Speculation Over Possible 2016 White House Run Sure To Run Rampant

JERUSALEM (CBSNewYork) — Chris Christie arrived in Israel on Monday, his first trip abroad as governor of New Jersey.

Christie said the visit is deeply personal, but it will also burnish his foreign policy credentials. It could even help him win re-election and help him enormously if he runs for president, CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer reports.

It’s hard to tell which picture of Gov. Christie in Israel is more compelling, the man placing both hands on the sacred Wailing Wall with his eyes closed in silent contemplation and then praying out loud with a Hebrew-English prayer book, or the one of him walking around with a yarmulke — a Jewish skullcap — on his head with the words “Governor Christie” embroidered on the back.

“This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time,” Christie said.

Although the images and the political implications for a 2016 presidential run, perhaps, were overwhelming, the governor swept aside such speculation in typical Christie style.

“Anything I do fuels speculation for a future bid. When I wake up in the morning it fuels speculation for a future bid. So I can’t worry about that,” Christie said.

Still, the fact that people from all over the country recognized him was not lost on the GOP star.

“The good thing about that is that there must be some people out there in my state and in my country who think that I’m doing some things that are worthwhile, and if that’s the case I’ll put up with the speculation in return for their admiration,” Christie said.

Pundits say the trip will help Christie with the critical Evangelical Christian vote, and he played to that audience, too.

“It’s certainly powerful to walk on Holy Week in the same places that Jesus Christ walked, extraordinarily powerful,” Christie said.

The governor introduced his wife and kids to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before talking about the Iranian nuclear threat and other issues.

“This is you’re first foreign visit as governor, really?” Netanyahu asked.

Christie responded by saying, “Yes, it is.”

“Well, you chose the right place,” Netanyahu said.

The governor posed with babies and got a kiss from a Teaneck, N.J. woman who now lives in Jerusalem.

“I am a staunch supporter of Christie, 150 percent, and I look forward to the day when he will not only be Governor Christie but President Christie,” Paula Markowitz said.

Of course, a number of things have to fall into place for Christie to run for president in 2016. First, President Barack Obama has to win re-election. Then, Christie has to win re-election as governor next year.

Christie will visit Jordan before returning home.

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  1. Natisha says:

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  2. Mikeybklyn says:

    Another Goyim appeaser. He’s straight?

  3. Curly Sideburns says:

    What I don’t look foolish to you in all these insane clothes and sideburns? I think next we install pinwheel on top of hat to make the wheezy noises!

    Join my cult…we freak out when we touch women
    its fun
    never hanging out with anyone but your cult pals

  4. Mohammed says:

    I will make the slap across his mouth and have the taste of gefilte leave his mouth in the very same instant!

    1. otaycec says:

      Spoken like a true follower of the killer Mohammed.

    2. otaycec says:

      Spoken like a true follower of the murderer Mohammed.

  5. LazyUnionWorker says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder

    1. Rodin says:

      Can you come up with something original or, at least, valid, Parrot?

      1. RodinEatsStool says:

        That comment is correct scrotum, er rodin

        1. Rodin says:

          Those without arguments insult.

    2. otaycec says:

      Actually, liberalism is a combination of autism and Turetz Syndrome. Liberal have limited truth to the nature of their feelings. “I feel this is true, therefore I must be right.” When you disagree with them, they spew vile platitudes, and strings of insults decorated with a multitude of profanity, hence the Turetz.

  6. otaycec says:

    This is clearly a vast right-wing conspiracy. If you look closely where Christie was praying, there is a hole in the wall with a very tiny microphone. He was giving the coordinates for the location of Elvis Presley, who is purportedly being held by a clone of Joseph McCarthy in a Gaza surf shop. A Beach Boys retro will be coming out with an album, and if Barak Obama plays it backward, he will find out where his real birth certificate has been hidden.

    1. dsdd says:

      You’re right about the hole in the wall … a glory hole.

  7. Rodin says:

    Courting the Zionist lobby? Perhaps he should stay there.

