NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A crane collapse at West 34th Street and 11th Avenue in Manhattan on Tuesday night left one person dead and four others injured.

One injured worker died at the hospital while another worker is in serious condition, 1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon reported.  Three others suffered minor injuries.

“We heard a big boom,” witness Kennon Murphy told CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez. “We went over here and looked and that’s when we saw the crane was down.”

It happened just before 7:30 p.m. at a construction site above the No. 7 line subway extension project.  A Fire Department spokeswoman said an 80-foot section and a 40-foot section from an upright crane became dislodged.

1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon reports

Investigators said the crane cable snapped, sending the boom plummeting.  That massive arm of steel crushed one of the workers, while another worker suffered severe trauma to his leg after being hit by debris.

Firefighters said rescuing the workers from the 60-foot pit where they were working was not easy.  The precarious effort was undertaken using ropes before the workers were rushed to Bellevue Hospital.

“It was extremely dangerous because we had construction material that wasn’t stable and the crane was leaning against the building.  It was an expedited removal, but we had some difficulty because of the trauma,” said EMS Deputy Chief Jack Sullivan.

Frank Basile’s brother-in-law had been working at the site. He said he ran to the location after hearing about the collapse and was relieved to hear his family was safe.

“I feel a little choked up because I’m thinking who it might be…like I said I’ve seen someone die before falling, so it’s a little emotional,” he said.

Police crime scene investigators were gathering evidence Tuesday night even though they said there is no reason to expect any criminality or negligence at this point.

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  1. Roger "Raj" says:

    My heart goes out to those poor people and their families. Maybe the problem with these accidents stems from the “hurry hurry and get it done” mentality which seems to sweep the country, nay, the world.

    Hurry..for WHAT? Are the “Time Police gonna write tickets?

  2. Robert Moses says:

    While it’s a good thing that the high-paying construction jobs are open only to suburbanites, SHUTTING DOWN the subway system would be an even better thing (because REAL Americans everywhere).

    1. Steve from LI says:

      Us highly paid construction can’t afford $2 million dollar apartments in Manhattan. That’s why as “real Americans” we live everywhere.

  3. SokrMom says:

    The crane fell apart and they have “no reason to suspect criminality or negligence”? This is either really poor reporting, or else pedestrians in the City should be really nervous, because there are lots of cranes like this around.

    1. Anon says:

      If that’s what the police said, there’s nothing wrong with the reporting.

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