Victim Tells CBS 2 She Was Also Lifted Up Off The Ground By The Neck

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A New York City woman says she was attacked by a subway station attendant for taking too long to find cash.

Janet Ojeda admitted she exchanged words with the woman in the token booth on Thursday morning, but when the clerk allegedly came out and picked her up by the neck, choking her, well, even hours later, Ojeda got emotional talking about it when talking to CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

“She came and she swung me against the gate and she picked me up with one hand and she was just looking straight into my eyes … like… I started seeing a blur. And I’m trying to get air. And she could hear me, but she didn’t let go,” Ojeda said.

“It was scary. All I was thinking was if I was going to see my family again.”

Ojeda showed CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman the bruises she claims were the result of the alleged assault. Police and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said the station agent inside the booth at the 138th Street station in the Bronx as Phylathia Monroe, 45. The MTA said she has nearly 20 years on the job.

The confrontation began at around 5:30 a.m. Ojeda was going to work and was, she said, 10 cents short on a MetroCard when Monroe called for the next customer through. Ojeda said she found the dime, but that’s when the argument began. She claimed Monroe got out of the booth, put her finger in her face and punched her.

“I told her to let me go, and I was like … you’re gonna get arrested right now,” Ojeda said. “As soon as that fist hit my face I felt my face swell up.”

Ojeda said she eventually got free and then went from the station to a local NYPD precinct and filed a report.

Four officers went into the station and arrested Monroe on a misdemeanor assault charge. Ojeda hired attorney Justin Blitz.

“We intend to look at all the legal remedies on her behalf, and we’re confident we will be successful,” Blitz said.

“I want justice. And she didn’t just assault me, she tried to kill me,” Ojeda added

The MTA suspended Monroe pending an investigation. If convicted on the assault charge, Monroe could face a year behind bars. CBS 2 tried to contact Monroe Thursday night, but her family said she was not home.

Ojeda said she plans to take a few days off from work to recover and she said she plans to sue the MTA.

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  1. rocker90 says:

    It sounds like the subway rider is making up the story and wants her 15 minutes of fame.

    1. dave says:


      1. Phil in Philly says:

        Great site, but most people are not as smart as you think they are, live in their TV world of sports and entertainment and are one taco short of a combo plate …. but you’ll reach the smarter ones.

        1. CoverUpExposed says:

          Much of the news is made up after the coup and cover up. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

          Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in history

          1. Gut Busted says:

            @CoverupExposed, Lol, you must be smoking some super crack in a gold plated pipe. Out of sh!ts and giggles I visited your site, and perused its contents. I was laughing so hard that I had to call my co-workers over so I could share your very special brand of insanity. You should just retitle your site,

        2. woodNfish says:

          “…most people are not as smart as you think”

          Yes, your post made that very obvious.

          1. Wilson Hemming says:

            Hey look everyone, another drive by mental dwarf that thinks he’s a fish, made of wood and has internet access from his prison cell … wow .. what a great country.

      2. Bk says:

        I’ve been telling people for years now the real US unemployment rate is over 20%….glad to see someone concurs…..gas is about to hit $5 a gallon and the media thinks I give crap about a minor subway assault????

        1. Madeleine says:

          You should give a crap if you live in New York because YOUR tax dollars will be used to pay off the lawsuit. The victim says she intends to sue, and she should. She was obviously terrorized and traumatized, and could have been seriously injured. Because of one idiot employee, the MTA could end up paying out $100,000-$500,000. To save money, the MTA will settle out of court. SHe has a strong case, including physical evidence and they were probably many witnesses.

          Same problem with police brutatlity…cities pay out millions of dollars settling lawsuits because of some jerk cops who usually don’t even get reprimanded, and the taxpayer gets to foot the bill.

      3. Michael says:

        You neglected to mention $10 a gallon gasoline following Isreals’ attack on Iran this summer…

    2. Savio says:

      And hope that station’s security cameras were working

  2. Cap Curmudgeon says:

    I bet a woman named “Phylathia” never lives a single happy day. Jeez, what were her parents thinking?

    1. juandos says:

      Phylathia an Obama supporter I’ll bet…

      1. Casey Jones says:

        The TWU ordered its members to support Obama in 2008 and will likely do so again.

        1. sailordude says:

          There was no men involved so was the subway worker or the customer out of line? I can’t open that link at my work.