    1. Rodin says:

      …and I thought Jews abhorred pigs.

      1. you should know,your an idiot says:

        pigs and bigots……………genius

  8. Jim says:

    After reading some of these comments I need to go wash out my eyes. Some of you people are spending way too much time with conspiracies and paranoia. You have murder in your hearts. Please, understand you are not well, you need help. This is no way to live.

  9. guren says:

    I believe that a down payment for ownership of the next generation of Washington Politicians has been made. and the Purchase Contract gone over.

  10. Wake up America says:

  11. Ed From PA says:

    I thought manatees only lived in Florida, but I guess they have a colony up in NJ now. Wish I had this guy in my platoon so I could have taught him some self-respect and discipline., both with what goes in his mouth, and what comes out of it.

    1. radicaltruth says:

      silly Ed… you know as well as I do that plenty of the commanding officers exude the same sharpness and demand for competence that Christie does. your personal attack reveals more about your own character than his.

  12. 1776 says:

    Just another NeoCON, Globalist shill showing allegiance to the z10n1sts. These NeoCONs are under the thumb of AIPAC.

    1. Jim says:

      Apparently Adolf is alive and well and living in your head. Get your Siphlis treated.

  13. Martin Kellogg says:

    ‘Judaism Yes, Zionism No’: Ultra-Orthodox Jews march against Israel

    Please explain this FactsRule you liar.

    1. Shecky Raphaelson says:

      Excellent, true and most people have no idea … now they do thanks to FactRule’s insistence on lying and posting Bull doo doo.

      Thanks again, now we know the difference between Prophets and profits.

    2. chobers says:

      These dopes do not represent Judaism. They are from the Kukamonga wing of the religion.

      1. The Real Facts says:

        It’s over FactsRule … umm chobers. Just as you will loose all in the end. Between the USS Liberty, 9/11, the King David Hotel, Cast Lead and dozens of other murderous attacks by Israel, everyone knows who and what you are … fake. But your death and destruction is real.

        1. chobers says:

          Yeah, we’ll all “loose” in the “end.” I complement you on “your” choice of word’s.

      2. Arlen Cuttings says:

        Nice to see some degenerate name chobers is the spoke’s person for the religion. You must be an important person ….lol.

        1. chobers says:

          I am the grand choad, if you must know.

      3. yourmom says:

        Actually, they are not from the “kukamonga” wing, yes, they may be ultraorthodox, but in reality, Hasidic Jews follow scripture from the Old Testament more strictly and, i guess, accurately than any other Jewish sect or Christian sect for that matter. For example, in Leviticus, it says a man may not touch his wife during, and a week after her menstrual cycle; and Hasidic jews stick by this. I’m not saying it’s the right thing, or the wrong thing, but if anything, they’re the opposite of kukamonga; they’re sticking true to the OT.

        1. chobers says:

          Only nutcase Jews would recommend that the Jews leave Israel. I don’t care what book it’s in.

        2. Sheesh Wudda Moron says:

          Naturei Karta are not Chasidic. Shows how much you know.

    3. sk says:

      speaking as an orthodox jew myself, this group is known as Naturei Karta they don’t represent any orthodox group. Thye don’t represnt Judiasm altogether! Most orthodox rabbis have criticized NK and have expressed no affiliation withthis groupi. the lieral media is not afn of orthox jews but they love showing this “chasidic” group only becaus ethey are anti-isreal!

  14. EasterBunny says:

    j-ws run the media

    1. chobers says:

      What’s wrong with that? Christians run a lot of things, too. I don’t see you complaining.

  15. Bruce says:

    Bro you not from princeton nor did you go.

  16. tom Dee says:

    I do not see this trip doing anything to lower my property taxes. This trip should never have happened because Christie promised that his number one item was to lower the property taxes. I also would like to note that he also has not funded the disability accounts so that those disabled do not get clobbered by lose of the disability support provided by law. I am sore sure if he wanted to talk the rich people of Israel to give up some of the massive aid provided to them by the US Taxpayers. No matter what I wish the Christie would stay in Israel because he clearly does not help me

    1. Sheesh Wudda Moron says:

      Christie isn’t allowed to vacation in Israel without being criticized? He is a human and arguably the most rotund governor in New Jersey’s history.

