NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The city’s former traffic commissioner has a new plan to put tolls on East River bridges. But this proposal has some novel “selling points,” including a first-ever toll for cyclists.

Plan to toll the bridges have come and gone over the past few years, but the latest one by Sam Schwartz is starting to pick up steam, maybe because it goes after everyone.

“I’m trying to be equal opportunity pain throughout the region,” Schwartz said.

WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond On The Story

Schwartz, known as “Gridlock Sam” to many, wasn’t kidding Friday when he told CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer that his new plan to raise $1.2 billion a year tolling the East River bridges will hit a lot of people. He wants to make everyone pay, even some who think they should be exempt.

“I’m asking the bike riders to pay 50 cents each way to use the bridges coming into our Central Business District,” Schwartz said.

Schwartz also wants to put a new surcharge on yellow and livery cabs, a surcharge on so-called “black cars” and a surcharge on parking in Midtown. New tolls would be put on the Ed Koch Queensboro, the Williamsburg, Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges.

Driver would pay $5 with E-ZPass; $7 without.

But in exchange for keeping cars out of the Central Business District below 60th Street, Schwartz wants to reduce – that’s right, reduce — tolls on uptown spans, the Triboro, Whitestone and Throgs Neck bridges.

The round-trip tab would drop from $13 to $8.

With Mayor Michael Bloomberg in Asia, Deputy Mayor Cas Holloway said that while the mayor isn’t supporting a congestion pricing plan at this time, it is necessary to find some way to fund mass transit.

“It is definitely vital that we figure out how we’re going to fund transit for the long term. It’s the only way New York City is going to stay competitive,” Holloway said.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb: Deputy Mayor Says The Plan Will Get Due Consideration

Drivers are definitely not on board.

“It may help with traffic, but I mean I think we pay for enough as far as tolls coming into the city and gas prices the way it is. I don’t think we need more tolls,” Brooklyn resident Lance Smith said.

“I think it would just slow traffic more. I’m not really for it,” added Rhonda Rosenfeld of New Hyde Park.

“That would be a disaster,” another person said.

Just for the record, before 1911 there were tolls on the Ed Koch bridge — 10 cents for cars, 5 cents for push carts and 3 cents for horses.

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  1. Paul in the BX says:

    How about tolls on the sidewalks of every block. Put a 50 cent toll on the bike path today and its only going up from there. The idea is to get people on bikes and be green right? This is a bad idea. And so is having to have a bike license to ride a bike, registering and insuring bikes and having to get your bike inspected. But it appears that this is where we are going.

    1. RJ says:

      Why isn’t it a good idea for bicyclists to have licenses? They ride in traffic, and are supposedly bound by the same traffic laws as anyone else on the street. If they run red lights, they should be under the same threat of negative consequences as people in cars.

      With more and more cyclists out there on the streets, the attitude of lawlessness and the double-standard for bicycles will have to go away.

      1. PabloKoh says:

        Why is it a bad idea? Because bicycles are a tiny risk to pedestrians and other road users. 20 pounds of steel and aluminum does not even compare to the destructive ability of even a small car at 3000 Pounds.

        1. PabloKoh says:

          This and the known and unknown unintended consequences of ALL government impositions.

          1. Thank You, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

        2. RJ says:

          Your answer doesn’t address the issue that bicycles are still using the streets and are part of the flow of traffic. If they’re going to be riding on the street, they need to be held to the same rules of consistency and expected traffic behavior as the rest of traffic.

          Also, bicycles can and do kill pedestrians – look it up in San Francisco – pedestrian dies of head injuries as a result of a bicycle running a red light and hitting her.

          1. RJ says:

            Dionette Cherney, killed by a bicyclist who ran a red light.

            1. beedogs says:

              So, one person, in a country of over 300 million. That’s all you could find.

              TIME FOR ANOTHER LAW!

              1. RJ says:

                Try doing some research of your own, you’ll find more cases. Write an email to that ladies family telling them how much you object to the notion that bicycles should be responsible in traffic, while you’re at it.

                1. PabloKoh says:

                  You did not call for responsible bicycling! You called for bicyclists to get the government’s permission to operate on city streets or be put into a cage by men with guns. I agree with you bicyclists should respect the social norms that make all road users safer while operating on public roads.

            2. Joe says:

              Whitney Houston, killed by a bathtub.
              Tax and license ALL TUBS.

