NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police say a band of bold thieves on Long Island have stolen dozens of tires from cars sitting in residential driveways.

Experts showed CBS 2’s Carolyn Gusoff on Wednesday just how easily four tires can be pulled off of a vehicle quickly and quietly.

“There’s no noise at all, you hear nothing,” said body shop mechanic Ervin Iora.

Since January the thieves have struck 63 times all over Nassau County, police said. Car owners are waking up to find their vehicles stripped of their tires and rims, left on cinder blocks or in some cases dropped in the driveway or the street.

Bob Polgar, the owner of Tip Top Auto Body in New Hyde Park, said not only do the wheels disappear, but the cars are damaged as well.

“The average repair is about $4,000,” he said.

Police do not think the thieves are organized, adding those responsible are car buffs who soup up their own cars by stealing interchangeable parts off newer models, usually targeting Hondas,  Nissans and Acuras.

Police, however, said they are making headway. They arrested two men this month and found their cars being fitted with stolen parts.

Authorities recommend that residents park in well-lit areas to reduce their chances of being targeted.

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