NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Hundreds of Occupy Wall Street demonstrators are rallying Saturday with the family of man killed by a police officer to protest police brutality.

About 500 Occupy members marched from Zuccotti Park to Union Square with the family of John Collado, who was shot by a plain clothes police officer last fall.

Police say that Collado had the officer in a chokehold, but the victim’s family says he was simply trying to break up a fight between his friend and another man, who he didn’t know was a cop.

City Council member Ydanis Rodriguez is taking part in the demonstration and says they are also protesting violence by the NYPD against the protestors.

“They cannot pretend that this movement will disappear from the City of New York by some NYPD members using excessive force,” he said. “Enough is enough.”

Rodriguez says he believes that the NYPD needs to keep citizens safe, but in doing so, respect their rights.

“When we gather in any peaceful manner in the City of New York, the NYPD should know that as we respect the work that they do, we also expect that they have a clear understanding of our Constitutional rights,” Rodriguez said.

Councilman Jumaane Williams, who is also taking part in the rally and march, says the protestors are being arrested and their voice surpressed by NYPD.

“We need leadership from the mayor, we need leadership from the commissioner. They’re using lazy policing tactics, they’re using lazy answers to all of these things because the questions are hard ones, but we can’t ignore them,” he said. “People are getting more and more upset and more and more frustrated. OWS is not going away.”

Williams also says City Council will push for a protestors bill of rights in New York City.

“Maybe to help us explain to the protesters what the actual rules are because every time we tell them and they follow the rules, the police change it,” he said. “The police should be here to protect everyone’s rights, including the protesters.”

At 5 p.m., the activists plan to protest worldwide pollution at Dag Hammerskjold Plaza near the United Nations.

What is your take on the ongoing protests today? Are you with the Occupiers? Sound off below…

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  1. kimberlywc says:

    I am an Occupier. I am college educated, have a full-time office job, do not live in my parents’ basement, shower and spent whatever “extra” time I have volunteering in non-OWS settings. I am not the only one that does not fit the stereotypes it is easier to believe than the fact that the banks and Wall Street have conned us.

    We didn’t protest in winter because we were planning. Helping a movement along does not mean taking the streets every day.

    What I honestly don’t get is how *anyone* could not agree with the basic OWS tenets. Do they think things are really all right? No one with a smidgen of intelligence could claim that anymore. Are these the same type (just more vocal because there’s an interwebz) who were for Nixon, staying the course in Vietnam and hated hippies (even though it was protesting that saved their sons from getting killed in an unwinnable war)? How can anyone actually think standing around and (gulp!) chanting makes it all right for cops to just pull out their nightsticks? Have people really lost their souls, brains and hearts that much? Do they not care enough about reality to look into it, satisfied with whatever they’re spoonfed in the five second sound bite? It’s stunning, it really is.

    Honestly, though, whatever. Either we’re protesting too much and blocking traffic or not at all. Either we don’t stand up for ourselves or we whine too much about people having their heads put through plate glass windows by riot cops. I guess we should shut up and take watching the world getting destroyed and the scary possibility that there might not be a future for my children.

    1. Don’t you dare give up, Kimberly. Don’t sweat the one-syllable modern-day Cro-Magnons. Evolution will deal with them eventually. In the meantime, we need good, decent, and smart people like you staying in the fight because, believe it or not, some of their off-spring may be smart enough to thank you later.

    2. NYCsewer says:


    3. Big People says:

      “I am poorly college educated, have a lousy full-time office job, do not live in my parents’ basement and will probably skip rents sometime in my future”

  2. Genius says:

    How do we protect the people from the OWS brutality? They’re stinking up the neighborhood and destroying properties.


    “Change is on the Horizon Part 3 of 3 The Farmer Claims Program ”


    14th Amendment, Section 4,Bounty Hunter, public debt collector for policing and enforcing sanctions against public officials.

    *W A R N I N G* *Castle Doctrine* *Once you cross the threshold* *Failure to Stand In The Light* *Could cause one to see the light * * No Duty To Retreat**


    These losers have way too much time on their hands.

  5. proud2baliberal says:

    Most of these comments are so lame and full of republican cliche’s it is almost laughable. You are a bunch of brain washed sheep who think because you have a job or a fancy car you are better than someone who does not. Don’t worry though, when you finally see the light and the writing on the wall and you come crying back to humanity you will be forgiven. Which is more than you deserve for your unkind words about people who are only seeking redress from the NYPD.


      You are a real loser.

  6. D.B.WYLLIE says:



    1. Liberalism Is a Disease says:

      spell much?

  7. LOU BRACATE says:


  8. Ows needs a bath says:

    Keep it up losers my city pay check and future pension keeps getting bigger and bigger!!!!!!!!
    Protest everyday!!!!

  9. doc in NJ says:

    as I pull my BMW out of my heated garage tomorrow morning I’ll think about all of you and your “lost cause.”

    Then again, maybe I won’t.

    Keep it up, though. It makes for fantastic comical banter in the OR.