  17. FactsRule says:

    Who cares

    1. Sean Manning says:

      Hey liar with no facts …. here’s some facts for you.

      Treason by Members of the United States Congress

  18. Raymond Leslie says:

    Poltics is show business for ugly people.

  19. Art VanDohlay says:

    “Christie Treated Like Rock Star In Israel…” We can only hope that they keep him there … he is a cancer to America’s middle class.

  20. Morton Vero says:

    “The Israeli Lobby owns the Congress, media, Hollywood, Wall Street, both political parties, and the White House. This kind of talk will get people fired by this lobby, as we have seen recently with White House correspondent Helen Thomas and CNN anchor Rick Sanchez. However, many Americans are growing tired of the arrogance of the Israel Lobby and their bigoted attitudes toward anyone who challenges their influence-peddling and their ridiculous insistence that Israel must be supported because of some ancient fairy tales involving some tribes who wandered the deserts of the Middle East and saw and heard non-existent things because of sun stroke, drinking bad water, and smoking local hallucinogenic plants.”
    – Wayne Madsen

    1. Richard Ellis says:

      Classic Wayne: Ron Paul 2012.

    2. joseph smith says:

      You’re an asshole.

      1. Glen Garry says:

        They never refute the truth with facts, because they can’t and always revert to degeneracy. Please keep showing all that we’re correct and you’re just another enabler of death, destruction and lies.

        1. chobers says:

          Glen: Time for you to move to Gaza. They need useful idiots like you.

          1. Glen Garry says:

            Why would I move to a place that you kill people everyday? When you’re gone it will be safe.

            1. chobers says:

              You mean the “Palestinians,” who stab children and old ladies in Israel every day? Yup, it’ll be much better when they’re gone, back to Egypt and Jordan from whence they came. Remember: Arabs are from Arabia; that’s why they’re called “Arabs.”

              1. Rodin says:

                Are you of the “Palestinians are an invented people” persuasion? Must be Republican.

    3. FactsRule says:

      Everything your wrote and believe clearly intimates you are the one who’s been downin’ acid, you misinformed creep.

      1. Sean Manning says:

        You have no facts, liar.

    4. you should know,your an idiot says:

      That’s incredible,when you consider that Jewish people ,make up less than two percent of the total US population……….

      1. Rodin says:

        “What counts is not necessarily the size of the Dog in the fight – but it’s the size of the fight in the Dog.” ~ DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER

        Size means nothing. What percentage of the population does the NRA consist of and they too are a dominating force in politics.

        “Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . .. I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.” – ARIEL SHARON

  21. Tom says:

    Christie is a zionist shill……………………….

    1. Kello says:

      Bebe is a war criminal that should be arrested.

    2. chobers says:

      Tom is a worm from under a rock.

  22. roger judkins says:

    Willy, where art thou? It’s a dull night here and I kinda like your blather. You haven’t given up and gone back under your rock have you?

  23. Tak D. Muzzleoff says:

    God Bless Gov. Christie and Ben Netanyahu…

    1. roger judkins says:

      Man, I’d love to turn Christie and Bibi loose on all those ragheads. Kick ass!

      1. Lawrence says:

        Iran Bashing, Terrorism and Who Chose The Chosen People, Anyway?

        1. roger judkins says:

          Wild Willy did!

        2. Dr. Wellington Baxter says:

          Brilliant, spot on and they need to be branded the war criminal fascist murderers that they have always been. 98% of the people that call themselves Jews are as Jewish as Sammy Davis Jr, They are fake Jews that have no Semitic connections to Semitic peoples. Go look it up. The have killed many and ruined it for the real Jews that will tell you that Israel has no business being a nation until their prophet appears, as opposed to the ones that already have their ‘profit.’