              1. keith Parsels says:

                The law should read no bathtub shall be more than 5 ft in length and hold no more than a height of 1.2 feet of water

              2. p curley says:

                She was NOT killed y a bathub. She was killed by an overdose of cocaine. Of course, I think you are just being sarcast8ic, like the pro-gun peoploe who msay that a gun fired itself mahnd killed someone.

            3. JB says:

              Make no mistake, the regulation they are proposing has nothing to do with safety, and EVERYTHING to do with money. The city wants cash, so they levy taxes to raise the cash. The bicyclist you mentioned, ran a red light. You’ve lost sight of the fact that a traffic control was already in place. Laws and taxes are not a safety net for anyone. No law, license, or registration program on earth could have saved this woman’s life or prevented the events that unfolded. Cars also run red lights and kill pedestrians, even with the laws and the licenses and all of the bureaucratic pipe dreams for automobiles in place. The cyclist was already disobeying a traffic control. I would expect that he was cited for this infraction. He was also very likely liable in civil court for his actions.

              If you want to give money to the government, then be my guest. However, I would prefer to keep my money, and I would prefer that the government not squander the fortunes that they already take in.

              1. Jan says:

                They should charge tourists $1 for walking half way over the Brooklyn Bridge, $2 if they want to walk backwards while looking through a camera and and extra $3 surcharge if they want to do it in the bike lane.

          2. nicholas maki says:

            Let’s compare the vehicles. Bicycle is about 100 times lighter than average automobile. Bicycle takes about 100 times less parking space and emits no noise and no emissions. Do we really want to punish good people of N.Y. for using bikes?


            Yes, bicycles do kill pedestrians sometimes. Kill ratio is something like 1 dead pedestrian for 10M bike trips. I wonder how it is with the cars.

            1. RJ says:

              I was under the impression that bicyclists wanted EQUAL treatment on the roads as cars/trucks etc…? Well, equal treatment means you carry an equal share of the responsibility. Put on your big boy pants and deal with that responsibility like a grown-up. If that’s simply too much for you, go ride your toy around the park for a while and leave the adults on the streets.

              1. Glen says:

                As bikes are extremely light they represent negligible wear and tear on any roadway. Taxing them is more indiciative of an out of control revenue hungry bureaucracy than a true need to generate revenue from these road users. Only in progressive controlled municipalities do you see this type of garbage. Conservatives know how to govern and would never have to resort to this.

            2. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

              Actually the fatality rate is 1.3 per 100 MILLION miles traveled for cars as of 2006.

        3. mo says:

          However, they routinely break traffic laws and cut off cars as well as intimidate pedestrians.

          1. PabloKoh says:

            Enforce the current laws. More government is never the answer.

        4. dries says:

          20lbs, plus 100-something lbs of a rider, hitting you at 25=30mph can do a lot of damage.

          Bike riders should be licensed & forced to carry insurance just like drivers. If only to rid them of their smugness & pretensions at being better, because they don’t ride in cars. Well, my gas taxes have paid for those roads you ride on for free.

        5. JohnF says:

          Why is it a GREAT idea?? Because bikers use public roads and don’t pay gas tax like everyone else does. Making them get a license like a car could mean they would have to contribute to the building and maintaining of the roads they are using. Or do they just want to be a parasite on society like so many others??

          Pay your fair share bikers..if I have to pay excise taxes on my license, and gas tax on my fuel, then I see no reason why you can’t also pay something to help maintain the roads.

          1. p curley says:

            What wear and tear do bikes cause on roads?. They should ride free. Maybe this will have the effect of getting people out of cars.

            1. RJ says:

              It won’t have an effect of getting people out of cars. Not everyone is capable or willing to ride, for whatever reasons. But ride free? If you really do expect people to ‘get out of cars’, who will be left to support the infrastructure you’re using for free?

              Please think before you speak

      2. billwill says:

        You are obviously a government bootlicking pinhead.

      3. Jim says:

        What a clueless one you are. It’s called freedom dunce.

        1. RJ says:

          It’s also called responsibility. Just because you’re on a bicycle doesn’t absolve you of being responsible in traffic. You’re still using public infrastructure, aren’t you?

          With more and more bicycles expected to be on the streets, expect higher regulation of bicycle traffic – it’s going to happen.

          1. Auron of Texas says:

            Yes bicycles should be expected to have the same responsibilities as motorists. As an example in Dec. about a month before I deployed a bicyclist ran a stop sign in front of my dually and had the nerve to flip me of when I had to slam on my breaks 4 tons of steel doesn’t like to stop on a dime and he expected to have the right of way. The only reason I was going slow enough to stop was I had a friend get t-boned at that very intersection by someone not stopping so ever since I slow down to see what’s coming around the bend.

