How Does $1,000 For House Fires And $600 For Car Fires Grab You?

PASSAIC, NJ (CBSNewYork) — When emergency crews respond to a car or building fire in Passaic, a bill might soon be sent out.

WCBS 880’s Levon Putney On The Story

When the Passaic City Council meets next Tuesday, Mayor Alex Blanco said what they will not decide to do is levy fees against people in car accidents or building owners whose structures catch fire.

What they will do is go after the insurance companies.

“If you are a policy owner, you are already paying for it — this fire department service charge provision,” the mayor told WCBS 880 reporter Levon Putney on Friday.

He said the fees would only be applied if claims are made, and no fees would be levied for those without insurance.

There would be a $1,000 fee to respond to fires in buildings over four stories high. Single, two, and three-family homes would be exempt.

As for car fires, auto insurance would be billed $600.

Of course, a concern is that insurance companies will simply jack up their premiums.

“I feel that it would be unethical on their part,” Blanco said.

This is just the latest way the city is trying to deal with its budget woes, including elimination of free Sunday parking and charging for designated handicapped parking.

“We have lost $2 million in [state] aide,” said Blanco.

He said he believes these fees would raise about $200,000 a year.

What do you think about the measure? Sound off in the comments section below!

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  1. Lickerface says:

    HM! “Socialist” fire departments not working in that socialist state, huh?

    1. Man says:

      Wait just one second, then why do we pay local / property / state taxes. Part of theses taxes are suppose to be used for them services.
      Just another way to squeeze a buck.

      1. MyNameIsEarl says:

        It’s just another grab for power and money, because the leftists are starting to realize their days are numbered.

        1. sylvie says:

          Actually, its the beginning of the financial ruin nationwide son. Those in power are depending on people to remain divided along party lines, the right charging the left and the left charging the right. All along these politicians are no more left or right than we are (think about it). They are making a killing off you believing that old lie. Time to wake up hon.

          1. acrscout says:

            I don’t blame the left or the right, Dem or Rep, I blame those currently in power which is why every election should be a house cleaning day, “We The People” should impose our own “term limits” at the ballot box, on every election day.

            1. Stu says:

              That would work if candidates existed that did not work for corporate interests.

              1. Billofrights5 says:

                they dont work for corporates interest!!!…..they work for their OWN INTEREST!!!!…use YOUR brain…not others words!!!

              2. driveby_poster says:

                …. or, the unions?

                1. Brian says:

                  Unions are some of the richest corporations.
                  They have replaced the KKK as the envorcement arm of the Democrat party.

              3. acrscout says:

                Corporate interests provide jobs. I do find it very comical that liberals whine about corporate bailouts in general but when it comes to GM they howled about the importance of keeping the company afloat in order to preserve jobs.

                If liberals were not so hypocritical they would either acknowledge that corporations do create jobs, or they would without reservation, refuse to accept employment from corporations.

                Yet, the bulk of corporations employ union workers who are overwhelmingly liberal Democrats. There is nothing I would like more than for the government to get out of the way and allow corporations to run their own businesses and hire/fire the most qualified rather than the most union connected employees. If GM / Chrysler were not under union dictates, the corporate heads would close their doors in the union states and move them to right to work states, the only thing stopping that is government control of the companies.

            2. libssuck says:

              wrong its the high taes the DEMOCRATS imposed on NJ,NJ is run by libtardsd

          2. Mark says:

            You really shouldn’t call anyone “son” unless you’re 90 years old and are pretty sure you are much older. Otherwise it’s demeaning. Later in the comment it’s “hon”, are you trying to make some sort of statement? BOT, this is what taxes are for, just because insurance “pays” for it do not think for a minute the ins. companies will eat this cost.

            1. driveby_poster says:

              While you are grammatically schooling this person, could you tell us what a BOT is?

              1. KellyAnn says:

                Back on Topic?

        2. BurningLove says:

          I think the government should be charged with treason and charged for wasting our time with made up state run media news to domestically spy on the nation. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media after the coup and cover up. Even most of the comments online are financed with your tax dollars. Big brother is trying to create the perception of public opinion while burying the truth. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

          Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

          Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in world history before it disappears forever much like me.