      2. nina aoki says:

        Political baiting=Race baiting for trolls/dummies

    2. MagicalFlyingEgyptian says:

      Bob, I wish there was a “Like” button here, too. Fellow NM detected, but I could be wrong…

      1. gibsmedat says:

        watchoo talking bout, crackuh?

    3. Dana says:

      You and jesus martinez are both idiots. This is not a forum where racism and ignorance should be shown. Go get some education and learn correct English.

      1. BoogaBooga says:

        Dana… If this isn’t the place for racism and ignorance. I don’t know where is.


  3. Mike Duffy says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Ms. Ojdea and the token person were in this together. Just a thought. She got to a an attorney real fast was he waiting. This kind of fraud is very common. Toll both will retire with no charges against her. Ms. Ojdea will get big bucks than split with toll both.

    1. nrichard says:

      your an idiot – and a bigot no doubt – your comments are based upon nothing but race – wow – crawl under something and die will you?

      1. TomB says:

        The only one mentioning race is you nrichard, so if anyone is obsessed on race, look in the mirror. Do you deny fraud of this type exists? Surely there will be security camera video to set the record straight.

        1. nrichard says:

          I’m not racist, I’m racious.

          1. The Bobster says:

            You’re a race-baiting lib t ard. Go stick your head back up your azz,

      2. Robot Sam says:

        Nothing about race was said, only you brought it up which is a typical liberal tactic. You liberal sissies are delusional seeing race in everything. Perhaps it is a medical condition like hypochondria, hyporacia? If you are white you should kill yourself to reduce the number of evil white people in the world.

      3. MagicalFlyingEgyptian says:

        “…crawl under something and die will you?”

        Liberal tolerance and kindness, exhibit A

    2. TheAqurian says:

      For someone in the know, you know little about how MTA treats it’s workers.
      If the Station Agent FKA RailRoad Clerk BKA Token booth Clerk is found guilty, she won’t just retire will no charges.
      She may be allowed to retire to avoid loosing her whole pension, she may get fired and loose 20 years of service for a lying a$$!
      There may have been some words exchanged, but doubtful of a 1 handed grab and choking.
      But if you want to believe fiction knowing that a few years ago a male agent was accused of beating a woman & only with time did the TRUTH come out.

  4. DEADTIME says:

    In Idaho we almost all carry a handgun and we are almost all very polite. An armed society is a safe and polite society, a union thug here who was accosting a women would be met with several double taps to the head and chest by on lookers….hmmm maybe that;s why we don’t have to many union thugs here…

    1. juandos says:

      Superior living through superior fire power…

      1. Malik Al Spaghetti says:

        So-called liberal societies (restrictive) have the nastiest people populating them. I live in a conceal carry state – people are a bit hesitant to abuse strangers because you never know who’s packing heat. So, yes because we have guns and you don’t know who, people are more courteous.

        1. Jean says:

          It’s not real courtesy. It’s fear. Courtesy out of maturity and civility is real. Courtesy out of fear is not.

          1. MagicalFlyingEgyptian says:

            Show me a place on earth where these animals are civil or mature. Until then, I’ll gladly accept the fact that their good behavior stems from their uncertainty of my acquaintance w/ Messrs. Smith and Wesson. Behaving like a human is behaving like a human, no matter what the motivation.

    2. alx1775 says:

      It doesn’t surprise me that Idaho is a concealed carry state. I will say this of my Idaho experience: the people there were the most polite, most friendly I have ever encountered. Even one gent who, honestly, looked like a biker thug right out of prison smiled and was polite in the grocery store. If it weren’t so cold, I’d think about moving there. Great, great people.

    3. Frances says:

      Oh boy that is the way to solve stuff.

    4. Savio says:

      and I invite you to visit the Big Apple. browse on over to to start planning your trip 🙂

  5. Calvin Hobbes says:

    She should also sue for violation of her civil rights to ride on the subway. She should sue not just the MTA but the union as well as the attendant.

  6. geminilady5 says:

    Why sue the MTA or NYC, they didn’t do anything wrong and they definitely can’t control every worker. That is one of the problems here in the USA, too many people want to get rich by suing the agencies when it’s the person who wronged them that should get sued!

    1. Andrew says:

      Google “Respondeat superior”

      1. MTAmorons says:


    2. Savio says:

      I agree.

