Some Want Trucks To 'Go Somewhere Else,' Others Say Idea Is 'Extreme'

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Who doesn’t like the ice cream truck? Apparently some parents in Park Slope.

Dozens of recent comments on a Park Slope parents message blog said ice cream vendors need to leave the area, especially places around the playgrounds and parks, to help avoid afternoon meltdowns and temper tantrums from children craving frozen treats.

“Go somewhere else, go on another corner because…it does make it too tempting for them,” Debbie Markovic said Monday as her lactose-intolerant daughter begged for ice cream.

CBS 2’s Emily Smith found ice cream trucks on nearly every corner, including a Mister Softee truck, several Icee carts and a few frozen yogurt mobiles.

Though a sentiment exists among some to move the ice cream trucks, some frozen treat fanatics said banning a staple like Mister Softee is simply un-American.

“A little extreme, a little treat is a good thing,” one woman said.

“They’re walking down the street and my kid wants everything, every toy they see. Does that mean we should ban every toy store?” another woman said.

A city agency said banning ice cream trucks would have to be done legislatively citywide or statewide. They said to ban the trucks just in Park Slope would be impossible.

One parent jokingly said not until celery trucks go around playing fun music should the community consider banning the ice cream trucks.

Community Board 7 said it gets complaints about noisy music from the ice cream trucks or even safety issues regarding parking. However, an all-out ban for health reasons is unrealistic because the trucks are run by private vendors and parents have the option to say “no.”

Where do you stand on the issue?  Do you think ice cream trucks should be banned in Park Slope?  Share your thoughts below…

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  1. jill says:

    Who’s in charge? Parents need to get a backbone and say no to their kids!

    1. Jack says:


      1. Logo4245 says:

        This is the same neighborhood that has trouble with parents and children in restaurants. Can you guess what the issue is?

        1. Marie says:

          Best to close the restaurants. And quick.

      2. tim says:

        Rich is the very reaon why some eat their young. This is a story about crazy women who do not have any control of their kids and they want someone else to take care of the problem. this is not a political story. But I do love the fact that you think every liberal democrat is rich. Ohhhh, you are Rich. I guess you were talking about yourself. Now grow a pair and buy your fat wife some ice cream

        1. Newbern W Johnson says:

          Go back to school and learn some reading comprehension. the post said, and I quote: “…park slope is a bastion of well off rich liberal leftists, obamabots and democrats.”
          Get it?
          PARK SLOPE. Not every Liberal. PARK SLOPE.
          Now, grow a brain and try to reduce that swelled head.

          1. bxgrrl says:

            I’m a liberal “obamabot” and I think these Park Slope parents should get over themselves. Hope that doesn’t make your right-wing head explode.

          2. bxgrrl says:

            I’m a LIBERAL “obamabot” and I thiink these Park Slope parents have to get over themselves. I hope that doesn’t make your ranting right wing head explode.

      3. Tom Harmon says:

        I see that your parents failed their civic duty by not doing either . Tom

      4. saul says:

        your comment is ridiculous and unnecessarily partisan. I am a democrat and think the behavior of the parents demanding a ban is insane. Further, I am sure that not every parent complaining about the ice cream trucks is a democrat. Please don’t make things political when they aren’t. This issue is about indulgent parents who can’t or don’t want to discipline their kids. Period.

        1. JMACK says:

          Agreed Saul!

        2. Lindaj63 says:

          Amen Saul! Its not a political issue is a parenting issue. Step up and be the parent and tell your kid NO! To ban the ice cream trucks is insane.

      5. EMC says:

        Of course you’d be afraid. to speak up…I would too. Those Berkinstock wearing Park Slopers are a scary lot.
        Next thing you know they would ban you from using your keypad.
        These people need to come to grips with themselves. They and too many other types like them have expected their own brand of social engineering, controlling anyone or anything not on their agenda.

        1. mizzbee says:

          Don’t blame an entire neighborhood on a few people. There are plenty of us who would like to keep the ice cream trucks. I agree with the first poster, just say NO! It works with my kid and it worked with me when I was a kid.

          1. Amnanda says:

            The few loud ones who love attention got this to be a news story.

            My son didn’t really throw a tantrum years ago (he’s 17 now) we never bought the candy and stuff until he was older and comprehend. This might also be the reason we stay so freakin’ skinny.

          2. Noelle says:

            That’s the problem, they don’t tell their kids no (or don’t know how to). Both situations are really sad.

    2. EQ620 says:

      Well said. These parents who want the trucks banned have got a screw loose. It’s more about teaching your children not to throw tantrums. If they throw a tantrum, put them in the car and take them home. However, aside from being lactose intolerant, what’s wrong with an ice cream. Years ago all the kids would run out to the ice cream truck daily to get their after school treat.