          1. Republicrat says:

            Is your comment also made up and financed by the government?

            Just wondering.

          2. superponty says:

            So your plan is bring charges on the government for trying to over throw the government? Good plan. Do us all a favor and at least know what the charge is your talking about.

        3. westriversd says:

          It is politically impossible to maybe blame the exorbitant pay and benefits of the unionized fire persons? How about looking at the overtime pay and pensions and medical retirements?

        4. danthefan says:

          im going to make a real far out guess.. im guessing this city has been run by liberals for decades and now the money is spent on union healthcare and retirement. liberals can only think a couple of ways, lets tax them till they whine and lets redistribute everyone elses wealth to pay for our running the gov into the ground.

        5. Anonymous Coward says:

          We pay taxes to provide salaries for politicians.

          Actual government services cost extra.

      2. dries says:

        Your taxes pay for salaries & benefits of public employees. I lived in Passaic in late 80’s. They had more “building code inspectors” that garbage men. Well-connected geezers, who having retired from one plum city hall job, were re-hired to suck from public teat for second time. Impossible things got any better since then.

      3. Billofrights5 says:

        with this you wouldnt have too….if they come for pay…then i dont have to pay for you..when they come for you!!..everyone..will pick up their own tab!!…it would stop 90% of weaste..can you imagin…how many times the fire Trucks wouldnt have to leave the station!!..

      4. Will says:

        This is not a new idea. I believe a town in West Virginia introduced a similar plan a year or two ago. This is double-dipping as our taxes and insurance fees are meant to contribute towards these services, but instead are diverted to finance some liberal pet projects.

      5. hiyall says:

        you would likely be more alarmed if the city were forced to make public (and have it reported publicly) where the money is going, what are the unfunded liabilites (e.g. pensions to the pols and city workers) and entitlements – with their targeted blocks of voters. Perhaps get a ground roots movement to get that information out into the public debate arena … as it seems to locked up behind doors that the politians do not wish to open.

      6. exjerseyresident says:

        When you pay firemen and cops 100K-150K/year with gold plated heatlhcare, ridiculous pensions and retirement as early as mid 40s…….this is what you get. A public taxpayer funded overpaid fire department who want to charge you to put out a fire.

        “New Jersey and Who, Perfect Together”?……….firemen, cops and teachers.

      7. Schifter says:

        They are more interested in giving lavish benefits to government employees than they are in providing vital services for the public.

    2. Klaus says:

      It’s only a matter of time until the government starts fires in order to increase revenues.

      1. Dave-O says:

        Around here, Volunteer Firemen have been known to do it for fun!

      2. ella funt says:

        I wonder if they’ll burn the whole city?????

    3. Terry says:

      Once upon a Midnight Dreary I was a Helicopter Pilot for a local TV news station,we could always depend on a fire in Passaic NJ to spark the interest of its viewers.
      So nothing has changed,If it burns or bleeds it LEADS.

    4. metsdada says:

      Now we are getting somewhere, The insurance companies should be the ones to pay for fire protection. Yes, they would add it to your insurance, but, now, you would not be paying for it in your taxes. I’m betting that the insurance companies can run the fire department much more efficiently than the state/city.

      1. Richard Hertz says:

        you think the governments are going to give up the tax money they already get for these services??? what grade are you in anyway? Only a child could believe such a thing.

    5. Beel Bix says:

      Everything is getting totally out of control. True, the govt needs the revenue to pay for all our nice services. The question is, do we really NEED all these services? $$ that go to public safety largely are predicated on fear. For example, I live in a rural community with a super low crime rate. BUT we have a full-time, multi-staffed police dept. Why? Because people are fearful.

      1. westriversd says:

        Why do the large fire trucks have to be at every fender bender? For potential fires or to wash down all of the “hazardous materials” leaking from the radiators?

        1. Firefighter says:

          Yes to both of those, and for the added reason that we don’t know whether people are injured or pinned in or not. Dispatch just tells us, “…light truck versus 18-wheeler, injuries reported.” This info is based on what whoever called it in said…if they think they saw injuries, then it’s dispatched that way until we can get some first responder eyeballs on it.