          1. FactsRule says:

            You are a sub-vermin, mass-murdering coward. Give back your land from whoever you stole it from, Baxter, you puke. You’re not a fake, you’re just a demon posing as human, but acting like the insect you are. Go spew your vile hate to the mother who taught it to you.

            1. Jeb Burton says:

              More lies from the liar FactsRule … enjoy some more reality and facts.

              You can tell by his replies he has nothing but ad hominem attacks, just as he did in high school. Please keep posting as I have tons to refute lie you say.

              Hate Comes to Orange County

        3. Carol Tandy says:

          Somebody named G_d, Yahweh.

  24. William says:

    You are REJECTING Jesus if you are ACCEPTING Judaism.
    The “rapture” Prophets for PROFIT are ANTI-Christ DEATH CULTISTS. God/Jesus put you in this LIFE to learn “soul lessons”, to increase your consciousness to the point of Redemption. Hagee and his Ilk REJECT the LIFE God gave you, and dangle a “shortcut” in front of people, just as SATAN dangled Temptation in front of Jesus. Do not follow the ANTI-Christ lies of FALSE prophets. Their “shortcut” of cheating God’s lessons does NOT lead to Heaven, any more than cheating on school work teaches you the subject. Hagee, Robertson, the whole group, do NOT believe in anything except the MONEY they collect for leading their Flocks astray.
    If millions of christians want war then, quite frankly, they are not following Christ. His kingdom is not of this world. And “he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword.” Sorry, warmongers, you mistake another for your Lord. “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they are the children of God.” And “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.” And “Love your enemies; do good to them that persecute you.” So who are these so-called christians and their leaders following? Who is this god of war?
    The ESSENCE of Judaism is vengence. The ESSENCE of CHRISTianity is forgiveness. Never the two can meet.
    “Judeo-Christian” is an OXYMORON. WAR-God vs PEACE-God. The Old Testament followers worship a WAR GOD and spend their lives hating, reliving every imagined slight, and dreaming of VENGENCE ….. “NEVER FORGIVE and NEVER FORGET” …. they still go on about Egypt and Babylon after MILLENIA. New Testament followers (are supposed to) worship a loving, forgiving God, and to CLOSE the Old Testament, as it has been FULLFILLED by the Crucifixion of Jesus. If you are following the OLD Testament you ARE NOT and CANNOT be a CHRISTian.

    1. Bob says:

      Are you sure you’re not Tim Tebow?

      1. roger judkinsd says:

        Sure seems like so, Bob. He’s way off target…

    2. Jeff says:

      Religious fanatacism is for people whose minds are too feeble to process the complexities of modern life, so they look for solutions in a heavily edited book of allegorical fairy tales. The minute someone starts spouting scriptural nonsense, any pretense of a loogical argument goes out the window. The sooner religious cults are pushed out of politics and back into their tax free houses of worship, the better society will be. The cultists forget that billions of people don’t give a flying fig about the water walker.

      1. Mencken Baken says:

        “For centuries, theologians have been explaining the unknowable in terms of the-not-worth-knowing.” ~ H. L. Mencken

        911 essentials dot com

      2. FactsRule says:

        Religion stopped slavery & fought for civil rights.You can’t lump Judaism with other religions. Judaism has tens of thousands of books written over a 2,000 year period with nothing but questions & answers, knowledge of everything in the world, & the encouraging of the maximum amount of human & scientific growth. Ancient marble enclosed rooms & surgical instruments have been unearthed in Israel. If the damn non-Jewish world would not have spent most of its time trying to murder all of the Jews we’d be far, far more advanced. Some of the top scientists in the world today are observant Jews. You know nothing of the beyond infinite wisdom God gave the Jewish people, yet you write as if you’re an expert. All you have is arrogant presumptuousness, something not at all unusual among secularist wackos.

        1. Jason Buskirk says:

          Keep posting your crap and lies .. it’s hysterical to watch you melt down.

          Please explain this Mr. Facts that has none but just spews BS.

          Loss of Liberty: Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty, that killed 34, wounded 171

    3. Dr Christian Chan says:


    4. roger judkins says:

      Please, just go away!