      4. beedogs says:

        It’s funny how conservatives are against government intrusion into our daily lives except when they’re in favor of it.

        1. enoughAlready911 says:

          Are you simply crazy or just this out of touch?
          Conservatives want govt out of their lives in almost EVERY area.

          Protect our borders, abide by the constitution and stay the F out of our lives.
          Progressive Socialist (those controlling the White House) are the ones for big govt, laws/taxes for EVERY situation.

          What Progressives do not understand is that eventually they EACH become the target of either tax or regulation….that is the method of the progressive…to splinter people into small groups like the straws in a broom….then one straw at a time tax or regulate them unfairly. They know that the rest of the “straws” won’t say much because it doesn’t impact them, but their time is coming.

          So in this case the (likely) green leaning bike riders are subjected to an additional tax….the others (like RJ and beedogs) want to squabble about whether these bike riders are a menace or whether conservatives are to blame….blah blah blah…and they miss the bigger picture.

          The same big govt they support will eventually turn on them. Matter of fact the MOST liberal progressives will be the first ones to be sacrificed. Read your history and you will find this out.

          Go watch the movie Hunger Games….this is where progressive socialism(aka Obama, Holder, Soros, Pelosi, Hillary) will take us. If you don’t think its possibe, well look at the changes since the 70’s & 80’s. We are vastly different in privacy, liberty and taxation.

      5. UyeahU says:

        Why IS it a good idea for bicyclists to have licenses, other than for the purposes of identifying a stolen bike which can be handled by a voluntary bike registration? Tolls on cars are usually based on the wear and tear to the highways, and or new construction costs. You could ride bicycles for 1000 years over a road bed without significant harm, the road would crack from age first. It’s the weight and friction of the cars that causes the damage. Compare a one or two ton car or a multi ton semi with a 150 lb. bike rider. Plus many bike lanes are merely part of the shoulder of the road bed, normally not used by traffic at all.

        Let’s just see this for what it is; a money grab. They increased taxes on the subway, and ridership goes down. They increase the tax on millionaires (Rush Limbaugh being a famous example) and they move to another state. Now that they have eroded their tax base they need new blood. And remember, historically taxes, fees and licenses always go up, for example, the Federal income tax started at 2%. Maybe municipalities should live within their means first before digging into people’s pockets yet again. .

        “If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street,
        If you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat.
        If you get too cold, I’ll tax the heat,
        If you take a walk, I’ll tax your feet.”

        Taxman, The Beatles

      6. Joe says:

        Typical big government Liberal

      7. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

        Then why stop there? Why not require people to buy licenses to walk? They “run red lights” even more than cyclists do. This is precisely why reflexively handing over one’s power to feed a govt with totalitarian aspirations “for the public good” to make oneself “feel better” ALWAYS ends extremely badly.

      8. Darin (RugDog) says:

        It’s a bad idea for any government to think they have the authority to issue a license for anything. It’s government control of the masses. And it’s evil.

        No government is good government.

      9. Ang says:

        “they should be under the same threat of negative consequences as people in cars. ” <–… its a bicycle. You do realized the difference between that and a car, right? It's not the same. You DO know that, right? Might as well give pedestrians licenses to walk, if that's the case.

        1. RJ says:

          Yes, it is a bicycle. Which is being driven by a person who wants to be treated equally and given equal treatment on the streets. If traffic is already congested and bicycles are given free reign to run red lights, that’s not safe for anyone. If bicycles want to ride on the streets, they need to start obeying the traffic laws. End of story.

    2. Mickey says:

      the democrat mantra,
      If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.
      wonder who said that?

      1. Joe says:

        Haha, good one!
        Ronaldus Magnus

    3. Sam says:

      Hey they just need more money to pay the uions bene’s. People can’t complain seeing how they vote these clowns in office.

  2. Robert Moses says:

    The best thing to do is SHUT DOWN THE SUBWAY. If you want to travel anywhere, then be a REAL American and drive your car.

    1. GorillaRapper says:

      they should have hot air balloon ferrys to go green, and take the noise down. They could fire up the balloons with algae and ethanol, and it would create magic rainbows in the sky. (some public-school educated leftist will think this is a homophobic comment)

      1. StateRunMedia says:

        Another pointless story linked to by the Drudge Report. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media after the coup and cover up. Even most of the comments online are financed with your tax dollars. Big brother is trying to create the perception of public opinion while burying the truth. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

        Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in world history before it disappears forever

        1. OklahomaBound says:


        2. Jim says:

          I went and read your silly conclusions over a month ago. You still out here with this delusional stuff huh? This country is in enough trouble without COMPLETE lunatics discrediting the true serious problems our democracy faces with this current Marxist POTUS.