        2. thirstysven says:

          The large fire trucks have a wide variety of tools on them, from jaws of life to cribbing blocks to chain, rope, sledgehammers, AFFF foam, nozzles, extinguishers, etc; also they are handy for blocking lanes of traffic, serving as a barrier to protect responders from oncoming vehicles, which happens alot around curves, hills, at night, or inclement weather. The extra water being mainly for potential fires, which do spread to other vehicles and the side of the roadway, also for exposure protection, foam generation, rehab cooling, and yes, sometimes rinsing the road.

    6. Patriot says:

      So much for paying high taxes up there. this country is going to s–t. wait till they charge you to send an ambulance, or watch your house burn down because you did’t pay your taxes. Amerika. That’s the direction this is going.

      1. Chris,Esquire says:

        You must not have called an ambulance/EMS in the last 10 years, as they always charge, at least in any state I have had a case, which is about 15 or 20. The EMS bill used to be around $200.00, then about 3 years ago went to $400.00, and now most are going to $700 to $800 (doesn’t matter if they transport you to the hospital or not, you still get the bill, and if your insurance doesn’t cover it then you pay it, or it ruins your credit). Welkome to Amerika.

    7. Spliff says:

      Why do liberals think it’s OK to charge for emergency calls in the hundreds if not thousands of dollars, but it’s NOT OK for women to spend $12 of their own money on birth control pills each month?

      1. Patriot says:

        Because there Socialists? The only bad thing about Socialism, is eventually, you run out of other peoples money. North Jersey tax dollars go towards feeding your corrupt politicians.

      2. nydwarf says:

        Asking people to pay for these calls is not socialism it’s quite the reverse. The idea that your taxes go to pay for a PUBLIC fire department, PUBLIC police department etc is Socialism.

        1. Chris,Esquire says:

          No it’s not- a military, police force and fire/safety services are all widely accepted by every well known economist. Even Milton Friedman believed in the government handling these services (but not much of anything else). You can’t privatize these services without a multitude of problems. Lovers of the free market support taxes for government to provide these services, as opposed to taxes for the “dept. of energy” and other wasteful agencies.

    8. tramky says:

      Thjis guy Blanco is an idiot. He proposes filing claims to insurance companies for things that have NEVER been done before, and he then says it would be unethical for insurance companies to increase their rates. What a fool. What an idiot!

      Insurance companies calculate premiums based on risk–the risk that various things will occur, and the COSTS associated with those risks. So this town proposes to add more risk to insurance policies, and to increase the costs associated with the coverage. Of COURSE the premiums will be increased.

      Businesses NEVER pay the costs, the expenses, of the business; their customers do.

      These government clowns have NO clue how the real world works. It is Blanco and his idiotic ilk who is unethical–they lie through their teeth.

    9. chris says:

      This is just a way to stickit to Chris Christie. Sounds like a good plan, who pays if someone other than the owner calls thr FD. There shouldn’t be any out of control fires as a result. What if you dont have fire insurance in your auto insurance?

      1. Chris,Esquire says:

        Great point, what if someone else calls the fire dept., to report a fire in someone else’s car- does the caller pay the fee or the car owner? What if the far is only worth a fee hundred dollars and the fire “fee” is $600- isn’t cheaper to let it burn then call the FD? And if the FD is not called as a result, couldn’t it result in the fire spreading to other cars, trees, homes, etc? This proposed law is a horrible idea. Liberals have never met a tax they didn’t love. Since libs taxed cigs so high-to do away with them- why not tax everything that starts fires like matches, gas, grills, etc., so that we don’t have fire anymore, and then we don’t need fireman. They could also tax crime extremely high, so we wouldn’t need cops anymore. Such utter foolishness.

    10. JeffCat says:

      I think this is great. Maybe, we the people, will get back to policing ourselves and fending for our selves, that we will finally realize that WE THE PEOPLE have the power over our elicited officials. Over the very same elected officials that are more interested in self preservation than doing what’s right. GOD HELP AMERICA!!!!