      1. ESTON L. CULLERS,II says:


    3. Of course. I’m appalled that they think banning the ice cream trucks are a viable option.

    4. Allie says:

      Agreed. But no where did I read the reason to get rid of ice cream trucks is possible pedophiles. Really? That would be the number one reason for me.

      1. Noelle says:

        I agree! I initially thought that was the reason for this story. Boy was I wrong!! lol

      2. HeyZeus says:

        Oh Please.. Pedophiles? Really!?!

        Be serious and be honest, that has nothing to do with why they don’t want the trucks around. The only reason is that they are too spineless to tell their little brat kids to shut up and stop whining.

    5. Colton M says:

      u are rightthe parents are making a big deal out of nothing they should be brave and say no

    6. Amnanda says:

      Some parents are getting lazy.

    7. Mtngrl77 says:

      Kids need boundaries. So, what the trucks are there to make money. Quit coddling your kids every whim and parent your children. If my kids pitch a fit, They didn’t get a treat for awhile. They learn real fast what acceptable behavior.

    8. Barb says:

      The ice cream truck drives through our neighborhood every day from May to September ever since my kids were little. My kids know it’s a big deal to get a treat once or twice a SUMMER. I also use it as a learning tool. They figure out how much it costs to buy from the ice cream truck compared to the store. I love it when they opt for a trip to the store for a box of ice cream treats!!

    9. Charles says:

      Amen to this… Yet another example of going overboard to mask intolerance and delegate your parental responsibilities.. Say no to your kids, teach them that they can’t always have what they want; that there will always be someone else who has something they don’t, and that’s okay..The reason we have so much violence among our youth today, so much disrespect for authority, etc. is because so many parents are not leading by example…They want their kid to always be happy with them.. Sorry, but if your child is never mad at you- then you’re doing something wrong.. You are doing your chilidren a terrible injustice because you are giving them an unrealistic view on how life is and is going to be for them.

      1. Kathy says:

        Amen to that!! I kinda have a “low crap threshold” and told my kids I took a “mean pill” & couldn’t possibly give them whatever it was they wanted. Plus the fact that if they don’t learn to control themselves, there will always be someone else who will do it for them. If Mom or Dad can’t control a 4-yr old, how’re they gonna keep the boogeyman out of their room at night??

    10. GM says:

      Totally agree. These kids have their parents trained to serve their every whim…

    11. Karen says:

      EXACTLY!!!!! Hello, what ever happened to actually being a parent? I don’t get these people, they are really too much!!!!

    12. Publius1969 says:

      Spoiled children of a spoiled generation. Grow up and apply some discipline to your kids, people!

    13. Paula says:

      Hmm, if you know specifically when your child begins to have a meltdown, and it’s probably because they’re getting tired or hungry, could you maybe change yourself, like maybe get them home or fed earlier to avoid the meltdown, instead of trying to change someone else to make your life easier?

    14. Marie says:

      I could not have said it better. If your child does not understand ‘No’ you have BIG issues with parenting. Of course some kids are more challenging. Then YOU, as a parent explain why YOU have to leave the park!!!! And take the child home. No threats. No bribes. Just calmly take the child home.

    15. Marie says:

      If your child does not understand the word ‘No’, take him/her home. Indeed, it is the lack of parenting which causes the problem. ‘No’ and if they can’t handle this, parents have a BIGGER issue to deal with.

    16. Georg says:

      You are totally right! Buy them a gun instead, that’s the answer to everything anyway…

    17. JMACK says:

      Exactly! These so called parents that want the ban are absolutely ridiculous.

    18. Paradux says:

      Some parents are not in charge, and allow their kids anything they want…good for them or not, weather the parent can afford it or not. Like eating chips with ketchup until they weigh a ton.

  2. JohnDaniel says:

    To all of you commenters that blame the parents and their lack of discipline and control over their spoiled kids… congratulations, you obviously have a life, common sense, you face issues head on, and you don’t live in a media promoted fantasy land. Glad to know there are some of you left here on the planet with me. Thanks for your sensible comments.

    1. Kshaw says:

      Best comment here yet. It’s to bad that more parents do not know how to say “NO”, to their children. Instead they expect others to give up their freedom to enjoy an nice treat while out and about.

      When my children were small, we used to have two of these trucks drive past our house at least twice a day in the summer months, and once on the weekends during the winter months. Because we lived in a corner house and across the street from the playground, the trucks always stopped outside our house. Yet, my husband and I, still had no problems with our children, having fits when we said “NO”.

    2. Cris perry says:

      From someone who HAS raised three children – back to back i may add, i can tell you with out doubt, my children would NEVER have acted up like that to get a treat because we taught them there was a right way and a wrong way to ask. Parents these days seem to think saying no to a child, and then enforcing it, is some how damaging their children. They need to wake up and realize it isn’t the responsibility of everyone around them to do their job. And yes, banning a simple ice cream truck would be rediculas in the extreme. Why should I have to suffer because you can’t do your job properly.

