NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Police say a man arrested for jumping the turnstile at a PATH train station had a gun loaded with hollow-point bullets.

Port Authority spokesman Al Della Fave says Port Authority officers Matt Vogelman and Pat Carroll were on duty at the 14th Street station around 4:30 a.m. Friday when they saw a man jumping the turnstile.

The officers noticed a bulge in the man’s waistband. Police say the man tried to flee, but the officers grabbed him.

Della Fave says the man had a .40-caliber Smith & Wesson handgun loaded with hollow-point bullets.

“It’s amazing that an individual carrying that kind of weapon would choose to jump a turnstile,” Della Fave told 1010 WINS.

The suspect, 36-year-old Rubin Sanabria, was arrested on charges including resisting arrest, weapon possession and theft of service.

“Every gun we’re able to get off the street is a victory,” said Della Fave. “These two officers are to be credited. They followed their training perfectly, gaining control of the individual quickly so that he never resorted to the weapon or even had a chance of getting it out.”

Sanabria was awaiting arraignment Friday.

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  1. DanTe says:

    Let’s pass more laws to ban illegal guns. Or is that ban banned guns. Or is that a double negative. Oh well, logic was never a strong suite of lib T A RD S.

  2. Robert Moses says:

    One more reason to ban all public transportation.

  3. Yeah baby ... says:

    “It’s amazing that an individual carrying that kind of weapon would choose to jump a turnstile,” Della Fave told 1010 WINS.

    Thats why they are criminlas.

  4. Deibon Snook says:

    Elsie Kay is correct- criminals and cops have guns, while normal decent folks can’t legally own them in the city. I am sure there would be a lot less crime if ordinary folks had guns – then the criminals would be afraid…

    1. The Facts says:

      One can easily obtain handgun licenses for home protection or business protection in New York City. You will not be able to carry on the street unless you obtain a full carry license which is only issued to those deemed to be at extreme risk. This is how it has been for over a hundred years. There appears to be no political will to change it.

      1. The REAL Facts says:

        Have you applied for a gun license?

        Here’s a Hint: If you have to LIE to make your point, than maybe, just maybe, you have No point.

        1. The Facts says:

          No lie. Personal experience. Await your apology.

          1. Facts are Facts. says:

            Ah, more lies. Why don’t you describe the gun license process than? And than try to tell us that the fascists in NY makes it easy to defend yourself.

            1. The Facts says:

              Please feel free to visit Room 152, One Police Plaza, New York, NY 10038, and then tell us all of your experience. Advise you to be civil while there.

  5. NYCsewer says:

    How is this news the NYPD does this everyday on the subway

  6. VY says:

    Anyone with hollow point bullits should have any jail time trippled, just for having those type of bullits.

    1. Nick says:

      So they should all carry FMJ so that it can ricochet around like crazy? And go through walls better?

    2. Joel says:

      You don’t know much about guns or ammunition, do you VY?

      1. Joel says:

        …or spelling, for that matter.

  7. Peter says:

    Can you say highly intelligent !!!!

  8. Dan Te says:

    Guns should be banned.

    1. Elsie Kay says:

      they are..(banned) only cops and crooks (I include politicians) have handguns in NYC

    2. DanTe says:

      I see the twerp with the hard on for me is still working at CBS. Still too ashamed to post under your name instead of my great one?

  9. Elsie Kay says:

    I would not go into the city @ 0430 without a loaded gun, and since I dont own one, the solution is simple….

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