    11. Guest says:

      This type of thing should be criminal. I especially love the part that people with insurance will not be billed. This rewards those that don’t carry insurance. Throw them all in jail

    12. klt says:

      Unless thing have changed in New Jersey…the telephone companies already charge a 911 fee which varies depending on your municipality…those of you living in NJ might want to check that out before you pay anymore.

  2. Blue says:

    If the citizens are required to pay for these severices, I believe we should be able to decline police response. The cops only make things worse.

    1. Klaus says:

      Americans should be allowed to “line item veto” so-called government “services” when they pay their taxes and reduce their taxes to zero if they choose. It has been proven 100% that government does not work and cannot work. Taxes are a complete waste of money, and government can’t do anything right. You’re on your own, no matter how much Big Brother says he’ll “protect” you.

      1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

        It’s a fantastic idea but would you care to guess how many nanoseconds it would take for the unions (esp police) to put a sign in your front yard announcing that you were on your own?

        1. Blue says:

          Please put the sign up, I personally don’t call 911. I take care of peoblems myself or call family, friends, ect.

          1. sandogbob says:

            When you see trouble approaching, dial 9-1-1. When trouble is there, dial 3-5-7.

      2. acrscout says:

        At the Federal Level, I have always found it comical how people wanting to “save money” always seem to want to spread that money around to everyone that may be a potential voter,, yet there is no basis in the Constitution for about 90% of what we pay taxes for, and the one that is repeatedly cited in the Constitution as a primary job of government, that being National Defense, it generally the area targeted for cuts, but welfare, foreign aid, block grants to states, economic government bailouts, none of which are allowed in the Constitution, never seemt to see any cuts at all. Which is why I have alsways doubted the competence of those in elected office.

        1. Spliff says:

          Good point, the Feds are charged with defending the Nation’s borders, delivering the mail, and keeping the states from screwing each other over.

          They fail miserably at all of it. And they expect us the think they run anything as complex as the healthcare market?

        2. Htos1 says:

          You are exactly correct.

      3. ed hoeger says:

        The best thing I ever got for my tax dollars is the trash picked up period. Other than that I`ve never needed their services or called them. Kinda like obama care, some people live their whole life with out ever visiting a doctor but they`ll be taxed for it soon wether you use these services or not. Maybe you should only pay when these services are used by you. That would surely cut down on waste? People tend not to waste their OWN money but politicians have no trouble wasting every one else`s.

  3. jackreddy says:

    Cacnel all union contracts; contract with the private sector for all services Use volunteers in all services possible; the council works for free from now on until all but only necessary services are provided and reduce property taxes commensurate with fee collection.

    No more business as usual.

    1. fred says:

      A Democrat controlled town. Volunteers are unwelcome in union controlled towns – can’t have that. NJ is a socialist basket case waiting to die…

    2. ImaHippyBurning says:

      Beautiful! I love it…

      1. Howard says:

        It is ALWAYS the liberal States and Communities which are inept at handling their finances. They have no concept of what fiscal responsibility is much less what it means.

        The idea of billing an insurance company because a policy holder makes a claim is about the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Despite what the Passaic morons think, that the insurance co. would simply raise their rates (they will of course), these companies may decide it is not worth the hassle to even write business in Passaic.

        Then you will see REAL problems.

    3. Fight your own Fire says:

      Volunteers? ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Are you going to leave your job for several hours at a time several times a day to provide fire suppression and paramedic service! I don’t freaking think so. The ammount you pay for 24/7 fire and police protection is very very very small. Maybe we need the conflagrations of the of the past to return to remind you just what firefighters do. I do agree that you should try to do it yourselves if you don’t want to pay. Good Luck!. Oh and the grade A morons that come with private sector employees. Just think security guard rent a cop. That is what you get with low paid employees doing a very important job.

      1. Joestable says:

        “Are you going to leave your job for several hours at a time several times a day to provide fire suppression and paramedic service! I don’t freaking think so.”
        Yes, I do and will continue to do so. Just because you are not willing to serve your community does not mean a majority of firefighters don’t, most US firefighters are volunteers.