    5. roger judkins says:

      Got one word of Scipture for you Willy – PRAISE THE LORD AND PASS THE AMMUNITION!

    6. Frank says:

      Read your Bible. Replacement theology is a man-made philosophy. Jews first and then the Gentiles. Paul said that gentiles were grafted in. Jesus is the fulfilment of Judeaism. The prmoises made to the Jews (The Abrahamic and Daviid Covenenants) were not all fulfilled and we know that God is not a liar and doesnotbreakhis promises. The “Blessed Hope” and Glorious appearing are in fact 2 separate events. The Greek uses the work EK which is a conjunction equivilant of “and”. There are numerous mentions of the Harpazo and the word rapture is not in the Bible because “rapture” is a form of the Latin Vulgate for Raptura which was the translation used for the Greek word “Harpazo”. It takes a lot of study to be informed about the Rapture. Many people shoot it down without actually studing the Word as good Bereans should. I spent extensive time researching this myself and I am confident in it. It is not escapism as many allude to. Check out for yourself or you can read more here: http://outastep99.hubpages.com/hub/The-Rapture-Part-1-In-the-Twinkling-of-an-Eye

      In addition, God did not put us here to invrease our conciousness…. Jesus was not a Budhist or a New Ager. He died for our sins because we can not keep His law. So “He who was without sin became sin for us.” The Old Testament is not a closed book as you may believe. Jesus himself said, Not one Jot or Tittle of the law will be forgotten or fulfilled. There is more information in the Old Testament than you can possibly ever know. As Chuck Missler says, “The Bible is an integrated message system from outside our time domain” and he is spot on. There are mysteries in the OT that are amazing to discover and there isno possible way to discover those mysteries if you close the book. No other book on the planet can compare to the mysteries revealed by the Holy Spirit to those who Love God’s Word. It is not in the Bible for looks. Read the last passage of Revelation. It pertains to the entire 66 books of the Bible. Put down the tray and stop picking and choosing which parts of the Bible are relevant. It is all relevant if you are led by the Holy Spirit. Those who critisize other Christians for their walks need to evaluate their own. One who lives in a glass house shouldn’t throw stones.

      1. Naan Wooldridge says:

        People who believe in god are delusional. People who believe god talks to them are mentally ill. People who act on the messages from their unseen friend are psychotic and may be dangerous.

      2. FactsRule says:

        Christianity is its own religion. It’s most fundamental beliefs are not based in Judaism. It is very far from a ‘fulfillment of Judaism.’ That claim is like claiming that Islam is a fulfillment of Christianity. God’s many promises to gather the Jewish people from around the world will be fulfilled in His time. The idea that God goes to the trouble of sharing His will and wisdom, the Torah, written in a code that only the Jews are given the key, gives His specifically chosen people all of the lifestyle laid down, & then would for some unknown reason decide that everything He has shared that He believes in cannot be fulfilled, so a man has to die to solve that is completely absurd. Then it starts, all of the mistranslations, like in order to have a virgin birth the word that means “a young woman” magically becomes “a virgin,” even though the reference is hundreds of years away from this Jesus character. You are right about what you refer to as the old testament when you recognize that there’s God inside. This is very easily proven, completely unlike any other book that was ever created. The Jews were given its interpretations & explanations along with it; otherwise, it’s a nonsensical book. With the Jewish explanations every bit of it makes perfect sense.

        1. Allen Renfro says:

          You’re one delusional nutcase that the deeper you dig the more crap you shovel to the surface. Please keep posting your fairy-tales. it’s really quite fun to see you make it up as you go.

    7. Carol Tandy says:

      You present sooooo much misunderstanding. Sigh!

