NEW YORK (WFAN) – It is almost certain that Joba Chamberlain won’t pitch this season after suffering an open dislocation of his right ankle in a freak trampoline accident with this son.

Though the 26-year-old reliever is in the final year of his contract with the Bombers, there is no indication that New York will release the ex-fireballer, says’s Jon Heyman. Speculation from some had suggested that the Yanks might consider letting the former phenom go in an effort to save a large amount of his $1.8 million salary.

“We’re behind him,” manager Joe Girardi told reporters at the Yankees’ training facility in Tampa. “We’re going to take care of him, we’ll get him back. But right now he’s going through a hard time.

The Nebraska native, who had surgery on Thursday, will likely be in a cast for eight to 12 weeks.

“I just feel bad for him as an individual, as a member of our family,” general manager Brian Cashman added. “We care a great deal about him and we’re just going to be there [for him].”

Prior to injuring his ankle, Chamberlain was working hard in Spring Training to recover from Tommy John surgery. He was expected to return at some point this summer.

Should the Yankees let Joba go or stick it out and see what happens? Let us know…