      1. Resa Garrett says:

        I so agree! I also remember having to run down several blocks to catch the truck by the time I had money in my hand. Good exercise. I have never lived in NYC but a vender on every corner would be tempting but not impossible to handle. My kids learned very young that a tantrum was not gonna work on us. As a matter of fact I have (had) been known to start throwing one with them. A healthy dose of this is what you look like work wonders.

  3. Maud St. James says:

    So everyone is to be denied a treat simply because you cannot control your children?

    Get a grip!

    1. Rick Diculous says:

      That is exactly what I was going to post! +1

      1. Lazybum says:

        Maud- Ya beat me to it! It is just that simple.

        And lets not forget the denial of some poor schlep to make a legitimate living!

    2. ElI says:

      Exactly! We all wanted ice cream when we were kids but you didnt hear our parents asking to ban the trucks or carts from the park. Thats absurd!!! Icr cream and ices are the best way to keep your child hydrated and cooled during hot summer days. IDIOTS!

      1. Government is more powerful today and people think government is the solution for every problem. Neighbor spit on your daisies? Call in the big bad government to set them straight!

      2. Sherry says:

        I’m sorry, but I have to disagree. Ice creams and ices are NOT the best way to keep your children cool and hydrated in the summer. These products are loaded with sugars and artificial flavors and stabilizers, and devoid of nutrition.

        1. TrollSlayer says:

          Then just tell your kids “no”. Just because it’s there doesn’t mean you have to indulge. It’s time for these spineless parents to do their damn jobs.

        2. Linda says:

          Yeah, I ate snow balls (sugar, flavor, coloring on shaved ice) from time to time during hot summers as a child in NOLA which is why I’m a super fit, active and healthy 59-year-old woman (brain damage from those sugars and stabilizers must’ve helped my 4.0 GPA as an adult undergrad, prob’ly gave me my shockingly high LSAT score as well) who still gets hit on by men young enough to be her biological children. Of course, had I thrown a fit in demand of a snowball, my mawmaw would have sent me home in disgrace. Car exhaust, hormones in meat, a zillion other environmental poisons gonna kill ya’ – not a popsicle.

          1. Gigglefit says:

            ROTFLMAO!!!! Your sarcasim is HILARIOUS!!! I couldn’t stop laughing.

        3. Mtngrl77 says:

          Get over yourself, there is nothing wrong with a treat once in awhile. I myself enjoy an occasional frozen yogurt or an occasional ice cream cone. I work out and eat right i am not on any meds. Not overweight. You learn to eat things in .moderation. this prevents you from overindulging. I am 49. To take away a childhood treat is sacrilrdge. Kids are playing outside and wearing off all that evilness they just ingested.

    3. Randall Porter says:

      That’s right. Somedays the kids get a treat, somedays they don’t, it depends when we were little we figured it out. If we had ice cream at home we got a whole lot more that what we could buy from a ice cream truck.

    4. jojo says:

      Some people are just not fit to be a parent.

    5. Rory Walsh says:

      Atta girl, Maud!!!!

  4. Bill E Bob says:

    Discipline’s haaarrrrrdddd!!! Let the state raise (animals and crops are “raised,” children are reared) my chirren.

    1. Eric Hill says:

      Parents need to start raising their own kids. It seems that the parents are the ones who are lazy and spoiled. Parents should learn to say no( to their kids) and that be that.

      1. karl anglin says:


      2. Vicky Bevis says:

        Thank you Eric & Karl. My parents said “no” at times as I did with my kids.

      3. meandmine says:


    2. Chip Lansing says:

      Parents: raise your kids instead of looking for outside help. Ice cream trucks (as well as toy stores, candy stores, etc) are here to stay. Has to be stupid democrats- the same ones that want to ban toys from McDonald’s happy meals. Don’t like toys in happy meals? Then don’t go to McDonalds. Idiots.

  5. MeanDadWithHeartOfGold says:

    Just say no you lazy parents. Come to my house and I will help you by showing it in practice. “Can I get a iPAd? No.” “Can I watch Bravo Channel? No.” “Can I eat fast food crap? No except Chik-Fil-A because its Pre-Blessed Food.” “Can I have an iPhone? No.”

    Also effective, I told mine that when the truck is out of icecream the music is turned on to keep the kids from being sad. Many a truck have driven by with my kids waving at him not even suspecting he was full of belly-making desserts.

    Demos available.

    1. t23 says:

      …Pre-Blessed? You can’t bless your own fast food?

      1. Vina Sestonari says:

        Why fast food? you can’t cook your own?

    2. Jim says:

      I would like to subscribe to your newsletter. “The music is played when the truck is empty…”? Well done, sir, well done.