          1. Alfonso Mosley says:

            I went there and can honestly say that the replies here are that of the government. Attack, discredit, and divert attention, typical response to a cover up. You even went as far as to use the word discrediting. I hope more people take the time to read it and realize a tyrannical government isn’t any different then the current Obama puppet regime.

        3. J Biden says:

          The lesbian Palin Hater has posted her daily stupid SPAM.

          And STILL no one cares!!!

          Visit this imbecile at the Washington Examiner blog.

      2. JBC says:

        You are hilarious.

      3. Obama_lost_son says:

        Actually, I think the current administration has invested 4.5 billion in a North Korean state run company to implement that plan.

    2. Spanky Spankster says:

      Shut down the Subway? I like their footlong deals…

      1. J Biden says:


        Five dollar…..

        Five dollar FOOTLONG

        ANY, any, any..

        C’mon & bite mah dong!

        1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

          Five…five hundred…five hundred year audacity…lol! I hope you’re feeling better, Joe. You gave us quite a scare at that Canadian drive-in when you almost froze to death in your car waiting for CLOSED FOR THE WINTER to start.

    3. beedogs says:

      Brilliant plan! Let’s put another 200 thousand cars into lower Manhattan and see what happens!

      You are an imbecile.

  3. suibne says:

    dang straight skippy. them thar tares cause lotsa damich, sheeeeeeeit.

    1. Brassia says:

      CAn you translate it into English

    2. Brassia says:

      Can you translate it into English please

      1. tnmccoy says:

        I can follow it. The question is: why can’t you? I know it takes a little intelligence, but you aren’t showing much by making the self-serving comment.

  4. Alex says:

    So, now we came to the point when it’s easier to demolish all bridges and let each borough become an independent town. At least, it would be fewer tolls and taxes.

    1. GorillaRapper says:

      I would like to live in NY for a few months, for the entertainment factor of how stupid people become once elected. Like a front row seat at a circus.

      1. biggoofer says:

        I am having this entertainment far away from NY city.

        Those STUPID people are elected by many more of them in NY city.

        The city is mostly occupied by the Liberal do-gooders anyway.

        Why moaning and bitching about social responsibility of paying Tolls for the greater good of the city?
        I think they should have tolls for the sidewalks on the bridges and in the city too.

        1. beedogs says:

          I’m guessing you live in one of the many red welfare states that New York City helps subsidize.

          1. biggoofer says:

            I am guessing you are a New York city dweller.

            If you are so rich and subsidizing many red States, why whining about Toll for the bridges YOU are using?

            Just shut up and pay the toll!

        2. Harry says:

          NYC is more like a foreign country. Many ‘nabes speak in a foreign language. Many do not want to speak English. Far too many people get entitlements therefore the liberal slant. They’ve been discussing tolls for decades and they’ll keep doing it for many more decades. It ain’t gonna happen.

  5. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    Ah, the communist serpent starts eating its own tail. Best move I ever made, fleeing Wrong Island and the NYC area in general. Can’t wait to see the radical bomb-throwers posing as bicycling “advocates” go nuclear ape$#!t over this, haha. Pass the popcorn…

    1. noname says:

      You don’t know much about the varying economic systems do you. Having people pay tolls on bridges, or collecting taxes and spending it, has little to nothing to do communism. Why don’t you educate yourself on what the terms mean before you make yourself look silly by posting nonsense.

      1. right in your face says:

        One more desperate attempt to justify the predatory behaviour of an out of control government trying to cover unsupportable public employee wages and benefits by what I will bet is a person getting a government check in some way or another

        1. Bicycle Bob in West Va. says:

          I ride my bike on the road in West Va. No gas apyment, no insurance, no taxes, no tolls…free and easy Come on raise the gas prices to 6.00 a gallon I love it…

  6. the seer says:

    The budget solution is simple, impose asset forfeiture on the UN, then go after Goldman Sachs, J P Morgan and the rest.

    Viva La US

    1. Bill Duke says:

      Tax NYC stupidity. You’ll be rich in no time.

      1. right in your face says:

        They tried that, the rich people left town.

