bribes from Al Quida.
    How is it that 12 of the 9/11 terrorists could live for 2 weeks just 2 miles from NSA head quarters in Maryland.This after several of them had taken flight simulator lessons on Jumbo jet trainers and several of them where on State department terror watch lists.
    There is evidence that employees from DoD, CIA and DOJ accepted bribes from Al Quida.
    If DoJ and DoD employees where more concerned with doing their jobs than enriching themselves by stealing from suspects and taking bribes, then there might have been more a chance that 9/11 had never happened.
    Worse might be the fact that elements within the U.S. Intellignece agencies with intent create their own terrorists by carefully choosing suspects and through many 10’s of years of psycological and physical abuse create their own terrorists. Why, to prop up defense spending.

    1. Doug says:

      Show me your evidence.

  6. Jan says:

    First they came for the Muslims… The “war” on “terrorism”… Here’s a quote from Founding Father Benjamin Franklin: “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” This is a SHAM and the SHEEP in New York City have bought into this hook, line & sinker. New Yorkers don’t even know that their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS have been slowly ERADICATED… we have the NDAA… INDEFINITE DETENTION FOR AMERICAN CITIZENS… and just the other day the signing of our FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT signed away by oBOMBa… PROTESTING is NOW an ILLEGAL act. Isn’t this what Hitler did? Our dear Mayor is in same the LEAGUE as oBOMBa…

    1. The Facts says:

      Would you prefer that nothing was done and that we all just take our chances with the terrorists?

      1. Rodin says:

        Tirelessly, article after article, post after post, still without a single argument to advance anything.

        1. The Facts says:

          The comment does not answer the question posed to Jan.

          1. Rodin says:

            What question? I don’t bother with imbecilities, yours included.



            1. The Facts says:

              Please feel free to ignore future posts.

  7. Rodin says:

    I would like the NYPD to put Bill Donohue of the one-man Catholic League and the one-man Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights under surveillance for crimes against womanity.

    1. Steven from Brooklyn says:

      Yor are a retard. They are exposing Obama’s war on religion & freedom.

      1. Rodin says:

        Obama’s war on religion? I wish! Doublespeak, language that deliberately disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words, that disguises the nature of the truth.

        That war is waged daily by the religious right (ALL denominations, no discrimination) against civil government and law, against civil public and private life AND against freedom FROM religion.

        Want Theocracy? Go to Iran or Saudi Arabia, Vatican City.

        1. Anne says:

          I know a MORON when I hear or read one, HELLO MORON!!

          1. Rodin says:

            No arguments? Insults = MORON.

  8. PETE says:

    Some of our politicians have become so self-sufficient that they believe they can do without voters, the very people who voted them into their job. NJ Governor Christie is one of them. It is time that we, the people, get back in charge again, and show them the door at the next elections!!

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