'Kilo' Didn't Take Too Kindly To Gunman Pushing Into Staten Island Home

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There’s a dog that took a bullet, possibly saving his owner’s life. And surprisingly, the 12-year-old pit bull shot in the head survived.

The pit bull named “Kilo” was off to the vet Wednesday for a check-up, after taking a bullet for his owner, Justin Becker.

“He’s a hero. He saved my life. He went to protect me and he did his job,” Becker told CBS 2’s John Slattery.

Even Dr. Greg Panarello, the veterinarian who treated the dog, was impressed.

“Incredibly lucky. Incredibly lucky,” Panarello said.

It happened Saturday evening in Becker’s apartment house in the Graniteville section of Staten Island. A gunman, posing as a FedEx deliveryman, wearing a uniform, rang the bell and said he had a package, but then pushed his way into the apartment.

“He barged in. My first reaction after seeing the gun is push him out, so I pushed him to the door. Like I said, he fell like wedged right by the door. I slammed him inside the door and he was stuck and tried to get out now because he was getting crushed,” Becker said.

His girlfriend has been holding the dog and let go.

“I was shocked and I was terrified,” Nicole Percoco said.

The dog went after the gunman.

Kilo the hero pit bull

“Now Kilo came out to protect me. Grrr, he tried to come through the door at the guy, his head was out. Grrr, then I heard the guy, three gunshots,” Becker said.

One of the shots hit the dog in the head.

“It did ricochet off the skull and went straight down and exited at the neck,” Dr. Panarello said.

The vet staff put a superhero insignia on this bandage. Kilo was up and around Wednesday, going for walks just three days after being shot.

“I think it’s amazing. He saved my life,” Becker said.

You’ve heard of a cat with nine lives. Kilo seems well on his way.

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  1. Arlyn says:

    I’ve known some pit bulls in my time. They just need to be raised right like any other dog. It’s also good to make sure the parents weren’t aggressive.

    1. larz blackman says:

      Absolutely. Pits are some of the sweetest dogs I’ve known.

      1. cara mcclung says:

        amen, i would,nt have any other breed

    2. Don't profile a pit bull says:


      My son had two of them, one was a championship pit.

      Bothe were good dogs, far from vicious,and friendly to friends and strangers alike – but God help the poor SOB that went after my son, and that happened.

      That happened two years ago… the Traylonite is STILL running, I believe…

    3. sp.ps says:

      I agree. In fact, I’m pretty disappointed that there was a link to an entirely unrelated pit bull attack within the post. Why further encourage the stigma that pit bulls are inherently violent animals? It’s misleading and incorrect.

    4. PaulMEdwards says:

      It’s all about the owner and how the dog is raised.
      Any animal can be raised to be aggressive.
      I grew up with a pit-bull who was a great dog and never harmed anybody.
      I presently own an Akita who is very sweet and loves people.

      1. Jeff Benson says:

        Let’nominate KILO for an HSUS Award.

    5. occincin says:

      Yup. They are very loving and affectionate too. Great breed.

  2. damnhappytexan says:

    Look for an investigation by the DOJ and Eric(the Bonehead) Holder. What a racially insensitive animal!

  3. currentdesigns says:

    A dog named kilo, armed home invasions, Hmmmm… wonder what this guy was into.

    1. noonitoons says:

      The TSA is hiring, you should apply for a job, This is the mentality they are looking for. Here’s a link to the ad.

    2. Dan Schwertner says:

      he was into the metric system, obviously

      1. FAhq2 says:

        My AmStaff is named Stella Blue, she’s never seen the Grateful Dead live or A Street Car Named Desire (SteeeeelllAAAAAA!). My Corso is named maximus decimus meridius, guess what? He’s not a gladiator.

        1. richhenk says:

          Well obviously Current is not insinuating the dog is a package of coke. However, as I’m sure you would agree, we name our pets after things we have some association with. Current brings up a very good point and your comment is, quite frankly, rather dumb.

          1. roxy_7991 says:

            My cat is named Guinness and I hate beer and actually don’t drink hardly any alcohol. It took me several days to name him and that’s what stuck. My pit is named Brandy, which was just a random name, but between the two it could be perceived I name most of my pets after alcoholic beverages. I do agree that we usually names our pets after interests, etc but it’s 100% of the time.