  7. David Chin says:

    I didn’t know I was psychic, but when I saw the headline I knew EXACTLY what the offender would look like. I’m the new Dionne Warwick or Michel Nostradamus!

    1. Steve says:

      That was great David….if it weren’t for people like you posting, I would end up in a looney bin. What was the other psychic on T.V a few years back; ‘Call me now!”

    2. Nate says:

      Even a stopped clock is right twice a day, but a stopped clock is a lot less pathetic than a silly old racist.

  8. Johnny says:

    Racist definition: Liberal

    Liberal always call “racist” to those whom they disagree, which is also called, “projection”.

    1. Nate says:

      I call someone a racist when they impugn an entire race based on the actions of a few. I’m not sure what else you would call that.

      If it sounds like a racist, smells like a racist, and looks like racist, guess what. You’ve got yourself a racist!

      1. Anyone but O. says:

        We wish it was a few!! Don’t you know “keeping it real (ignorant) is what they live for? Btw, if you’re white you may want to stop the guilt.

      2. nina aoki says:


        Once again, DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS.

        They’re only purpose is to giddy like schoolgirls whenever one of their asinine comments elicits a response, they’re incapable of forming logical debates based on intellect.

        1. nina aoki says:


          Once again, DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS.

          Their only purpose is to giddy like schoolgirls whenever one of their asinine comments elicits a response, they’re incapable of forming logical debates based on intellect.

          1. gibsmedat says:

            gurl you so uptight. Whatchoo doin usin’ big words like a crackuh?

          2. Nate says:

            Yeah I do know better. In my defense, I had just woken up and was enjoying my morning ciggy and hadn’t put on my troll blinders yet.

  9. Johnny says:

    Racist defenition: Liberal

  10. Malcom says:

    Its a new age people, We are a proud people and race. You will not talk to us and treat us like second class citizens anymore. Those days are gone forever. Its OUR country now. GO Obamam!!!

    1. Johnny says:

      racist or sarcasm?

    2. Alan says:

      Proud of what for &^%$ sake?

    3. malcom says:

      I’m proud to be able to misspell my own name.

    4. Malcom says:

      Doesn’t matter what stats you make up. Your women want to have our babies. White women travel the world to adopt a baby of color. you don’t see yours going to your motherland to get white babies. And your white children want to dress like, us, walk like us and even talk like us. They reject your whiteness. I even laugh out loud when I see your white liberals showing self hate and showing MY race, OUR people to rule over you white conservative republicans.
      so with the help of your own whites we will and we are dominating you. Your people have no future in this country.

      1. gibsmedat says:

        You tel him gurrrrrrrrrl
        no way i aint nevah leavin’ the city. dere be crackaz outt der

      2. Anyone but O. says:

        There’s a waiting line for white babies and a surplus of niglets. The stats aren’t made up, check out the DOJ website.
        You won’t rule anything, Hispanics will be the majority and your kind iwon’t be welcome.

  11. tj says:

    sign ’em up for a reality show.Love to see two wild females go after each other.

  12. john says:
    Looks exactly like one would expect.

    1. MoFoChicken says:

      let’s see the video of the “crime” first, before jumping to conclusions and believing this woman looking for a payday.

      1. Cracker says:

        Watch the video of this ‘victim’. She comes across real fishy, crocodile tears, it just does not add up….next story?

        1. For the Victim says:

          So the FACT that the MTA worker left her post is sufficient for a payday? Really? She had no reason to leave her post. AT ALL! She had 20 years in the same position she should have tough skin by now if anything was said. She ATTACKED her, not the other way around. Geesh!!

          1. Limmy says:

            It never happened, this is just another slip/fall made-up by some tool who is too stupid to realize, they have video cameras watching each of those booths.

          2. Bob says:

            Daily Jews reported that she had left her post to clean the turnstiles before the end of her shift.

    2. Nate says:

      That’s ironic, because after reading your post, I know exactly who YOU are too. I can tell you’re someone I would not ever want my children to be around.

  13. rhyzoolie says:

    She needs to get a good attorney and sue the hell out of the City of New York!

    1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      And win a judgment for what, a bag of IOUs? Bloombergrad already lacked 2 nickels to rub together even before union sock puppet John Liu looted everything left on their behalf.