  7. ronnie from morris park says:

    Everyone must pay to enter Billionairebergville. You outer boro trash. You clog our streets. Mr. Holloway is in hot water with me now. He said those dirty words that get people upset,”Congestion Pricing”. We have a better name Auto Solution Spending or A.S.S.. A.S.S. will reduce traffic and put a small cost to those that want to enter Billionairebergville to deliver goods and services that will probably be past along to the general public. Hey I’m rich and live in Manhattan so being an A.S.S. is fine with me. I Billionaireberg hve spoken

  8. Toshloves says:

    I would be happy to pay a toll… as soon as the MTA and PANYNJ release their finances publicly.

    1. The Realist says:

      Check the MTA’s website for financial details. Its books are already the most audited in the entire state, so what more do you want?

      1. Paul in the BX says:

        Cooked books.

        1. The Realist says:

          The last 15 audits in 3 years would have caught that, yet they didn’t. Multiple courts have already ruled that the “two sets of books” claim was a COMPLETE LIE, yet lots of politicians still base their whole careers on it.

          1. right in your face says:

            Audit the Courts, they work for the same crime family as the MTA and PANYNJ

  9. homer says:

    Or how about ,
    if you even look at any bridge in the city, you
    will automatically be debited 7 dollars from your bank account

    1. biggoofer says:

      Great idea.

      You do have funny bones.

      Hey, Obama is running few Trillions short every year and has difficulty making ends meet.
      He would love to tap your brains.

  10. ray says:

    why can’t the city just reduce spending?
    why is this never an option?

    1. Jim Fish says:

      Because the City supports the have-nots with our dollars.

    2. NYC is home says:

      Reducing spending doesn’t buy elections.

      1. Spanky Spankster says:

        Government spending is supposed to:

        1) Buy votes, and;

        2) Give rebates to political contributors in the form of contracts, grants, loans, and special favors. Just look at how well the Obama bundlers have done the last three years.

        1. Tracy says:

          And it’s only going to get worse!

    3. Jack Kinch(1uncle) says:

      Too many people on welfare. Taxes are needed to buy their vote.

  11. malice420dotcom says:

    You got what you voted for..
    Had enough yet ?

    1. Tracy says:

      Yes I have! Vote out the redistributors of wealth. SHRINK government!! All their taxes are not helping the middle class. Wake up America. I use the Brooklyn bridge all the time, because it’s free ( and beautiful) !!

      1. biggoofer says:

        It’s going to be free Brooklyn bridge ride or free CONTRACEPTION for you.

        Not the both.

        Pick your choice, lady.
        Don’t be so greedy!

  12. rex dart eskimo spy says:

    a much better way to raise money would be to stop everyone at the airport and require them to empty their pockets at police gunpoint. randomly assess a ‘fee’ and force them to pay a one time fee or they could save money by purchasing a subscription. then the city could charge everyone a monthly fee. wouldn’t that be great?

  13. JOHNNY T. SOLLITTO says:


    1. Don says:

      Yeah, because wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have so much to do with the budget woes of New York City. Seriously, you are an imbecile.

    2. richmondtommy says:

      The war is paid with Fed taxes and not your city’s fees dude.

      1. zippy says:

        I thought NYPD had one of the biggest most sophisticated and costly local police agencies in the country.

      2. No Richmonddummy, The Feds Subsidize Mass Transit Awile back, Now They Don’t Because They Use Your Tax Dollars To Fund Israeli Occupation’s, Genocide In Muslim Countries, Oil Searches, And…This Is The Biggie, Domestic Survelllance Of U.S. Citizen’s, Funded By…You Guessed It You The Tax Payer. Do You Know How To Read..I Suggest You Stop Looking At The Illustration’s And Return To School.

        1. Bill Duke says:

          You mean “Genocide BY Muslim Countries”. Muslims are the cause of 99% of the world’s problems today

  14. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    Here is the solution let everyone into the city for free but charge them one hundred dollars to leave your budget problems are solved because I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want to pay that toll to get out of there.

    1. joe schmoe says:

      best on I heard all day…

    2. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      A good sounding plan but it would never work. Some menace to society could threateningly wave a salt shaker in the air and Bloombergrad inmates, er, New York residents, would dive for cover in a panic while he makes his escape free of charge.

    3. right in your face says:

      Auction off exit passes one at a time to the highest bidder. They’d pay more than $100 to get out, believe me

  15. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    Thank god I have a unicycle. I saved money by carpooling with a bunch of students who go to the local clown college. Me and my 22 friends pile into my Mini Cooper and off we go and the tolls are evenly split.