            1. roxy_7991 says:

              Dang it… NOT 100% of the time. That’s what I meant to say!

    3. bit_torrent says:

      …and my dog’s name is Bandit…now what?

      1. noonitoons says:

        You obviously drive the getaway car, it’s a no-brainer, case closed.

        1. bit_torrent says:

          The only thing obvious to me is your love of ‘vanity posting’.

          1. noonitoons says:

            What is “vanity posting”?
            I rarely post on articles, what did I do wrong in your opinion? It sounds negative.
            This story caught my interest, I have a rescue pit that looks like this one and the same age. Please tell me what you mean by that.

            1. Dave says:

              He meant he’s an assh ole and you should ignore him.

              1. heelers4me says:

                I second that Dave! bit_tolerrent is an asshat.

    4. s says:

      currentdesigns My first thought as well , i think its pretty obvious. The guy is a dope dealer and the armed guy was after drugs , money or both. Kilo! gimme a break, no one would name there dog that unless they were handling bricks.

      1. carolyn says:

        ” Kilo! gimme a break, no one would name there dog that unless they were handling bricks.”
        that is based on what exactly? the name of a dog has NOTHING to do with what the owner does with his time. Ill admit the owner MAY have named the dog that to push the “tough guy” image behind owning the breed, but your opinion has NO basis in fact.

      2. Blueunicorn says:

        My dog is named Lily, and she is no delicate flower!

    5. cara mcclung says:

      typical from a small minded person

    6. cara mcclung says:

      WHATEVER, is this all you think about is the negative side

    7. GRACIE says:


    8. sean suh says:

      You perpetuate the negative stereotype with comments like “Wonder what this guy was into.” This pit bull is the opposite of what is usually portrayed about pit bulls. FINALLY the media emphasizing what this breed is really capable of. LOVE and LOYALTY!

      1. lincoln log says:

        My Dog is named B.J.

    9. Steven says:

      This dog only exhibited the “NEVER quit attitude” and stong drive to protectMy 65 lb Red Nose female was a Tri-color named “Harley”………… Nope……… short for Harlequin mask ,as in Arlecchino, funny, agile and beautiful. I grieve for that dog every day.

    10. Ann Lettis says:

      Kilo is simply a metric weight system. Unfortunately some words have come to have double meanings. Example “bomb”, explosive, or “your the bomb” meaning of course fantastic. This is a great dog and God Bless his owner for saving his life in return

    11. 9jackie9 says:

      Mmmm – makes you wonder. The Owner’s comment was ‘the dog DID HIS JOB’. Worrying words. Hope he appreciates his loyal friend for the right reason – and Kilo hasn’t been ‘educated’ in aggression ……

  4. tymwltl says:

    Does anyone have a thought concerning the motive of this attempted crime ? The dogs’s name is Kilo. Is that short for kilogram a common unit of measure in the world of illicit substance trafficers. The guy was dressed in a Fed-ex uniform ( very professional ), umm makes me wonder if the perp knew his target might have something he needed desperatly. Just thinking out side the box , can’t possible be or can it ?

    1. noonitoons says:

      Are you part of Homeland inSecurity snitch squad?
      Let;s try some logic and suspend the Stasi mental for a moment.
      If the victim was doing what you accuse him of, would he allow himself to be interviewed, shown on local news, go through the police investigation, etc?

      1. s says:

        Defiantly some people are just insatiable ego maniacs.

        1. noonitoons says:

          Did you mean Definitely? Why am I an ego maniac?
          Do you not understand the comments I’ve written?
          Maybe you are under the employ of DHS?

          1. paul says:

            I think s was referring to the original poster, not to you.

    2. Pedro says:

      tymwitl bozo,
      You don’t dress up like Fed Ex person to a attack a known drug dealer who would only have a 12 year old dog for protection, instead of some serious fire power, which he didn’t, His only defense, an old dog.
      This guy was hitting the whole neighborhood but ran into the wrong dog.
      Watch some better TV programs.