  14. Eagle in NYC says:

    “If convicted on the assault charge, Monroe could face a year behind bars.”

    One year? ONE year? There are signs in each subway car pointing out that a person who assaults an MTA worker will get SEVEN years. I knew that MTA workers were therefore a special, protected class of people, making their lives worth more than their customers, but I certainly didn’t think that their lives were worth seven times ours. I guess we’re all equal under the law, it’s just that MTA workers are more equal. Seven times more equal.

    1. Reynaldo f says:

      No dude the seven years upon conviction is due to the fact too many incidents of subway workers getting killed and hurt through out the years have made that law put in the books. What happens if u did the same to a police officer they throw the book at anyone. So who is more protected as a work force the Police or the rest? Let me know when you get your facts straight.

      1. TomB says:

        His point still stands. Assault or kill a cop, subway worker, or just some office worker, the sentence should be the same.

      2. Eagle in NYC says:

        Thanks for your attempt to change the subject. What you typed changes nothing about the fact that transit workers are deemed a protected class, and therefore their lives are considered of greater value than the riding public. I HAVE MY FACTS STRAIGHT, you simply didn’t address them.

    2. Savio says:

      LOL….you actually noticed that sign too…that small sign

      1. Eagle in NYC says:

        I guess it wasn’t that small if you saw it too. ‘Course, it’s in every subway car and EVERYONE who rides the subway has seen it, but don’t let me stand in the way of whatever your point was that you were going to eventually make.

  15. CECI CLUE says:


    1. gomez addams says:

      Ceci, Have you ever heard of punctuation? How about complete sentences? Commas, perhaps? What about periods at the end of sentences, or at the finish of complete thoughts? Oh, sorry. Your run-on sentence above had no complete thoughts.

    2. ETCH A SCRETCH says:


  16. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    WTH is a “Phylathia”?? What will those crazy Norwegians name their kids next, jeez? Did the victim actually have the nerve to suggest that Phylathia should take a 10- cent paycut from her $350K salary for her $6/hr job?

  17. IraqVet says:

    Why isn’t this guy guy working for the IRS? Then his actions would be legal.

    It’s like pedophilia, it’s illegal unless it’s the T-SS-A feeling your children up.

  18. whoeveriwant2b says:

    Were there any witnesses?

    1. nina aoki says:

      I thought of the exact same thing.
      If the CCTV didn’t catch anything, surely there was ONE witness.
      Unless she stepped into a portal which transported her to a dimension, where only one angry MTA worker and herself are tasked with saving the world and repopulating the world.

      One lawsuit at a time.

  19. fishnman73 says:

    I was attacked at Wendy’s by a cashier who threw my change as hard as she could back at me and physically hitting me and people behind me. Where is my front page Drudge story?

    1. gomez addams says:

      Was her name Phylathia or Chaniquah?

      1. nina aoki says:

        I’m convinced gomez is nothing more than a troll seeking the breadcrumbs of attention that he cannot obtain in real life.

        Well played troll, Well played.

        Now, off to the basement you go.

    2. zagreus says:

      Did you call the cops?

      1. Sam Berglur says:

        Anyone who eats at Wendy’s deserves regular beatings.

        1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

          Not a big fan of Wendy’s but regular beatings would be a small price to pay for not having to choke down any excrement at McD’s or even worse, BK.


            Did you know Obama was born in Uganda and raised in Indonesia? Did you know Hussein Obama is a muslim?

            1. nina aoki says:

              Better break out those tin-foil hats boys.

              Thar new world just be beyond yonder….

          2. Ken Oberson says:

            “Stopthepress” excellent site. Thanks for sharing it with me. I can see why the government doesn’t want something of that magnitude leaking out. Keep on spreading the truth.

    3. Savio says:

      (CBS you need to add a LIKE button) 🙂

  20. bob says:

    In some circles I do have some compassion for people that have to deal with the public. In my estimation 80% of the US population are nothing more than walking bags of salt. I had to deal with them in the past and trust me, no killing the vast majority took every fiber of my being.

  21. Tom in NY says:

    You know the saying, “nothing good happens at 2am”? Well, substitute the time with the location, 138th Street in Da Boogiedown, and it is even more true

    1. Paul in the BX says:

      Tom I disagree. The Boggiedown is back and is actually the most interesting borrough left. I say there is more to this story than the little lady is lettn’ on.