    3. ifitmakesufeelbetter says:

      Lying is not a reliable parenting technique. Just man up and tell them no ice cream. Besides, what do your kids think the OTHER kids are buying from the ice cream truck when the music is playing?

      1. JD says:

        @ifitmakesufeelbetter Riiiiiight, you can tell your kids that there’s no Santa or Easter Bunny too. Telling a “falsehood” to your child isn’t always the wrong parenting technique. You should know your child well enough to know when you should and shouldn’t lie to them. I’ll admit that I avoid it with my own kids, but until it infringes on the rights of others (as is the case in this article), it’s not your place to tell someone else how to rear their children.

    4. Logo4245 says:

      You are wonderful!!!! I love your comment – I’m still laughing about the music. 🙂

    5. Nicola says:


  6. Daniel says:

    God forbid those parents raise their children with a little bit of discipline and respect. No, lets just ban ice cream trucks. What the hell??? Is this what our country is coming to? It makes me sick to call myself an American.

    1. sassy says:

      Now what would those parents do if the ride trucks were still around? OMG!! We had two ice cream trucks and the ride trucks and my mother said no, and meant it. I said no and my kids knew I meant it. These parents need to learn to say No, stand their ground and not take the tantrums or fits.

    2. Old Fart says:

      I’ve on the vanguard of the Boomers. We have been the BIGGEST demographic this country has ever had. (My H.S. Class was the biggest our school EVER graduated-TO THIS DAY!) I remember no one being lactose intolerant, having a dairy allergy, or any allergy to peanuts. Where did all this come from?

      To be honest, hubby ‘s mom had to add lactic acid to his milk until he was able to produce it himself digestively, but that was in 1943 & he’s the only one I know who had problems. Our kids are fine as are we. NKA (No Known Allergies)

      Now I’ve had patients who were allergic to meds., esp. aspirin, codeine, latex, penicillin, etc. And while I didn’t do peds., I do not remember any one who was terribly allergic to a food stuff. When did all this happen?

      1. Brent says:

        I guess you’re not an old enough fart to remember entire settlements being massacred by Native Americans because of lactose intolerance. The Native Americans would think the dairy products they just acquired in trade was poisoned instead of realizing they didn’t have the ability to process dairy products. Many people suffered with lactose intolerance until the 1990s because it wasn’t well known. I just knew there were certain foods I had to avoid to not get sick but I didn’t know why. At 41, I have learned there are times I just can’t take enough pills to consume dairy. Fortunately, sheep & goat products are more widely available.

      2. dhdana says:

        Well there is a difference between a food allergy and lactose intolerance. Both of my kids have milk, egg, and peanut allergies. We have no known history of food allergies before this in our families (just seasonal allergies) before this generation. I’m no expert, but you’re right, kids when I was young did not have food allergies at the rate they do today. My own personal opinion is it has something to do with the way food is produced in this country.

        1. Kathy says:

          So 2 of my (grown) kids have celiac disease and can’t eat anything with wheat products or anything that has come in contact with wheat products, or even be in the room when wheat flour is flying! Ya gonna ban bread?? Tell everybody -“If my kids can’t have it, NOBODY can have it??” Gimme a break!!! The few times they accidentally ingested a wheat product was enough to convince them to stay away, read labels, etc.

    3. Logo4245 says:


      1. TrollSlayer says:

        Amen to that!!!!!

  7. R. Flanary says:


    1. Bill E Bob says:


    2. jill says:

      Just one, do you often use all caps? \

      1. ellie says:

        jill doesn’t get it. DISCIPLINE should be in caps…all caps! Thanks for a great reply to silly parents who have no idea how to just say ‘no’.

    3. t23 says:


    4. Rick Diculous says:

      Yeah, what about discipline?

    5. R. Flanary says:

      Sorry everyone for the typo. I was a little annoyed.

      1. YeahRiiiiight says:

        A little annoyed is when you misspell something once. When you do it over and over and over, it’s not you being “annoyed”. It’s you not knowing how to spell “discipline”.
        (also, apparently not knowing what the squiggly red lines under all the words mean…)

        1. Jeff says:

          Error was probably made once. Copy and pasted. The internet is hard!

          1. Max says:

            They should ban typos to reduce internet arguments…

            1. wtfchef says:

              They should ban the internet to reduce typo arguments…

    6. BrockLanders says:

      yes, I do have a question…how do you spell discipline?

    7. USArmyCombatMedic says:

      Haha. Yeah, I have one question. What is Dicipline? You wrote it a dozen times (the exact same way), so it must be something pretty important.

    8. Pendy says:


  8. paperpushermj says:

    What a Country we have Become, a private business must suffer so that parents live a less troubled life.

    1. DC says:

      I think you have summed it up the best!