      2. thirstysven says:

        “Volunteers? ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!” Thank you for this VERY intelligent comment. You, sir, are the eastern end of a westbound horse. As a 25 year vol. fireman I can attest to the fact that we are underpaid, and we happily do it anyway. Obviously, Mr. Fight your own Fire, you have no clue as to what is happening at most of the firehouses in this country, or on the fireground. If there were only someway to clue you in on the countless hours of training, preparation, refreshers, vehicle maintenance, patrols, communications, etc. not to mention a demanding fire suppression role that is performed at no cost to the taxpayers, all while instilling honor and virtue, courage and selfless dedication. You have a low opinion of volunteers, which highlights your ignorance. I suggest you go down to the firehouse and talk to some volunteers, and see if you can find out why they do it. You might learn something about the spirit of the free men that inhabit your country.
        To John Spiers and Joestable, thanks guys. See you at the next one.

        1. tramky says:

          Tjhere are a LOT of volunteer fire departments–and firefighters–around the country. But there are also fire departments like the one in Vallejo, California. At that fire department, which is manned by union firefighters, they are paid, on average about $100,000 per year, plus unbelievably generous benefits with retirement at age 50. Many firefighters are paid significantly more than $100,000 a year.

          It should be noted that Vallejo recently exited from Federal bankruptcy and will be going into gritty negotiations over the union contracts (with police,too, another union bastion). It’s going to be ugly–especially with the police union, whose chief & union leader is on record saying “We don’t care how many police officers you lay off, we want our money.” So Vallejo has a LOT of $130,000-a-year police officers. A few years ago one officer was paid over $400,000 due to overtime manipulation permitted under the City’s idiotic contract with the police union–you know, based on that thing called “collective bargaining”.

        2. Fightyourownfire says:

          With the amount of calls a busy city firehouse runs per day- even a smaller city- there is absolutely no way it could be staffed by ‘volunteers’ ha ha ha ha ha !
          Maybe in some rural district. But not in the cities where most of the People actually live and work. It is a FULL TIME JOB!!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha! Volunteers this horses a** is laughing at you!

          1. thirstysven says:

            Go ahead and laugh, sir. You don’t have to respect us, we will continue to do our jobs. Thanks for admitting you are a horse’s A**. That was manly of you.

      3. Ex Vol FF/EMT says:

        You clearly don’t know that in many areas the Fire Dept is staffed only by Volunteers.

      4. Ex Vol FF/EMT says:

        Your probably the guy that when I Fire Levy came up would yell at us, don’t you get paid enough as you walked into the polling booth next to Fire Station, not realizing we weren’t being paid at all, we were all Volunteering to save your sorry ass someday.

      5. Lexie says:

        You seem to be an angry fireman or cop, are you angry that everyone doesn’t worship the ground you walk on? Feeling a bit more badge heavy today? F-you.

    4. Fight your own Fire says:

      As a matter of fact- I outright challenge you to do it yourselves- I don’t think 99% of you have what it takes- Just do it, get rid of your paid firefighters-paramedics and police and provide those services for yourselves through volunteers and low paid non union employees with little to no benefits. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha good luck!!!!
      That will be fun to watch!

      1. John Spiers says:

        Over 70% of the firefighters in USA are volunteers. They leave their jobs for several hours each event. In cities, where things are denser, there would be as many volunteer firemen per capita as elsewhere. There are not several fires per day in a given district of a city. And there is no reason firemen should be doing paramedic service. Volunteer firefighting is do-able, because it is already done.

      2. Brian says:

        And exactly what makes you special? Anyone with a hose can put out a fire. Anyone with a gun can protect citizens.. And anyone who knows basic first aide can do what paramedics do. When the states go right to work, you will find out that anyone can do what you do. And they will, for less money and benefits. They’d be thankful just to have a job.

  4. CJay says:

    Sounds like Detroit east to me, is is past time to move.

  5. allness says:

    Do they now have to pay less taxes since this turned into a fee?

  6. jamal says:

    The Unions can’t save them? hahahaha

  7. Amazing. All the money these municipalities spend, yet they can’t even afford the most fundamental services the government is tasked to provide. You would think your taxes would pay for what people consider the most basic services that a government should provide. Nope. The judiciary cannot handle the caseload, people are now paying for trash collection aside from their taxes, and now we have to pay out of pocket for fire services. So what is it the government is spending money on again?

