NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A deadly shooting outside a Jewish school in France has prompted police to increase security in New York City.

A man opened fire, killing a rabbi and three young children in the city of Toulouse on Monday.

The killer is still at large and that has plenty of people worried — and not just in France. The NYPD stepped up its presence at centers of Jewish worship and learning in the city.

1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon Reports From Washington Heights

“We obviously have to be concerned about what happens overseas. We have a significant Jewish population in the city and we have to take that into account,” Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said.

“Although there’s no specific threat against New York City that we’re aware of, we’re taking the precaution of stepping up coverage of Jewish neighborhoods and institutions in the city,” NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne told 1010 WINS.

Police said a gunman on a motorbike opened fire just before classes started at the school in the southwest city of Toulouse.

Witnesses said the shooter was just feet away from his victims. The French prosecutor said he shot at everybody who was near him — children and adults.

“This is something that can’t be understood. How can you aim at children from a close range, and kill them?” said Israeli Deputy Ambassador to France, Sammy Ravel.

According to investigators, the gun used in the attack is the same one used to kill three soldiers of African and Caribbean descent in two separate incidents in the same area last week.

In both those shootings, the gunman escaped on a scooter.

French president Nicolas Sarkozy rushed to the school and has promised to find the killer. But so far, police have no suspects or a motive.

Even if the tragedy in France doesn’t turn out to be part of a coordinated international effort to kill Jews, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a risk of copycat killers in the United States, something Commissioner Kelly and other lawmakers said is a concern.

“There are individuals out there who hate and if they thought they could get away with it, they would do it today. There is no doubt in my mind,” Assemblyman Dov Hikind told CBS 2’s Don Dahler.

In direct response to the shooting in France, the NYPD has put 100 more patrol officers in Jewish neighborhoods and near synagogues.

“We put in additional coverage using our critical response vehicles at synagogues and Jewish locations in the city,” Kelly said.

The moves are all efforts to prevent what people grieving in France were facing Monday.

“It’s a horror. It’s a horrible thing that happened, and it’s a huge tragedy, and people have gone crazy in this world,” parent Helen Wolff told CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis on Monday night.

Police in France have little to go on other than the suspect rides a scooter and uses a .45 caliber handgun.

“Just because there’s something that happens there doesn’t mean that there are more threats here, but we take everything very seriously and it’s one of the reasons why we have our police officers around the world,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg said.

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  1. End the Madness Now! says:

    We’re being dragged into a 5,000 year old war that we have no business being in. Deport all the Jews back to Russia–it’s 3x the size of the U.S. The Jews have no business being in the Middle East.

  2. J says:

    Wow – I can’t believe that the majority of the post are so hateful and anti-Semitic. By the way, I’m Italian, so if you feel the need to make more ignorant comments, here’s another group you can turn your anger on. Get a life people … your problems are your own – there is no no race or religion that is persecuting you, ruing your life or holding you down.

    1. John G Head says:

      HA!!! The irony here is that the very same thing can be said to Jews in NYC!!! There seems to be a Nazi-conspiracy at every turn with them! Remember the supposed attacks on Ocean parkway this past year!? It turns out it was a Jew who did this as a scam! And the media dropped the story as soon as possible, never to be covered again! And remember the “awful” incident of the letters “E” and “W” being sprayed on the Avenue J stop on the subway? The media (and of course Mr. Dov Hikind) made it sound like the end was near!!!
      Yes, I TOTALLY agree that your “problems are your own”, and that “there is no race or religion that is persecuting you”. Problem is, someone forgot to tell the Jews in NYC that!
      Give me a break!

    2. F says:

      I’m french and I was shocked by that piece of news, I totally agree with J you people should stop being hateful, that is how kids were killed yesterday for nothing, just because some racist moron couldn’t stand jews and wanted to do like the nazi did during the WW2 take their lives away from them!
      Try to think of that mom who let her husband and 2 kids went to school in the morning and will never ever see them again because of that crazy SOB! So just shut up please and have some respect for the dead people thanks!!!