  22. Robert says:

    Some of them low Spanish do not know how to talk politely. Their nastiness does provoke others.

  23. Norbert G. Ginsel says:

    Simple. This was a practical exam for the Subway worker, who had applied for a job with the TSA. Now that she’s passed the rudeness test, she can resign or retire from the subway and start a new career working in airports,

    1. George Bush League says:

      Bang On LOL BTW there is a new Southpark dealing with the TSA (Toilet Security Administration)

  24. malibu says:

    This is a tough one. Two minorities. Who to blame? In gambling circles this would be called a push.


      push? how about Mexican Standoff?

  25. George Bush League says:

    Why didn’t she have her fare ready ahead of time? How many times have you ever waited in line at an ATM only to se the person in front of you fumbling through their purse or wallet looking for their bank card, or re-entering their pin number multiple times, or counting their cash, checking their account balance print out, and rearranging their personal effects while holding up the ATM instead of moving off to the side counter to organize them selves? I have a doctrine called “reasonable expectations” in other words when I am in public I expect people to perform tasks in an expedient manner and not to be a hindrance to other people around them. We all know roughly how long it takes each person in the line up to complete an ATM transaction i.e. Reasonable Expectation. There are just too many self centered brain dead idiots out there.

    1. gomez addams says:

      So this MTA cretin had the right to assault the woman? You need to get beyond your hatred for President Bush. He’s enjoying retirement in Texas. Obozo is your President now. How’s that hopey changey going for you? You’re still bitter over having a President with substance. Get a life.

      1. George Bush League says:

        Oye Gómez, lo que le ocurrió a usted? Sorry to disappoint you slick, but Obama / Biden is just as big a war criminal as Bush / Cheney hope to see them all in The Hague in the future. Republican or Democrat, same Shi$ just a different pile, now try to wrap your head around that. With a little luck hopefully Russia & China and the BRIC countries will clip the Empire’s Wings. BTW, Egypt wants to tell the USA where to stick their foreign aid. LOL

      2. Nick says:

        That’s a “woman”? Looks more like one of those to me. A total waste of people’s time.

      3. Savio says:

        Just think….if MTA went ahead with it’s plan years ago to install vending machines and eliminate all the booths this might have never happened?

        1. TheAqurian says:

          Savio, the average person doesn’t have patience for the machines.
          They break down or get vandalized too often to be of use.
          And if this woman had all her money ready, with a person or machine, she would’ve been on her way.

    2. ParkSlopeKid says:

      If you’d read more closely, you’d have noticed that the reason she was fumbling for change is that she came up $0.10 short on her Metrocard. Who hasn’t done that before?! I rarely know the balances on mine…

      1. Savio says:

        ….and thats what I want to know. What did the customer say after that…. she already admitted to exchanging words with agent…..but we’re not hearing the complete story.

    3. nina aoki says:


  26. phillysmart says:

    If Obama wins or loses these animals will be rioting in the streets …they know no other way

    1. Nate says:

      I feel bad for any children you are ever around, and especially bad if you have children of your own.

  27. chicken_bones says:

    Catfight..catfight. j/k.

    The clerk needs a little anger management counseling This sounds like a felony charge is in order.

    1. michael says:

      not likely…20 years on the job in union speak means “bullet proof”.

    2. Savio says:

      …that sounds like a plan.

  28. Blanca says:

    Ojeda (the victim) should sue both Monroe (the attacker) and the MTA (the attacker’s employer).. By suing Phylathia( WTF?) IN CIVIL COURT, Ojeda can hit the Perp right where it hurts most: IN THE POCKET BOOK! I’m sure Phylathia has beaucoup bucks (HELLO, she works for the MTA), and can cough up a few million. ..Then, Ojeda can alledge that racial epithets were hurled by the attacker (and we know they were)…and BINGO, a hate-crime has been committed!!!! HATE CRIME=FELONY! Now THAT’S a game changer….

    1. gomez addams says:

      This culture is their own worst enemy. Want to help your child get a job? Don’t name them Phylathia … name them Mary or Bobbie or Janice. Phylathia … geez!

  29. gomez addams says:

    I didn’t know Michelle Obama was aggressive

    1. obozosux says:

      That’s a terrible thing to say about monkeys. You take that back!