  16. Carl38 says:

    Is this the “green” enviormental approach to get people off their bikes and into cars. The people who are in charge are doing drugs and not sharing.

  17. AMR1960 says:

    Yeah! Double Tax those Bike riders with the Baboon @$$ES Pointing up skyward as they recklessly peddle…

  18. Jersey Joe says:

    Just ridiculous. Fortunately I live in southern New Jersey and rarely (if ever) have to go to NYC. When I do, I drive in. I’ve tried to take trains, but they’re usually dirty, smelly, and filled with people eating foul-smelling foods and yapping loudly on cell phones. Who needs it.

    1. Robert Moses says:

      That’s part of why ALL public transportation should be BANNED.

  19. Dee says:

    Should we exam where all the city revenues been spent before launching another tax? We have a spending problem, not a revenue collection problem!

    1. Tracy says:

      You nailed it!

  20. yo says:

    John, who’s subsidizing your life in Manhattan?

  21. martin says:

    STOP bitching and take charge! I solved alot of problems by moving from NY and saved a bundle. Life is great when YOU make the choices!

  22. lukuj says:

    How about a tax on breathing in Manhattan – so much per 100 breaths? Or how about a bathroom tax to be paid at every restroom in a public or private building in Manhattan before the door of the stall will open? There could also be a tax on any photos taken in Manhattan. If you are a liberal city, you have to tax anything that it is possible to tax and maybe some things that seem impossible.

  23. yo says:

    Someone wrote why not tax by the block … it may be coming. WITH PEOPLE BUYing hybrid bars gasoline taxes collected at the pump are going down so now the politicians who told you to buy a hybrid to save money and to save the planet are going to tax you by the mile. The want to install some sort of GPS in your car and it gets added to your gasoline charge when you fill up. Don’t believe me? You can easily research this topic online. So, why not tax by the block. This is going to make NYC less competitive. NYC would be just like Detroit if it had only, lets say, the Financial Services industry … everyone would be in NJ. NYC is lucky it’s so big but it is heading towards Detroit don’t the lefties fool you. Another example — Bank of America used to be headquartered in San Francisco,(an even more lefty city than NY) and they move to Virginia. It can happen and it will happen. Almost all NYC banks have their back office operations in another state.

    1. tasteitall says:

      That’s exactly what happened to London when they introduced congestion pricing right? Everyone left? If more people would take the subway instead of driving we wouldn’t have these issues but sadly there are too many people like you who think driving is a right and public transportation is beneath them.

    2. Herb Snout says:

      Outlaw gas stations in NYC would be a first move. Second toll by the tire including spare. Lower the speed limit by 10 MPH to save fuel and protect the biking public.

  24. Wolfgang says:

    I believe anyone coming into Manhattan should pay a toll for the privilege of just visiting. The toll should be a daily tax. Ten dollars a day would be a fair amount to visit the Big Apple. Ten dollars daily that is. It would require mandatory chipping of the individual so their whereabouts could be tracked at all times.

    1. What Then When They Don’t Pay, Deport Them Across The River…The City/State Can’t Even Deport The Million + Illegal’s That Are Part Of The Congestion!

  25. Fred says:

    Quadruple the toll on all hybrids. Those are the folks that vote for ideas like this anyway, they’ll gladly pay more, just tell them you’ll plant a few trees downtown.

    1. Rick Diculous says:

      Personally, I like to ram into hybrids with my pickup truck. That way they don’t use any gas at all. Just doing my part.

  26. John Corzine says:

    I can’t believe the stock exchange stays in NY. Why? Move the exchange, get out. In fact, any large financial company that stays in NY is crazy. The toll money is stolen, given to layabouts for unearned pensions.

  27. Tom in NY says:

    I have a better idea: Slap fines on the yo-yos who ride their bicycles on the sidewalks, against traffic in the streets, without helmets, without lights at night, who don’t use hand turn signals, and who violate the other rules of the road. They’d collect a billion dollars in the first week.

    1. ESB says:

      Yeah and tax every jackass pedestrian that jaywalks in front of a moving cyclist like they don’t exist and every car that almost hits cyclists obeying the rules and every car that double parks in the bike lane. Yeah!

  28. Mike says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha bunch of losers. That’s right tax your way to prosperity. Idiots.
    Glad I don’t live in liberal land.

    1. Kurt says:

      Unfortunately those idiots run most of the state :[

      1. SB says:

        Does everything have to be about new taxes, and ways to bring in revenues??
        Next thing, put it on the list. Register and inspects bicycles

        1. lukuj says:

          It does if you are a liberal.