  9. Dan says:

    Now you see why they wanted to take spanking away from not only schools, but then parents. “Spare the rod, spoil the child” says the Bible.

    Everything the left touches…

    1. Jerry says:

      Good try, but you won’t find that quote in the Bible.

      1. Laurie says:

        In the King James Version, Proverbs 13:24, we find:

        He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes

        Basically the same thought

      2. YeahRiiiiight says:

        New International Version (NIV)

        “Whoever spares the rod hates their children,
        but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them.”

        Proverbs 13:24

      3. Kevin says:

        you have something to say Jerry? like – wow didnt know that was in the Bible or sorry i made a fool of my self or i stand corrected please forgive me.

  10. Played a fool says:

    These parents need to get a life and take away their BRATTY kids. No is no. The kids rule their lives. Don’t ban the ice cream trucks ban the parents.

  11. Cis says:

    if you don’t want to be a parent fine but don’t infringe on others because of your choice not to parent isn’t working out – geez but a bunch of whiners. no wonder the kids are too!

  12. Linda Brosnan says:

    Just say no, what is wrong with these parents? I’m the mother of twin girls, when they asked for something and I said no, that was it. Let them have their tantrums ignore them ,they don’t last to long. And the people who sell ice cream / icies are making a living that is seasonal. Don’t worry you won’t scar your children by saying no!

  13. Becalmmd says:

    Can we float park slope out to sea where there is NO Ice Cream Trucks or stores that sell Isreali foods.

  14. Hoo-boy! says:

    Just wait ’til the cigarette truck comes around!

    1. ????? says:

      Or the sketchy looking van with “free candy” written on the side….

  15. Spyder says:

    Everyone should be denied because of these people??? Doormat parents who are incapable of saying No to the spoiled rotten brats that they produce. Children that REFUSE to be told No and grow up to be abusive arrogant adults with a ridiculous sense of entitlement. Time for REAL parents to stand up and say NO WE WILL NOT PUT UP WITH OUR LIVES BEING AFFECTED BY PARENTS WHO THINK THAT THEIR CHILDRENS ISSUES TAKE PRECEDENT OVER OUR OWN CHILDREN.

    1. Rick Diculous says:

      “Children that REFUSE to be told No and grow up to be abusive arrogant adults with a ridiculous sense of entitlement”

      Liberals in training.

  16. danny says:

    That’s the problem. You can’t hit your kid anymore without getting arrested. That’s how my mom dealt with temper tantrums. Worked then. It will work now.

    1. Rick Diculous says:

      Funny thing. I’m in my 50’s and was having a discussion with some of the younger guys at work about raising children. They were all saying how you don’t hit or spank your children as that is just wrong. The guys my age were all saying that it was the way we were raised (and raised our children) and it works.

      Then one guy who’s in his late 60’s came over and shocked us when he said that his parents never spanked him when he was growing up. All the young pups got big smiles at this comment until he continued “But my dad sure taught me how to roll with a punch!”.

      I guess times are always changing..

      1. Old Fart says:

        Couldn’t resist this story after your remark, Rick. Hubby is the easiest going guy I know as was HIS Dad & MY Pop. Both adored children & kids loved them, too. But…………….!

        One day hubby got up, went down the stairs for breakfast, & sat in his chair. His Mom asked him to take out the garbage & for some, hormone-fueled, teenaged reason he said, “If you want the trash taken out, do it yourself.” Well, he got up while she was finishing his eggs to go back up the steps to get his homework. What he didn’t know was that his coal-miner father had just gotten off work (night shift), & heard his comment as he was coming around the corner. He backhanded him clear across the room. Hubby got up, picked up the garbage & took it out while his father sat down & had his 1st. cup of coffee. He never said a word, nor did hubby ever “back-talk” or “sass” his Mom again.

        Cringe all you liberals! But we’ve been married 45 yrs., are able to afford a decent retirement w/o anything but S.S. & savings, & have 2 wonder sons of our own who make us continually proud.

    2. Pat says:

      You are so right. My grandson is only 4 and he’s growing up to be a little tyrant. He screams and hits when he doesn’t get his own way. Time outs mean nothing to him. He just sits there and when his time is up he goes back to doing whatever naughty thing he was doing before, or some other naughty thing he knows he shouldn’t be doing. That kid needs a good spanking. Some kids just need that type of disipline, because time outs and “no” just don’t work with all of them.

      1. Old Fart says:


        Yes, & I was one of them. My kids weren’t nearly as difficult, but I was lucky to have a Mom who had been a teacher & knew kid well.

  17. nrichard says:

    so what happened to being a parent and just saying “no” and meaning it? these people need to grow up and stop being their child’s friend – get a spine!

  18. ntirish says:

    Spoiled brats in Park Slope …. I am shocked !!!!!!!