      1. gomez addams says:

        My bad

        1. Cindy says:

          You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

          1. Jim Brown says:

            Why should internet racists be ashamed? This is their only forum.

            1. gomez addams says:

              Definition of a racist : A person winning an argument with a brainless liberal

              1. Jim Brown says:

                I’m conservative sweetie. How does your foot taste?

                1. gomez addams says:

                  It tastes like your ass.

                  1. Amtracmarine says:

                    When Jim Brown asked how your foot tasted you replyed that it tasted like his ass.Was that supposed to be a put down???

            2. gomez addams says:

              Racist definition: A person winning an argument with an ignorant liberal

  30. Don’t make me angry.

    You won’t like me when I’m angry…

  31. robert-fla says:

    Phylathia? Really? I am shocked! These people do not realize what a deep hole they are digging for themselves.

    1. Tom says:

      I wonder how many tats she has?

  32. Mike G says:

    Just another government employee Obama supporter running wild. What is new here? Want it to change? Vote the Fuhrer out in November.

  33. For the Victim says:

    The MTA Teller is GUILTY of what she is charged for. She was no where in danger at no point in time. She was protected by a BULLET PROOF GLASS. She came out to attack the passenger. She deserves more than one year in jail. She deserves the same seven as if it was in reverse.

    1. USArmyCombatMedic says:

      How can you say someone is guilty without having been present, or viewed the presentation of the evidence? Oh, right, guilty in the court of public opinion..

      Thank God it doesn’t work like that.

      1. For the Victim says:

        She came out of the booth for what? if she was threaten why did she come out of the booth? Even the MTA suspended her without pay because she left her post. That’s what makes her guilty. She was the attacker, not the passenger.

    2. Savio says:

      their glass is not bullet proof….

  34. robert says:

    Sticks and stones may break my bones …

    The victim lawyered up in a hurry. It’s time for PAYDAY.

    The poor clerk was just doing her job — keeping the subway clean.

    1. Clarity-jane Seer says:

      poor clerk my arse! America is going crazy and tis is what you can come up with!! You are serioisly mentally ill!

      1. TheAqurian says:

        Clarity, you are mental.
        You see some tears and hear lies and the clerk MUST be guilty.
        Stop hating the agent and others who work in TA or are civil servants.
        The amount of crap given to and taken from must be beyond your and many’s comprehension!
        If S/A Monroe is guilty, the she will be punished. BUT when the truth comes out about the lies of this so-called victim, how many of you will apologize for all the crap you are saying????
        Kermit says it’s not easy being green, work for and around the public and tell me how easy that is!!

  35. Fake Name says:

    Wow, does Phalathia have a brother Fellatio?

    1. obozosux says:

      Well, that does. If I pondered for the rest of the evening I couldn’t come up with a better comment! ROFLMAO!!!!

    2. Lamongello says:

      Two brothes, Lamongello and Orangeello…

    3. Paul in the BX says:

      Wow. This is one of the greatest comment threads I’ve read in a long time and your zinger line knocks it out of the parking lot. Nicely done.,

    4. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      Yup. Even worse, now her father is Lugubrious.

    5. MoFoChicken says:

      I thought a similar thing, named Hyapatia Lee

  36. John says:

    You know it’s a crazy world we live in where for lack of patience one has to bare the indignation and abuses of those who are expected to serve the public with the utmost of courtesy and professionalism. These mass transit employees have got to be reminded from time – to – time that it is us that help to put the food on their kitchen tables and not the MTA. Without us ( the consumers ) there would certainly be no MTA. It’s a new behavior that I have witnessed being displayed by many MTA employees that happen to think that it is okay to treat people like dirt because of the law pertaining to assaulting mass transit employees. Those select employees figure they can do and say what they want because they can hide behind the shield of 7 year mandatory felony sentence if we ( the public ) were to strike a mass transit employee.

    I have seen with my own eyes, first-hand an altercation between an MTA employee and a paying customer involving a dispute over not having exact fare and the bus driver physically removing the passenger from the bus whilst there were 2 transit police officers on board not intervening. The officers shrugged off the incident and went on as if nothing happened.

    Upon hearing that the Booth Agent would face only up to a year in jail for striking a customer for misdemeanor assault while if that same customer were to strike the MTA employee she’d be looking at 7 years in jail for felonious assault on a civil employee I think is absurd. I feel the amount of jail time should be equally the same for all civil SERVANTS.