  29. LIBERTY NOW says:

    Everybody..just for one day, stay home, don’t go to work, shop, ride, bike, FLY … opt out. STOP feeding the beast.

    1. Larry A. says:

      I agree with completely. As many people as possible should take a sick day and just stay home. Do not pay tolls, do not buy anything that is taxed including gasoline. STOP FEEDING LIBERAL POLICIES THAT ARE TAKING YOUR FREEDOM!

  30. Johnny Fonny says:

    If the tolls and fees go high enough, maybe Jersey City could replace midtown Manhattan completely for NJ people, just as it’s replaced much of the Wall St. district quite well !!

  31. Carl Z says:

    Oh, and those without EZ passes? They’re out-of-towners, so charge them DOUBLE! (Now there’s the New York Way for ya.)

  32. Carl Z says:

    Just put an EZ Pass reader over every intersection in New York City and charge by the block. Or just mail in every penny you have anywhere. Note that the richest people, who live below 60th St, will have to pay very little.

  33. GorillaRapper says:

    Just tear down the frigging bridge, would save a whole lot of trouble and keep everyone in their place

    1. wellfed says:

      Got to pay for those goverment workers pensions

  34. TomS says:

    What has NYC been doing with the money they already get? They waste what they get in the first place. Idea: get rid of “progressives.”

    1. Bob says:

      NYC spends money on “warming buses”. These are buses the City leaves idling in the streets of Manhattan (not the outer boroughs) on cold, winter days, so people can come aboard for free, sit for a while and warm up. Now if that’s not a good use of your hard-earned money, I don’t know what is.

  35. steve says:

    He didn’t know about traffic then and certainly is clueless as to hurting the working middle class now. Say Good bye Sam.

    1. mmercier says:

      Anyone stupid enough to stay in town should be forced to pay through the nose for every privilege their God of government grants them.

      All taxes and fees will be suspended the day after some crazyass persian detonates his nuclear device.

  36. Chris says:

    Sam is not intelligent. Mike should dump a billion if he really cares. no no . . .ok Mikey, how about 100 million / . lol .. .nono ur right make us pay for it .. its ok I play for the Yankees, but my whole family doesn’t . . .It cost 60 $ to park in Midtown, 80 for gas, 12 dollars to get into Manhattan already, .. . I mean, if i start roasting Rats .. im still out 150 before i hunt em down !! . .. Traffic will equal crime and stress, time increased on roads during rush hr .. .now , ill pay tolls for a NEW BRIDGE OR TUNNEL, not the old one .. you might as well charge us to walk in the park . .. and I know u would consider that . . .lol

  37. Al M. says:

    Why not just install devices that would grab each person as they cross into Manhattan by the ankles, turn them upside down and shake them vigorously until all their money falls out of their pockets?

    1. Zexufang says:

      Very apt – – and cartoonish… and funny.

    2. joe says:

      PERFECT! (except they already do that to us in the supermarkets….)

  38. Michael P. says:

    What are they Nuckin Futs? It’s heavily congested now. Imagine the traffic nightmare that would cause.

  39. Ben says:

    Get rid of all taxis. everyone will then take mta if they have no cars. No access to mta, we have 2 feet.

  40. Rugbyball says:

    What if all I want to do is get to NJ or CT, why is it I pay tolls for that, I have no need or want to drive into Manhattan. I should get a refund for burning that much gas stuck in gridlock in Manhattan when all I want to do is get out of it!
    Ugh, I give up… this city is F’kd.

  41. david says:

    terrible idea. there is SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH WASTE in the MTA… more $ is the last thing they need…

  42. Soap says:

    Swim across !

  43. Larry Schwarz says:

    As a friend of mine from Utah put it when visiting New York.She had never seen so many tolls and could not afford to drive in NYC.

    1. The Realist says:

      NORMAL people don’t drive to and within the Manhattan core. NORMAL people ride buses and trains.

  44. lc says:

    why doesn’t gridlock sam mind his business instead of ours.

  45. Junior says:

    Dumb idea. Already gridlock coming into the city from the East Side without having to stop to pay tollls, and more people will go North above 60th. St. to bypass the tolls creating more traffic. Funny how they always say they want to save the environment but having more cas idling while sitting is OK to colect more money from us. The other funny part is to funnel more money into the MTA, yeah, lets give them access to more money to steal. So if there is more money coming in,does that mean they wil cut rate son other bridges and tunnels and mass transit???? LOL!