    8. FactsRule says:

      Any good in Christianity came from Judaism. All you have are lies about Judaism & Jews. Meanwhile, you judge a tree by its fruits. The fruits of Christianity for almost 2,000 years were pogroms, mass-murder, auto da fe’s, evil artwork that still floods museums, Inquisitions, & a nice little Holocaust. Christians go on about those who killed their christ, mass-murdering towns & villages for 2,000 years, & you accuse Jews of being war mongers & haters when they have never been either. You, like all Christians, cherry pick. Here are some lovely Christian verses that have caused millions to be tortured & murdered for thousands of years: Jesus: “I have not come to bring peace on Earth, but a sword. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.” “Resist not evil.” Btw, burned any ‘witches’ lateley, Billy?

      1. Karren Holinngsworth says:

        Quote some more from the book written by half crazed monks … you’re so transparent and a liar. bla bla bla

        Here’s some more truth just as the others are posting. You and your fake team are so done as no one believes anything you liars say.

    9. 1776 says:

      Well stated William. Das juden broke their convenant with God, and Christians became the “chosen” people (embracing Christ the Savior). These zio-“Christians” are apostate.

    10. chobers says:

      William: Christianity is a sin. It breaks the First Commandment. “I am the Lord thy God. Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” God doesn’t have any relatives. God is not a couple of sticks on the wall. God is not a statue. Christians are idol worshippers. Now how’s that grab ya?

      1. womanwithin says:

        An “idol” is anything or ‘god’ that man makes up in his own mind. The Bible describes the One True God, Yaweh, the God of the Jews and also the God of the Christians. We are brothers, but not twins. Jesus was a Jew and we joyfully acknowledge that, and it is one of the reasons for our love of Israel and the Jewish people. We feel a great loyalty to them. One day they will have all the land that God originally promised to Abraham, and at that time “our” Messiah will sit on the throne, and he will rule with a “rod of iron” so I suggest you get used to the idea before it is too late.

        1. chobers says:

          I’ll buy that.

          1. Rodin says:

            I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn!

        2. Rodin says:

          So Yaweh was invented by man “in his own mind” and the Babble/Quran/Torah written by a bunch of illiterate, delusional nomads roaming the desserts of the Middle East suffering heatstroke.

          “I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.” ~ STEPHEN HENRY ROBERTS

    11. you should know,your an idiot says:

      So what came first,the chicken or the egg…………was Christ a jew? you betcha

      1. Rodin says:

        Christ never was, not a shred of evidence substantiating a historical Jesus anywhere. That’s why the mythologists invented the Ascension, they had to get explain doubts about his fabled existence and lack of factual evidence so they created that fairytale to cover the first. Actually, the historical record suggests that most everything from the Roman census and the slaughter of the innocents allegedly ordered by Herod on is a publicist’s contrivance.

        The Babble/Torah/Quran was the creation of illiterate lunatic nomads roaming the deserts of the Middle East.

    12. you should know,your an idiot says:

      So let me get this right, Jesus was Jewish, so he worshipped the War God,but his disciples were not,and they worship the Peace God,yet we have been involved in two world wars, a civil war, the crusades,and historically a war or two or three in every century post Christianity………………can you please explain that to us William! ?

  25. damarv says:

    It’s never too early to be a good Jew boy, if you want to move up. And what does this do for the good people of NJ whom he represens?

    1. William says:

      Remember “MASTERBLASTER” from “Beyond Thunderdome”? THAT is the Israeli/USA relationship. Israel openly brags in their “bible” about doing the exact same thing to Egypt (Joseph) and Babylon (Esther). It is their parasitic behavior. Pick out a huge power, attach yourself to it and squeeze all NON-Tribal Members out of authority through “SURVIVOR” tactics. They BRAG about …. read the bible, don’t WAVE it.

      1. roger judkins says:

        Throttle back, Willy, trip your flaps and ease her down the runway. When you stop, take a d e e p breath…

  26. walter12 says:

    The American Jew, usually a leftist, prides himself as being so smart. But their support and promotion of this monster Obama is just plain stupid. This Obama would sell his soul to win the election and maybe already has. He would definitely sell out Israel in a heart beat.

    1. mark says:

      walter- I doubt you pride yourself on being so smart! Or even mildly smart, or even smart at all. You may want to consider remaining quietly, well … quiet. It’s probably better fro everyone, but especially good for you.