  19. DanTe says:

    So everyone else’ access to an ice cream truck when they want it is going to be curtailed. All because some dumb sh1t can’t raise a brat to not throw tantrums.

    Do us a favor die off. Stop spreading the stupid gene in the gene pool.

  20. Teresa says:

    Parents need to take responsibility and just BE parents…if you don’t want your kids to have something from the ice cream truck, you say NO, and stick to it. If you have a child, it’s YOUR job to set boundaries for them, not the government!

  21. Da Slope hood says:

    What up, with my peeps from da Slope hood?
    Not only are they bigots, and anti-Semites, they also fail at being parents.
    They can not control or teach their children self-control?
    Now the Slope peeps, want the city to take over the role of Parenting of their spoiled brats.
    Maybe this way da Slope Knucklehead’s will have more time honing their anti-Semitic ways.

    1. USArmyCombatMedic says:

      Why does everyone keep mentioning anti-semitism ? Is this neighborhood really anti-semitic?

  22. Lucy says:

    The ice-cream and the icy cart are part of NYC culture. Hearing that annoying music parked in the same spot all day was what you waited for after a long winter. I remember running down the street with my dollar contemplating whether to get chocolate or rainbow sprinkles. Come on, Park Slope learn NYC culture before you move here. I have a feeling that if it was some celebrity-endorsed, tofu-rich, yaks milk from the mountains of the Himalayas, organic pop truck, there would not be an uproar.

    1. Harrumph says:

      You had me up to ‘sprinkles’. They’re ‘jimmies’, NOT sprinkles.

      1. baba says:

        “sprinkles” in my ’50’s neighborhood of JC, NJ.

      2. FMcAvoy says:

        Jimmies, eh? And what do they do with ’em? Do they jimmy them all over the top of your icecream?

        I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have icecream with sprinkles on it, rather than some that somebody just “jimmied” all over.

      3. Boomer says:

        Uh, no, they are sprinkles in NYC

  23. the bandid says:


    1. FMcAvoy says:

      Yea! Give them a good one right in the butt! You go, man!

  24. deb says:

    Lets get things straight. I am deb, I do not support a ban on ice cream trucks! I just do not want them in front of the school. That was not the full interview.I am very dissponited in the news. They are just try to make a story out of a cry child.

    1. Played a fool says:

      You are an idiot deb. In this economy, everyone have to make a living! what’s next, ban the toy store from the block. Teach your kids no means no. Why do you think that you are entitiled to chang the ststus quo…who are you????

    2. sassy says:

      Deb, here is some advice. Practice saying this over and over “I said No; N O, spells No. What do you not understand about No?” If you say it enough times, it will become easier. You’ll see. Just try it.

    3. ????? says:

      There’s a simple solution. The ice cream truck vendor doesn’t GIVE out ice cream, they sell it. Don’t give your kids money. They can’t buy ice cream. Problem solved. You’re welcome.

    4. ifitmakesufeelbetter says:

      Yes, lets ban the ice cream trucks from the places where CHILDREN are known to be found. Hey, while you are at it why not demand that hot dog and beer vendors are banned from sporting events?

      What does it matter where the trucks are? Are you the parent or not? Is it up to you to decide what is best for your children or are you so spineless that you are not capable of controlling your own child? Nevermind, the answer is obvious from the video…your child screaming at your feet and what is in your hand? Parenting FAIL. Tell your child no. Or better yet, tell them that one day a week/month they can have ice cream UNLESS they throw a fit and then they have to wait for the next week/month to roll around. They’ll catch on…not sure if you have the balls to stand up to your little brat though.

  25. The Realist says:

    Can’t parents just say “No”? Or would that constitute child abuse?

  26. James says:

    These people should not be allowed to mate or reproduce. The kids are doomed to absolute failure, and the parents as clueless as zombies. When they ahve no control over their little darling, it is everyone elses responsibility to step in and save the day. The same batch of idiots that is engrossed with all their electronic gadgetry on board a crowded airliner, while their little darlings are terrorizing the entire cabin and flight crew. Mars is nice this time of year..I say gather all of them up and let them start their own colony up there, so the rest of us may live in peace and in reality………….

    1. Old Fart says:

      My youngest calls them “Breeders.” And it’s NOT complimentary. lol

    2. EMC says:

      Absolutely right on and well said!
      These people think that parenting is
      just a current “must have’, like a Hampton’s rental or a pair of Chanel flats…… then they realized it takes some responsibility and want someone else to deal with day to day issues..
      You can’t return the kids to Bloomingdale’s and demand a credit!.