    1. The Realist says:

      The tolling would be ELECTRONIC, just as it is in London, Singapore, and Milan. No booths, no stopping, no idling. But you already knew that, right?

      1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

        BRILLIANT idea– close to 100% of would-be-turned-FORMER tourists from out-of-town DON’T have EZPass. But you already knew that, right?

        1. RJ says:

          EZPass is compatible with any number of other states automatic tolling solutions, like the Illinois IPass, other states IZoom, etc. They’re making it easier to go from state to state. But you already knew that, right?

          1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

            Only as far west as Felonois and only as far south as Virginia…but you already knew that, right?

  46. me says:

    takes more of me money

  47. Dave says:

    The boro bridges are a extension of the street system of ny city, just because it crosses a river, you want to tax boro residents. Why don’t you put a toll booth to cross from east to west in manhattan? Why do you only want to tax those that live in the boro’s?

    1. Rugbyball says:

      Dave, Bloomy was going to do just that, however it was congestive driving it was called, a camera would catch your plates and if you where between XX & XX street (forget the street range) between certain hours you would be charged a fee via EZPass, Don’t worry this mayor and his cronies think of new ways to get your money. It’s becoming too expensive to live here, most middle class folks in NYC are now hitting the AMT ( ) because the Fed avg the income across the country and we NYC folks need to make more to just live here we are double punished!

    2. porcorosso says:

      Because you will vote for us with your last starving strength.

    3. RickM says:

      You’re getting there Dave. EPA wants to regulate CO2 (what you exhale with every breath — soon they will tax what you inhale … hold your breath … it’s coming unless we stop them.

    4. Larry Schwarz says:

      Well said Dave.Next they will want to charge people for crossing the street

    5. Rod Anders says:

      The boro bridges are a extension of the street system … Good Idea. Get the boros residents going in and out.

    6. RiverdaleBob says:

      Put tolls on the subway tunnels too! Toll the commuter trains! Tax every airplane that flies over NYC! Tax every ship that sails up and down the Hudson! Make the obese pay for 2 seats! Charge admission to NYC Parks! There’s plenty more money out there you can bleed the populace out of!!

    7. John Malverne says:

      Here’s a better question: Why are upstate NY taxes subsizing NYC’s subway system?

      If you had to pay what it actually costs, a subway ride would be $16 to anywhere.

      The Transit Authority is a retirement plan for D students. Oh, and it has some trains.

    8. Jack Kinch(1uncle) says:

      Any excuse to tax to spend is alright for the demos. Money is needed to buy more votes. Lower taxes .
      Stop paying people to have deadbeats on welfare and NO more aliens. Get rid of illegals. Punish if they return.

    9. michael says:

      The real problem is the pension contracts with the MTA unions. How can a system sustain itself when you allow workers to retire at age 48 with high 5 figure($60K and up) pensions and cadillac medical coverage. You not only have to pay the pension for 30-40 years, but also pay the wages and benefits of the replacement. It is impossible to sustain and the politicians who try to fix the problem by taxing the people should be voted out of office.

    10. MikeHenrySC says:

      “Share the road” share the taxes!

  48. John says:

    Oh please the working class my foot!…The working class takes public transport, they can’t afford the massive gas guzzling SUVs that ferry the rich to and fro from the Hamptons, not to mention the bankers who live in the ‘burbs. I am sick and tired like so many New Yorkers with these massive obscenities of vehicles polluting the city air not to mention the congested traffic and parking. You want to come to Manhattan? Take a bus or subway or pay the tolls like people crossing the Hudson.
    So enough about the working class…I’m one of them and I don’t own a car. You want to drive then go to California.

    1. Rugbyball says:

      @John, what if I just want to take my Toyota Prius Hybrid to NJ or CT? Why do I have to pay a toll to get into Manhattan from Queens? Manhattan is the only direct and least mileage way to NJ. My other options is to go up through Bronx to Rockland County and then all the way down to if I wanted to visit family in Clifton. So dont assume the toll only hits the rich who drive to Manhattan as part of there daily commute, it hits everyone who needs to travel at any time.

    2. Rod Anders says:

      Gas in CA is $8 a gallon. You wouldn’t be driving here, either.

  49. diver says:

    Gridlock Sam’s idea will create just that GRIDLOCK. Not to mention this will also create so much air pollution it will put us in violation of the federal clean air regulations.

    1. Bullett says:

      Excellent view points.

  50. sammy says:

    Another brilliant idea to rape the working class

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