    1. hillary says:


      1. FedsTraitorsAndCIAExposed says:

        Someone should consider charging the federal government with treason for all the made up stories covering up the truth. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media after the coup and cover up. Even most of the comments online are financed with your tax dollars. Big brother is trying to create the perception of public opinion while burying the truth. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

        Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in world history.

    2. Howard says:

      After handing out the “free stuff” to all the welfare folks, there is nothing left with which to take care of the working folks who pay the taxes.

  8. BillCNC says:

    Hey,… maybe another tax break for the rich will solve this issue.

    1. t from nj says:

      oh yeah, passaic has rich people in it-it’s a democrap s—hole with every refuse imaginable

  9. ETEE says:

    The Insurance Co’s will apply to the State Insurance Commissioner for an increase in rates to cover these costs. If the State Insurance Commission does not approve the increases, the Insurance Co’s will pull out of the City. I live in South Central Louisiana. Hurricane Country. And this is exactly what has happened here due to the exorbitant claims paid to people in the New Orleans area and with Insurance Co’s being forced by the Federal Dot. Gov to pay for damages caused by water that was not insured under the National Flood Insurance Program.

  10. freecheese says:

    Northern New Jersey. The union-corrupt, democrat-ruled Stinky Armpit of The United States. They deserve what they voted for.

  11. Lil Nemo says:

    Just a historical note – When the “new” high school was built in the late 50’s, it was supposed to have a swimming pool and the auditorium was supposed to hold the entire student body. Unfortunately, the pool was eliminated and the auditorium size was halved in order to bring the project under a monetary cap. If it had exceeded the cap, the state would have been in control rather than the city. Therefore, the students were ripped off in order to keep the graft local. I was there – my father was the initial superintendent on the job. The original contractor was put out of business because he wasn’t willing to make the payments that were demanded.’

  12. DJH says:

    Wait a a minute – this leech thinks it would be unethical for insurance companies to pass those fees on to it’s consumers (Like every other business in the world) – but it’s not unethical for a cowardly politician to try to extort funds from insurance firms for services paid for by taxes – in other words, he wants a double dip.
    How exactly does the city have the authority or even the right to do this?

    Good luck with that, you’ll just see carriers drop coverage in this city and rightly so or more likely they’ll just laugh in your face and send it back to you.

  13. malice420dotcom says:

    How sad, Another looted American city by the City council, Mayor and friends.
    Now their chomping at the taxpayers for more money. They voted this corruption team in 2008. Maybe this November they’ll get it right.
    Had enough yet ?

  14. Scott says:

    “I feel that it would be unethical on their part,” Blanco said.
    LOL, charging the ins. co to pay for it is ETHICAL Blanco?

    How bout restructuring your pensions, or about a thousand different things to try and balance your budget

  15. whoeveriwant2b says:

    Now they can lay off half their 911 staff.

  16. jbspry says:

    Like there weren’t plenty of reasons not to live in Passaic already…

  17. CppThis says:

    Somewhere, in the nether world, M. Crassus is giggling wildly.

  18. ObamaIsGodAwful says:

    It sounds like it could be a very lucrative business if they can keep the volume up.

  19. Ralph says:

    A very small sap=mple of what our levels of govenrment allows when the spend and spend usnig taxes and funds for promises they can not keep and using funds for everything except what they were supposed to be spent on. Every level city,county, state, federal. None are being held with their feet to the fire.

  20. Philip Inuhoff says:

    $1000 seems dirt cheap to have a truck full of millionaires to show up at your house with one phone call.

  21. Joe says:

    as long as the sheep keep following without a fight(voting) then they will keep getting sheared…..

  22. Ed says:

    I think it is great idea. It is better than paying higher taxes and hopefully they will make everyone pay, rather they have money or not. I think everyone should be charged for an emergency that happens, I am.

  23. Bill Clinton says:

    Can we pay with 0bama$$$$ ?

  24. BMF says:

    And so exactly what were all those taxes for?

    Did the money go to unions? DId it go to pensions? Did it go to ten thousand other worthless programs?