  27. tiredofthebs says:

    Wait 1 sec…..avoid afternoon meltdowns and temper tantrums from children craving frozen treats…WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!…….Maybe…………..OH YES………I can remember……………….I GREW UP WITH THE GOOD HUMOR TRUCK going down my block………..RUNNING to ask my mom for change to buy a strawberry shortcake or a bomb-pop. NO FIGHTS BETWEEN SNOB PARENTS…..NO ONE GETTING STABBED

    This country is now sooooo screw up you better not even say hello to someone……might be mistaken as a treat. I hope to “the invisible person in the sky that 2012 IS the END or the BEGINNING of the end of this *%&*&%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. godwhatjesuswho says:

      You got that right my friend. This country has done nothing but smash our freedom ever since the “911” crap. No wonder the rest of the world hates us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Exclamation point to that!

  28. Crsnj says:

    I wonder what would happen if they started to sell skittles!

    1. Dimsum Harry says:

      Just don’t wear a hoodie.

  29. Willy says:

    Wow I guess the kids are in charge. If you can’t tell your kid no at this age what are you going to do when they get older. Please give them up for adoption so they can have a better chance at life due to the fact you can’t parent.

    1. friendofAslan says:


    2. osn says:

      thank you!!

    3. robkeysnj says:

      so true!!

  30. bb says:

    turn the music off

    1. AnthonyS says:

      Take responsibility for raising your children, instead of asking the State to do it !!!! SAY NO .. It won’t hurt their fragile young minds

      1. Elliot J. Stamler says:

        Anthony, you are so right. There are very peculiar people in Park Slope–recently their leftist food coop debated banning all Israeli products because of some of them despising Jews and Israel. If you can’t control your kid’s demands for ice cream, your kids are going to grow up pretty warped. Did this Markovic woman ever hear the word “NO”?

  31. poppop4 says:

    The Mayor should build a fence around the slope to keep these morons from infecting the rest of us with their inanity. Maybe these crybabies should stay indoors with their kids, home school them and left everyone else enjoy their lives!!!

  32. Nancy says:

    Parents need to be effective leaders to their children. Go in and buy the ice cream you think it is right for your children or realize the time went Mr Softee comes and leave before he makes his appearance.

  33. jj says:

    What the heck is wrong with these people. We can’t just start banning everything because your kid might have a tantrum. People have a right to make a living. Should we ban bakeries, and candy stores too? Teach your bratty kids that when mom and dad say no its no.

    1. jackin4beats says:

      EXACTLY. Well said.

  34. Raymond Leslie says:

    The ice cream truck is as american as apple pie. Let them eat cake.

  35. Katie says:

    this whole thing is hilarious. are these people for real? whats next? take your lactose intolerant kid to the other side of the street and keep it moving if she can’t eat the ice cream. let these kids live, we should be happy they’re outside playing in or near a park rather than sitting home on facebook.

  36. Dante A. says:

    Besides these jerks aren’t even there parenting their kids. They are at some Yoga class, eating organic hummus and rediscovering things that have been around for 100 years. Stuff that my grandparents brought to this country. All while some “nanny” is bringing up their children. Just tell the nanny to tell the kid no to the ice cream, especially if it doesn’t contain some sort of seaweed….Teach these kids that there are winners and losers, not everyone is a winner or a “participant. Teach them that people are going to reject them and tell them “NO”. Stop raising a bunch of sensitive fragile flowers….Oh BTW, when the ice cream man came along, it marked the start of spring..OHHHhhh and we chased the truck in the street, heaven forbid…

    1. Ron Darcy says:

      Well Said Dante! If the people in Park Slope do not like Brooklyn Rules, Move back to where ever you came from! Probably was no Ice Cream Trucks passing the farm!

  37. KJ says:

    The people in my neighborhood are a complete bunch of a-holes. . . If they don’t like ice cream trucks, they don’t have to buy from them. . . Why the hell does every pretentious jackass have to ruin it for everyone else when they have no concept of personal responsibility and insist on imposing their will on everyone else ? . . These must be the same jackasses pushing Obamacare. . .

    1. dakotahgeo says:

      Watch it, KJ!!! Just because YOU don´t like the ACA doesn´t mean other people don´t. Stick to your ice cream rant!

      1. pfanchww says:

        If the government can force you to buy healthcare, what can they not do? It goes beyond the act, it’s implementing cradle to the grave regulation on your life. But what do a bunch of non-elected judges know??? I mean they weren’t even elected…

        go wikipedia (or better yet open a book) and look up what “a government of limited powers means.”

        1. ????? says:

          Amen. And don’t forget “judicial review”.

      2. FMcAvoy says:

        Yea, only 60-70% of the American public don’t like Obamascare. No big deal. They ought to ban the Kool-Aid truck from YOUR neighborhood.

    2. Brendan Quigley says:

      well said!

    3. Brendan Quigley says:

      well said! and I agree with the last part as well

  38. Marcia Phillips Requa says:

    Shut up and parent. Soon you’d have to be banning supermarkets, all too tempting.