    1. Big time$$$$$$$ says:

      I’ll pull my mercadies in spot right next to you brother!!!.
      Maybe I’ll pay one on these dirty protesters to wash it for me.

      1. If you really had a Mercedes you would think you would know how to spell it. Typical con.

  10. LazyUnionParasites says:

    To protest Soaps brutality ???

  11. liz says:


  12. Liberals are Evil says:

    These so-called protesters are nothing but waste of human life!

  13. Diane Godbout says:

    This was done way back last fall and only now they are protesting?

  14. “At it”, huh? You mean practicing their right to freedom of speech and assembly in order to act upon their right to petition government for redress of grievances?

    1. Mr. Woker says:

      Get a job! Get a life! No one was protesting during the winter months, when it was cold. If you are dedicated to the cause you would be there rain or shine, hot or cold. A bunch of low-life hipsters that don’t wanna work. I worked all my life. started out with $3 an hour and worked my way up. No one gave me anything. I have earned everything that I have with my hard work. I went to college that did not cost 50 grand a year. I worked through out college days. Sometimes 2 or even 3 jobs at a time. So get off your lazy asses and start working. It helps.

      1. Sid says:

        Amen Mr Worker. You hit the nail on the head.

      2. Whoa!-down there, Sparky. What does having a job have to do with what I said?

        BTW. I’ve been a big-projects construction tradesman for going on 30 years (all my life too, big boy!) and I have always worked hard too, just like you fancy pants.Good for you! You get a cookie.

        But tell me, who made the law that said someone even had to choose to work? What if someone chooses NOT to work? Is that any of your damned business if they’re taking care of themselves? What if a person doesn’t need to work for whatever reason, or can’t work for whatever reason? Does that mean they don’t have the same Constitutional rights that you have? Does that mean that they don’t have a right to protest corruption in Wall Street and in our government? Does that mean they don’t have the right to protest the gathering police state? Are these people, who come from all walks of life, all colors, all races, and all wealth classes not Americans in your book, free to live by and defend the Constitution of the United States?

        1. Charlie says:

          Sounds like someone is a big-projects construction errand boy, you must be able to take short order well, getting all that lumch for people……..

          1. Is that the best you’ve got, Charlie Brown? You cons are so pathetically stupid you can’t even string more than two sentences together into a coherent response.

            But take heart, Charlie con, you and your ilk have very nearly overtaken the typical slug in your cognitive abilities.

        2. iamsubdivisionsIsanIdiot says:

          You are soooo uninteresting. Please continue zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      3. Xzazael says:

        Mr Woker says: “You kids get off my lawn! Back in the days I had to walk three miles up hill both ways to make $2!”

        See, I can generalize just like you!

        1. LiberalsRDopes says:

          blah,blah, blah, blah..You have nothing to add. Try leaving the house today…

          1. You, who has added nothing to this conversation, are calling out someone out on having nothing to add?

            Typical con.

      4. ninety-nine percent says:

        Mr. Woker, it’s people like you that cripple the Occupy movement. I work 40+ hours a week, have held a job since i was 15. go to school full time, and plan on going to law school. I don’t think most people would consider me a “lazy ass, ” and I fully support the OWS movement, and attend every event I can. Why? Because it’s a movement founded on helping students like me. Capitalism is the reason why I have to work a miserable job and will be in debt when I graduate College, Capitalism is the reason why you were not given anything. Capitalism has taught us to be selfish, to look out for our own financial interests, Occupy is trying to eradicate that but it’s difficult because it’s people like you who should be supporting the 99% stepping in to defend the 1%.

        1. LetsEatThePoor says:

          Another lawyer? ahahahahahaha!!!!!

      5. liz says:

        I agree with you completely. They are NOTHING but time wasters and lazy SOB’S. I work 5 days a week, do not ask anyone for anything and I earned everything that I have. NO FREE RIDE AND NO HANDOUTS. I am really sick of thse fools and clowns, they are disgusting!

        1. There is NO PART of OWS that is asking for a free handout. What are you talking about? And who are you to say how they spend their time?

    2. OWS go away says:

      We should have a slap a OWS protester day .Let them line up and have real New Yorkers take a wack at them.

      1. Xzazael says:

        Why don’t you go do it then, tough guy? Or would it be too hard to get up off that computer chair?

        We should have a slap a condescending republican day.

        1. Liberalism Is a Disease says:


    3. Sue says:

      There is NO absolute freedom of speech and assembly that gives them the right to protest wherever they want to, however they want to! In almost ALL of the cases where protesters have whined about the treatment they’ve received, the protesters have violated lawful orders from the cops to not block streets, or not throw things at the cops, or not sleep in parks where overnight camping is disallowed, etc, etc.
      In this instance, despite the fact that there WAS NO PARADE PERMIT, they were still allowed to block city streets. The residents of NYC had to pay for extra cops and/or cops were called away from protecting other citizens in NYC to work this event.

      1. Here’s a quarter for your share of the extra cops. Stop whining.

  15. “At it”, huh? You mean practicing their right to freedom of speech and assembly?

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