    Why is it that every time budget cutting time comes around, it’s the police, hospitals, firefighing, medics, and social programs that are offered up first.

    Doesn’t it seem like cuts in all other unnecessary services should fall to the executioner’s ax first?

    But if they did that, then they wouldn’t be intimidating taxpayers that they are about to lose their public safey services while every non-pulbilc safety service remains funded.

    Wake up people. They are playing you for fools.

  25. James Andrews says:

    Only billing when someone has insurance and no charge when they don’t is called insurance fraud.

    Insurance is to pay a bill the insured would normally pay if they don’t have insurance. Only billing if you have insurance means there is normally no charge. That makes it fraud.

  26. Leith Cassone says:

    It always amazes me… If I run out of money I just spend less. When government runs out the answer is to create a scheme to tax more…

    Cut the salaries, union deals, and don’t worry about the cash in my pocket… I’d rather spend that on goods/services that put people to work and stimulate the economy.

  27. d says:

    Mr Miyagi say best way to avoid punch…not be there. Get out as soon as you can. The NE is old, broken, and cronyistic. The other peoples money they are using to keep their broken machine running for the benefit of few, is yours. There are better places to be.

    1. Chrisiv says:

      Its all Republicans fault. They don’t want to pay taxes. Oil companies want subsidies. Foxnews, Limbaugh, ATM machine, Tsunami, talk-radio, wall street, big Pharma, big insurance, and now george zimmeran – they are all to be blame. Oh I forgot Bush and Cheney.
      Obama is the greatest. He stands for liberalism. Let’s get Texas to pay. Afterall we are one country united, under Obama, the Messiah.

      1. proudnot2bliberal says:

        Dont forget airpot kiosks!…
        of course those who watch PMSnbc will have no clue what we’re talking about

  28. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    Emergency Cost
    One Alarm: $529.99
    Two Alarm: $779.99
    Three Alarm: $1500.00
    Four Alarm: $5000.00
    Five Alarm: Just let the house burn.

    1. keith Parsels says:

      Just what I was thinking, Let it burn.

  29. William says:

    Sure, pass the buck to the insurance companies. They’ll just raise the rates on everyone with a policy in the area. They can dress it up however they like, but this is still a tax.

  30. footballislife1962 says:

    Soooo, if a car is on fire in a garage is that gonna be $1600.00. Just askin’

  31. Gringo With Legs says:

    Don’t be a fool stuck with an immovable house and defenceless against spiraling property taxes, fees, overpriced insurance, assessments, lawsuits and UN-mandated environmental restrictions. With no jobs and trillions in debt the U.S. will be in severe decline for decades to come.

    Opt out! Sell the depreciating house, get rid of credit cards, auto loans, 401K and go all cash with long term savings in physical gold, silver and lead. Buy property overseas, use a forex account to get your money out. Get second passport. Learn another language.

  32. timbo says:

    Start a private fire department. That’s the way it used to be. If what you have is broken replace it that used to be the American Way with public servants.

  33. timbo says:

    10 residents need to band together and complete a CAFR analysis or find a proven expert. Most cities have hidden 10k’s, 100ks even millions. Time fore citizens to get a property tax and sales tax removal too. No services = no taxes

    1. Moe says:

      Amen Brother! No Service. No Tax! As a matter of fact stop spending except for essentials and watch their tax revenue go in the dumper. If they want to rape the tax payer with abuse and fraud, then shut off the supply of money.

  34. Peter007 says:

    I looked up teh 7 highest paid employees for the city of Passaic and 6 out of the top 7 are Fire Department employees each averaging over $150,000/ year

    1. Dope and Chains says:

      Same here. $258,000 top salary in a town of under 10K peeps. And they want a new levy passed or we’re all going to die if they get stuck with the current budget.

      (initial comment censored by See BS)

    2. muhammad X. Cheeks says:

      and they will retire with massive lifetime pensions and benefits, while the ave social security check in america is only $1177.00/month, IS THAT FAIR????

    3. dries says:

      60% of Passaic tax levy go toward payroll & benefits of city employees. Amazing in a town of nearly 40K, with shabby public service.

