NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – They’ve arranged flash mobs, singalongs and more. But for their latest stunt, Improv Everwhere is taking the concept of the commuter “quiet car” one step further. They turned an MTA subway car into an impromptu sleeper car.

The stunt took place around midnight on Sunday on the N train in Astoria.

As is their custom, the group caught the whole thing on video. The video shows the Improv Everywhere performers bringing cots, comforters, pillows and sleeping masks aboard the train. They even brought pajamas, in case anybody wanted to change.

A man dressed as a conductor hosts the event, telling passengers who board they’re welcome to “take a nap” if they so choose.

The stunt was produced bin conjunction with the Guggenheim Museum’s “stillspotting nyc” exhibition. The goal of the exhibition is to transform ordinary New York City places, typically filled with hustle and bustle, into places where folks can “escape, find respite and make peace with their space in this ‘city that never sleeps,'” according to the Guggenheim’s website.

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