    You cannot just go around assaulting people just because you’re having a bad day.

    1. TheAqurian says:

      Poor John.
      I do understand how this may cast a bad light on MTA workers who finally got some protection from the savages who ride mass transit. The ones who feel when a Bus operator tells them NO, because their bosses inform them to do so, or just following TA rules, about letting them on for free or less than full fare & they get beat and spat upon. It is wrong to PROTECT people who have families at home and expect them to return as they left.
      Why protect someone who is abused by the masses of asses who feel they are entitled to a free ride for whatever reason & the agent says NO politely. Yet they are MFs, B!tches, and F@ggots! ALL because they are following MTA rules.
      How dare they!!!

  37. mameshki says:

    The real story…yes the victim is hefty, the “proposed assailant”, Phylathia is really a trade name for a major massive Bullll Dykkkke, the type found on harley’s or Phylathia code name is really a transvstight-loaded with steroids and has the strength of Arnorld…this is a ny city problem that can happen only in NY City.

  38. Jim Brown says:

    you misspelled ‘Sickle Cell’. I would expect better grammar and spelling from the ‘master race’

  39. Carlisle says:

    monkey see monkey do

  40. Jack of the Dust says:


    1. Tex A. Montana says:

      The name, Phylathia, could probably have been bestowed by members of a sub-species prone to reflexive violence.

      1. nina aoki says:

        Tex A. Montana, a name which has been bestowed by neanderthals prone to bouts of self proclaimed superiority. Which usually has no merit beyond the confines of their pea sized brain.

        Sadly, this species is completely unaware how similar they seem in comparison to those which they speak disparagingly about, in terms of intellect.

  41. L Bender says:

    I don’t believe it. This woman looks hardly small enough to be lifted by her neck. She looks rather large. Lets hope there are cameras around that got this on video….

    1. USArmyCombatMedic says:

      I don’t know what you are seeing, but I am seeing a picture of a woman from her mid-shoulder up. So, in reality, you have no idea how tall she is, and estimating her size is rather hard.

  42. The Bobster says:

    Phylathia Monroe must be some huge, manly she b00 n.

  43. manny333c says:

    20 years on the job and she suddenly attacks someone ? I’m not buying it.

    1. Sydelle says:

      I agree, I’d like to know what “words were exchanged” to have her come out of the booth. I wouldn’t want a civil service job dealing with the general public because some of them are certifiable.

      1. lee says:

        Were bodily fluids exchanged as well?

    2. TheAqurian says:

      Sad how some can see this as being fishy and others an excuse to further abuse the agent and malign the nature of all MTA employees.
      And worst of all, make it an issue of race instead of a woman trying to get a payday.

  44. Robert Moses says:

    This is EXACTLY why all public transportation should be BANNED.

  45. NYNeena says:

    Who wrote this? I can’t believe you posted your first and last name after writing something beyond the elementary level but behind second grade.

  46. tbotz says:

    i don’t buy it. the NYPD never helps real victims

  47. D says:

    It doesn’t. That law exists (and the signs are there) because unions representing MTA transit workers lobbied for it.

  48. mike quill says:

    MTAers (can’t use word “workers”) are right behind postalites as public employee sludge and just ahead of sanitation engineers. 8-(

    1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      Nobody– and I mean NOBODY– can hold a candle to the gold standard of dead-wood public-sector worthlessness: publik skool “administrators”.

  49. conductor steinbach says:

    And what makes you the passenger did not deserve it?

    1. zagreus says:

      For what? it seems no likely scenerio would warrant being chocked. If the Ojeda attacked the station agent, that would be a defense. But if it’s was just an argument that motivated the agent to attack, the agent committed a crime and clearly the victim did not deserve it.

    2. robert-fla says:

      It’s called assault and battery, moron.

  50. goblin says:

    Ever see that sticker in the subaway car, ” Assaulting an MTA employee is a Felony punishable by up to 7 years in prison” ?

    I hope the same applies to MTA employees assaulting customers.

    1. Defund NPR says:

      Not a chance. There’s the protected class and then everybody else.

    2. zagreus says:

      It would seem fair: If there is a public good in protecting MTA employees from assault, there is a reciprocal public good in making sure passengers are not assaulted. If it’s 7 years if you smack them, it seems fair that they deserve 7 years if they assault you.

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