      Blanco gave 56K as a parting gift to his buddy busted by Hoboken police for driving drunk on wrong side of the road, with drugs in open, in a city owned vehicle.

  35. gman says:

    I’ll bet anything that the Mayor is a Democrat and that most of the city is run by Democrats.

    Whenever you see stories like this about cities in dire need of money it is usually democrat run cities.

    1. proudnot2bliberal says:

      in the LIEberal north east? who would have thunk it a bankrupt city run by dems??

    2. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      Congratulations, you win “anything”.

  36. Jerzey Boy says:

    I know! Let’s just raise property taxes, yea, that’ll fix it!~

  37. muhammad X. Cheeks says:

    people might have thought that the taxes they were paying was for fire service. the were mistaken, the taxes they pay are to pay the salaries and luxury pensions of the unions, the unions that contribute to the democrat party, so that the democrats will keep paying the union salaries and luxury pensions so that the unions can keep contributing to the democrats,
    see how it works?

  38. Benderdondat says:

    As with every time the cost goes up, the lowest on the totem pole ppays for it. The insurance co will merely raise the rates the owner will raise the rent the renter will merely raise the price for the product Screw the consumer.

  39. Free Willy says:

    Can’t you hear it now….
    911 operator: “Ok, house fire at 123 Main Street, will that be Visa or Mastercard…sorry we don’t take American Express”

  40. TexanPatriot says:

    It’s not fair that the uninsured don’t have to pay.
    They should pay and pay hard!

  41. Vance Herlingger says:

    Time to start an investigation into the finances of Passaic and all that work for them. A forensic audit could turn up all kinds of money that has been improperly spent making these charges unnecessary.

    If so, people will be going to jail and wish they had never mention this tyranny.

    Have a great day. ===

  42. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    Seems like an empty threat; as the depression rages on we’re running out of houses worth more than $1000 and cars worth more than $600…

  43. copyeditor says:

    “Aid” is spelled wrong

    1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      Another NEA / UFT moment…

    2. Glenn says:


  44. Bob in Alpharetta says:

    the mayor saying it would be “unethical” if the insurance cos raised rates to cover his estimated $200,000 is incredible. Very much like Obama wanting to increase oil co taxes by $4 Billion…as if that $4B would not actually be paid at the pump.

  45. Robert says:

    Passaic is a Puerto Rican city.

    1. Bravo says:

      yea and you can have it!!!! I’ll take the suburbs anytime!!!

  46. Klonkey says:

    Every NJ town has lost state aid. The responsible towns are cutting back, not punishing the taxpayers (what few are left, as Passaic is just a step up from Detroit.)

  47. Jeff says:

    Why don’t a few city administrators step down to make up the difference? It will save the city a lot of money. They’d rather the taxpayer make up the difference. For that amount of money, you could get your private police service and fire help. The absurdity of government…

  48. Greg says:

    Insurance policies will just go up to cover the costs. “No fee would be levied for those without insurance.” This is a comedy skit right?

    1. Don says:

      No – just that liberalism is an illness ….

  49. Greta says:

    I agree RJG, this is ridiculous. Why don’t we cut legislative pay and perks instead? Why does the average person always have to suffer for government ineptitude?

    1. cg says:

      Demand a forensic audit of all expenditures and those spending the taxpayer’s money …. bet you will find all kinds of stuff.

    2. Howard says:

      WE will suffer as long as we allow these idiot politicians to rip us off. Anyone who cannot see the danger and disaster which is heaped on hard working people by liberals in office is truly brain dead.

      Every single State in America which is heavily in debt is run by Democrats and the ones showing surpluses and very small deficits are all run by Conservatives. One State, Missouri has completely fixed it’s illegal alien problem which is a source of huge money drain in States and cities which allow them. Missouri has passed laws to ensure illegals get NO Welfare, NO educational benefits, NO medical benefits, in short they get not one PENNY of tax payer money and because of this they stay away.

      Passaic and other NJ towns are havens for these people and as long as it is allowed these problems will get worse.

  50. RJG says:

    Don’t taxes already pay for this? Sounds like double-dipping.

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