      1. John G Head says:

        WOW! Seems like you know the full story already! Do you know who the shooter is? His/her motives? So you know that this was all about Jew-hating? What about the innocent soldiers killed by the very same gun before that? Anything for them? Did you even bat an eyelash when you read THAT news? Are you upset that the NYPD hasn’t set up special protection in Caribbean neighborhoods or in African areas?
        And who is being hateful? I’m trying to point the hypocrisy in NYC’s police force and how they select who they want to “protect” and who to ignore.
        And if you strongly feel that what the NYPD is doing is correct, then let’s start putting special protection for EVERYONE in NYC since somewhere, there is someone being victimized in another country at the hand of some random criminal everyday.
        This is absurd. It is the fact that this is so skewed to satisfy a particular part of our population that is upsetting. Of course this was a tragedy! And I feel for the families of ALL who were killed. However, I can STILL be objective and see when something is NOT right!
        You know who DOESN’T have respect for the “dead people”? Guys like Dov Hikind who use tragedies like this to further their selfish agenda.
        It’s insulting to our collective intelligence and plays to the lowest common denominator among us!

        1. Porked says:

          How do you think Bloomturd amassed all of his wealth? By pilfering us Americans.

    3. Moshe says:

      Screaming anti-semitism at every opportunity is a tactic that works against people who use it.

  3. Mikeybklyn says:

    The Goyim are coming -hide you’re kids and food donations!

  4. Very conservative says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  5. shaun says:

    seriously, theres a shooting in france that happens to be at a jew school, and nyc is responding, just to be safe. OMG. bottom line. jews are being given special protection(as usual)…or better put MONEY TALKS AND THE RICH ARE GIVEN BETTER PROTECTION. anyone who has half a brain can understand this

    1. rabble rouser says says:

      and obviously, shaun has just half a brain!

    2. erica says:

      Where is there proof that jews as a whole are richer than other people?

      1. Jett Rucker says:

        Statistics of income by ethnicity are gathered in the US and other countries on a regular basis. In the US, Jews are over-represented among high-income strata relative to their proportion in the population. Increasingly, people of Asian background are, too, but I don’t think they have an anti-defamation league – at least not yet.

        Sorry I haven’t given you a cite, but I expect you could fetch it up via Google, if you were open to doing so.

  6. D Parker says:

    oh yeah if it comes to jew, sure extra police patrol cuz of kids got killed it is a big problem however all the arab kids they are bombing by planes it is ok, what a double standard you living with. keep watching fox news and reading 1010wins

    1. sp says:

      D Parker, what Arab kids are they bombing!!!! maybe you should check out some other news sites, and see what they haven’t stopped doing to the Israeli side.

      1. Wow says:

        I believe D Parker is referring to the attacks on Palestine last week that killed and injured innocent children. Try to read some real news, not just CBS

        1. erica says:

          ” At least 36 people were killed in a series of bombings across Iraq on Tuesday. The attacks, which threaten to derail next week’s Arab League summit in Baghdad, appeared to be the work of al Qaeda in Iraq.”


          Just sayin.

          Also, I googled “Arab Children killed in bomb” and the first two results (3, counting this) were about Arabs strapping bombs on their own kids. Soo…..

  7. Should panhandle instead of work and pay unnecessary taxes says:

    There should be a referendum on where to waste tax dollars.

    1. sp says:

      Agreed They should start with people like you. That being said, innocent children should be protected and not put into harms way. Period end of story! Whatever it takes, children are our future, and getting them educated is a must. So yes, if it means upping protection on our Jewish schools, so be it. Just like when the Islamic Cultural center was under attack, they were given protection, until this isn’t sorted out the Jewish schools should also get extra protection.

  8. John Ghead says:

    Ummm, so are the Caribbean and African communities here in NYC also getting extra police protection? Nah, of course not!
    What a total joke!

