They Thought They Were Hitting A Coke Warehouse, But Quickly Tables Turned

MINEOLA, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A gang of suspected fake police officers on Long Island allegedly thought they were about make a killer score.

Instead, they ended up in some very real cuffs. As CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan reports exclusively, the FBI said they had an inside man.

The informant posing as a robber was dropped off at a diner, where he sounded the all clear to his partners in crime waiting on nearby Roselle Street in Mineola. At 4:26 a.m. they exited their vehicles, quickly sneaking toward the bounty — a warehouse filled with cocaine.

“[At] 4:30 in the morning my wife and I were awoken to what sounded like gunshots,” homeowner Carlos Valderrama said.

Valderrama said 50 FBI agents had jumped out of vans they were hiding in right in front of his house and wrestled thugs to the ground. Witnesses said the suspects were all impersonating cops.

“I think the worst part about it … these men posing as police officers are conducting criminal activities,” Valderrama said.

Seven men who were said to be conspiring to pose as police in order to steal drugs from dealers were arrested by federal agents. Court documents obtained by CBS 2 said the seven-man group had allegedly been running the ruse and posing as law enforcement as far back as 2010, tying up drug dealers in order to rob them of narcotics.

The warehouse on Roselle Street was empty. There was no cocaine inside. Agents said the suspects left behind damaging evidence — their SUV with New Jersey plates.

“It’s been here since Friday and it’s getting tickets, and there’s an FBI paper in there, because I walked by,” body shop owner David Martins said.

On the driver’s seat, in clear view, the FBI outlined what it had confiscated — knives, packing tape, work gloves, cell phones and BlackBerrys.

“Right there I live. I slept through the whole thing. Oh my god! What’s wrong with people?” homeowner Elizabeth White said.

No one was hurt in the raid. The SUV remained on the street as investigators waited to see who might dare claim it.

The seven suspected fake cop drug robbers are all behind bars, and will have a date in federal court later this week.

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  1. Randgrithr says:

    Can’t they just run the plates to see who owns the SUV, or try to get the info out of the suspects? They really think someone is going to try to claim the thing after this story hits the news? Wackiness abounding!

  2. Bullett says:

    The SUV remained on the street as investigators waited to see who might dare claim it.
    Now that you’ve posted the story for the Fed’s, one can forget about the SUV being picked up.

  3. Nick says:

    Can’t have fake cops dipping into the till.

  4. Low Lifes says:

    The drug dealers will sleep better tonight knowing these violent criminals are off the streets. They can get back to business as usual now. Their stash houses are now safe. Thank goodness drugs are illegal. Really, think about it, if drugs were legal all of these genius’ that sell illegal drugs would be out of business, then what would they do?

  5. dontforget says:

    …sounds like they busted the “A-Team”

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