  39. Kadie C says:

    OMFG NO. Your kid wants something and you have to say no?? The horror of it all! Better make sure we remove all the car dealerships before your brats…I mean kids…turn 16.

  40. bluescat48 says:

    Temper Tantrums? Is that all you have to worry about? Get used to it, it is a part of parenting. If it is not ice cream it is something else. Get over it. The cliché “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, ” applies here, If you can’t cope with temper tantrums, don’t have kids.

    1. Old Fart says:

      OMG! So true. I’ll take a toddler acting up ANYDAY to a teenager’s “mouth.” The WORST is yet to come. Or as the saying goes,

      “Mothers of teenagers know why some animals eat their young.”

  41. Deb says:

    A child needs to know who the boss is. If you say ‘No”, then NO means NO!!! Why ask nice obedient children to be excluded from enjoying a simple treat?? If you cannot deal with your childs melt down, then you have know reason having them in the first place. Parenting 101!!!

    1. Good Parent says:

      Well said

      1. Yvette says:

        Totally agree!!! Why get children in the first place? These morans are taking the child’s freedom away or they don’t know how to tell their kids no.

        1. Clancy says:

          Hey! Don’t dreag the Irish into this brouhaha! ‘Morans’, indeed.

  42. Good Parent says:

    The Wolf and the Lamb, By Jean de La Fontaine
    Translation by Eli Siegel

    The reason of those best able to have their way is always the best:
    We now show how this is true.

    A lamb was quenching its thirst
    In the water of a pure stream.
    A fasting wolf came by, looking for something;
    He was attracted by hunger to this place.
    —What makes you so bold as to meddle with my drinking?
    Said this animal, very angry.
    You will be punished for your boldness.
    —Sir, answered the lamb, let Your Majesty
    Not put himself into a rage;
    But rather, let him consider
    That I am taking a drink of water
    In the stream
    More than twenty steps below him;
    And that, consequently, in no way,
    Am I troubling his supply.
    —You do trouble it, answered the cruel beast.
    And I know you said bad things of me last year.
    —How could I do that when I wasn’t born,
    Answered the lamb; I am still at my mother’s breast.
    —If it wasn’t you, then it was your brother.
    —I haven’t a brother.—It was then someone close to you;
    For you have no sympathy for me,
    You, your shepherds and your dogs.
    I have been told of this.I have to make things even.
    Saying this, into the woods
    The wolf carries the lamb, and then eats him
    Without any other why or wherefore.

    1. Max says:

      Osama bin Laden told that parable to explain the 9-11 attacks, not saying I agree with him but just that he told that story.

  43. Just Me says:

    These “parents” are incompetent nincompoops!!!!!!

  44. Steve says:

    This is a perfect example of spoiled parents. Come on people…Ice Cream is a big part of New York and banning them in certain neighborhoods is ridiculous. I can say no to my kids if I don’t want them to have ice cream. Yes my kids might not like it and protest but should it take away from another child?

    1. Annie66 says:

      Bravo! I agree with you. These morons should never have reproduced. If people cannot control small children, they have no business breeding. I would be willing to wager a small sum that those nitwits who want to ban ice cream truck also vote for Communists like Obama.

  45. Anthony says:

    Why don’t those parents just move somewhere else?

  46. dakotahgeo says:

    What the hell does the Hispanic/Latino population have to do with this??? There are plenty of WHITE people driving the ice cream trucks also!!! Stick your head in the toilet and don´t stop flushing until St. Peter says, “Hola.”

    1. mamma-jamma says:

      Maybe you should stick to your ice cream rant, dakotahgeo! Just becuase YOU don’t want to bring race into this, it doesn’t mean that other people don’t want to!

      1. dakotahgeo says:

        I just consider the source of your arrogance/ignorance, and I don´t have to apologize for your stupidity! Fortunately, the majority of Americans aren´t racist bigots… sorry for you!

  47. eddie says:

    No I don’t think they should ban Ice Cream trucks,some parents just take things to the extreme:(

  48. dakotahgeo says:

    Don´t take the little sh-ts out to the truck, you idiot parents!!! If the kid(s) throw(s) a fit ,send them directly to bed! Fer cryin out loud!!! You gonna abdicate ALL your authority to your kid(s)?? Geeezzz!!!

  49. Cece says:

    How stupid is this? This is what’s wrong with parenting today. Tell your little pipsqueak “NO” or else give into one of the simple joys of summer.

  50. soccermama says:

    Let the little darlings learn the meaning of the word, “NO”. If they have a tantrum, ignore them. Helloooooo!!!

    1. dad-e-o says:

      Ignore is not a propper response to the self centered little brats. Loving corporal punishment would certainly open the little buggers eyes. It takes balls to do what is right some times. there is a differance between abuse and a whacking.

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