    1. erica says:

      You realize the African and Caribbeans were SOLDIERS, right? The Jews were innocents. Civilians. A teacher, his two kids, and another child. They *would* provoke more of a “protect them” response than two soldiers.

      1. fritz von says:

        “The Jews were innocents.” In other words, jews are more important than mere unarmed soldiers.

        1. erica says:

          First of all, where on earth does it say that the soldiers were unarmed?

          Second of all, I didn’t say IMPORTANT. I said INNOCENT.

          Third of all, I didn’t say ALL Jews. I said THOSE FOUR specifically. A teacher and three children.

          You can seriously tell me that they aren’t more innocent than soldiers? CHILDREN aren’t more innocent than soldiers?

          Think about what you’re saying.

      2. John G Head says:

        My POINT here Erica, as if you need me to spell it out, is that we ONLY do this sort of thing when a Jew is a victim of a crime. And I’m sorry this happened, however this was a killing in FRANCE!! Do we really need to start being “alert” HERE for crimes committed in other nations!?
        If this is really the case, do you really think there are no other “civilians” being killed around the world? So then why are we NOT doing the same thing here for other ethnic neighborhoods?
        If you honestly do not see the bias here by the NYPD then you are hopeless. I’m sorry.
        At the very least can we be honest about what is going on?

        1. erica says:

          Here’s the fact: How long have the Africans/Carribians been targeted? maybe from the 1600s or 1700s? The Jews have been persecuted since the B.C.s. Most recently the Holocaust.

          Second of all, there is no proof that the attacks on the soldiers were targeted. However, the attack on the Jews occurred IN FRONT OF A SCHOOL. Very much an obvious act against Jews as a whole.

          1. John G Head says:

            So the length of time that someone is a “victim” legitimizes a crime!? Wow! How self-serving is that?
            And just because the crime happened in front of a school that makes it a FACT that it was a racist crime!!?? Just as you say there’s no proof (yet) that the soldiers were not the victims of a racist crime, the same STILL applies to the Jewish victims! We don’t know anything yet! Perhaps, just maybe, the person doing the killing doesn’t like ALL people outside his/her own! Did you even try to imagine that? Maybe this cult-like “love” of Jew-as-victim isn’t just about the Jews, but about ALL “immigrants.
            The fact that this seems to be outside the realm of possibility to you, since you want to keep the torch of “victim” going JUST FOR JEWS, is sad.
            So may I ask you, how many “Holocausts” have happened to Jews SINCE the 1930’s/1940’s? And now tell me how many have happened in Africa in the past 30 years!!!??? You clearly are ignorant to the world outside your personal interest since you can’t even remember that there are atrocities going on, MULTIPLE ATROCITIES, as we speak, today!
            Go read a book that has nothing to do with “your people” and you’ll see the grim reality that this happens much more than you think, and the Jews aren’t “special” because it also happened to them!
            What a joke!

    2. Moshe says:

      Pandering is only done for certain groups.

  9. ADOLF HIMMLER says:


    1. cy says:

      race or color doesn’t matter… CHILDREN were killed… innocent children who were on their way to school. The gunman was a KILLER, when his first gun jammed, he took the 8 year old girl, grabbed her by the hair and literally BLEW HER BRAINS OUT!!! what the ________ is wrong with you Mr. Adolf Himmler… oh it’s your name !!! you obcviouslly don’t get what’s the BIG DEAL you nazi thug!

    2. Bobo says:

      You’re not smart enough to understand.

  10. Moshe says:

    Dov Hikind speaking out once again screaming anti-semitism and hate. I think he has that routine down pat.

    1. Jett Rucker says:

      Dov Hikind got all the credit card companies (including PayPal) to deny historian David Irving the ability to receive payments from his customers buying his books and videos.

      And he calls people who hate him anti-Semitic. I’M anti-Semitic – as to this ONE Semite, anyway.

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