    2. Bob says:

      What in the world does Obama have to do with this article, you flaming idiot?!

    3. FactsRule says:

      He already sold them out when he leaked last week that Israel was going to use Azerbaijan for their airplanes. Obomber will get the smallest % of the “Jewish” vote in history. Even quite a few of these brainwashed Liberals who know nothing about their Judaism can’t vote for this destructive incompetent.

    4. chobers says:

      walter12: You are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT.

      —an American Jew

  27. John says:

    Omar the tent maker is salivating.

  28. Schmellma Arss says:

    New Jersey governor eats Israeli prime minister. Oy ve! Is that kosher? Pork eats Jew????

  29. Bob says:

    I wonder if my tax dollars paid for his wife and children to accompany him on this “official” visit. No, I really don’t wonder.

    1. William says:

      Your tax dollars pay for Israel, so if Israel picked up the tab …. YOU did. Your tax dollars pay for Universal Healtthcare in Israel. YOU cannot have it, but YOU pay for THEIRS.

      1. roger judkins says:

        Ah Willy. The truth comes out. Universal healthcare? Why you’re just a flaming liberal in sheep’s clothing!

      2. FactsRule says:

        Israel’s a bargain. 85% of what we give them gets spent here. Then, Israel doesn’t charge us for all of things they give us, like; the Haifa port, the invaluable MIG they got from Russia, etc. Are you as concerned that we spend 40 billion on useless NATO as you are on the billion we give Israel for the massive amount we get in return?

        1. The Real Facts says:

          Israel gets about $100 billion a year from the US … you are so full of it, no wonder you’re being savaged.

          1. FactsRule says:

            Oh, they do, do they? You must know that because you’re the one giving it to them, because no one else knows that, but you. I suppose Haiti gets a trillion, right?

            1. Erin Walters says:


              And of course you just can’t tell the truth because they get upset and censor you.

              1. Sheesh Wudda Moron says:

                Apparently adding up all the aid Israel has received since WW2 is equivalent to the amount Israel receives yearly.

                In 1st grade I learned division. Divide $100 billion by lets say 60 and you will see that Israel receives on average around ~$1.6 billion per year.

                Most of this money is military aid and is essentially “welfare” for the defense industry as this money never actually leaves US banks.

                1. Rodin says:

                  The $3.09 billion a year or so per year that Israel receives from the U.S. amounts to over $500 per Israeli.

                  Source: CRS Report RL33222: U.S. Foreign Aid to Israel
                  {Congressional Research Service}

  30. NYCsewer says:

    maybe Fatboy will lose some weight over there the food is terrible

    1. avi says:

      hey stupid- the food here is great. wake up and smell the humus.

      1. littleleers says:

        Been to Israel. The food is good. Now do you have anything of real substance to contribute to the discussion. Why is it that Obama has yet to visit Israel?

        1. Bob says:

          He hasn’t visited Equitorial Guinea, either. I suppose you have an issue with that, too?

      2. Jeff says:

        Avi, any chance of Christie & Livni can form their own coalition?

        1. Santa Fanta says:

          As long as Livini is on top.

  31. niklu says:

    If were lucky…. he’ll stay there
    Another waste of NJ money.. free vacation for his entire family
    Can’t wait to get out on NJ

    1. cd says:

      No WORST than the bl@c k community BUS that FLIES out of the WH!TE HOUSE on the BIGGEST TRIP they will EVER see in there LIFE TIME. Did they MRS 0BAMA BROTHERS,AUNT’S entire FAMILY PLUS there ENTIRE STATE go on there LAST VACTION on the back’s of the ONLY TAX PAYERS THE “””””GOP”””””!

  32. Amused but not misled says:

    What a waste of taxpayer money.

    Let businesses trade. What’s the State government have trade? Used tool booths!

    Every little demigod mayor and governor thick they are international figure. Aside from the Feds, these State and local politicos fallter themselves in self importance. They are not even important in the next State or town.

    What a boondoggle.!

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