    3. Bette says:


      I think you mean to say “thinking in stereotypes” since that is exactly what you are doing~ Honorable APBT’s need friends like you the way they need a hole in the head!

    4. Okuhou says:

      Really? Based on the dog’s name he was obviously doing something bad? What if his name was short for Kilometer? My dog’s name is Tank. What does that say about me?

      1. noonitoons says:

        That obviously proves you are a member of a militia group, which now means you are a threat.
        My 2 pits are named mush and lumpy, had a Chow named tonka, What does that say about me?

        1. cara mcclung says:

          so what, my pit bull is named ganja—-AND WE DON,T SMOKE, ANYTHING

      2. K_Tres says:

        My dog’s name is Chichi. Does that make me a Mexican stripper?

        1. Sean says:

          No, it makes your dog a Mexican Stripper. You’re obviously the bitches pimp.

        2. Pedro says:

          Very funny, but it all depends on how hot looking ChiChi is

      3. mewp12 says:

        My dog’s name is Chiquita Pepeta d”oui. Care to gues what that means?

    5. Kingfish says:

      Jump to conclusions, it might have been Travons dad looking for his kid that took his stash, never know.

    6. Dave says:

      That must be why the story goes on to say after the incident, when police arrived they found drugs in the apartment and busted the guy.

      No? Gee, I wonder why it didn’t say that……

      1. SteveBob says:

        this guy didn’t have to be some big-time drug dealer with stacks of blow to be a robbery target, a small stash would be more than enough. people are ripping off copper pipes for pocket change nowadays. not every robbery is going to be some big score; there are low-level dealers who get robbed all the time. if you’re sitting on 1-2 oz. of coke and 3 gunshots go off in your house, it’s a no-brainer as to whether or not you flush it (or go hide it in the backyard, or whatever). cokeheads are notoriously egotistical, so it’s not a stretch to think that one would hop onto the evening news to brag about the situation after nearly being shot/busted.

        there’s an off-chance that this wasn’t the case, but if i had to put money on it, i would use deductive reasoning and put my cash on the safe bet. i should add that i have absolutely no qualms with users or even small-time peddling. i’m just not going to act ignorant when a situation is so obvious.

        1. scbr says:

          “i’m just not going to act ignorant when a situation is so obvious”. That is exactly what you are doing, acting ignorant. Because in YOUR little world kilo only applies to drugs, that is, you apply a great “deductive reasoning and put cash on the safe bet”. Guess what? Kilo means so many things that I don’t think you can count. In some places is even a compliment for women or men. So keep your bet, you may lose big time!

    7. Rock says:

      Actually, the guy is a computer nerd. The name Kilo is short for Kilobyte…which the perp found out..byte…get it?

    8. tash says:

      kilo is also a Mexican nick name for pets and a native American name to name a puppy. I had a squirrle for the reason when she was found its how much she weighed. our pity was named minion, and I’m not an overlord lol, and loved her. Don’t think because the dog was named kilo it means anything

    9. scbr says:

      Kilo is a measure of weight, used exactly for that. So you can refer to a kilo of drugs coming from Colombia or a kilo of pasta coming from Italy or a kilo of red meat coming from Argentina. It is just a weight measure but it is the official measure in SO many countries that I would bet money is the most used in the world. But in your ignorance (and the racism that comes with it) you can think of just one thing, drugs. Just for your information in some countries, it is also used in the regional slang to compliment women (or men) as great or beautiful. But of course you wouldn’t know. In your little tiny world Kilo can mean just one thing and it is coke or marihuana. That says a lot about you.

  5. Jack says:

    Pit Bulls are the best. Smart, loving and loyal. I love my Pits!!!

    1. amitorelocato says:

      I have a Red Nose.Can’t get a better dog than that.Loyal,Obedient,Protective.All the qualities you want on a dog.Most of all, they look like Real Dogs.Love mine.

    2. Pedro says:

      I have three rescued Pits and I am astonished as to how smart they are.
      I have had many types of dogs that I have rescued over the past 30 years but these Pit Bulls are the smartest. Yet that is not found in literature.

  6. sam says:

    Did this dog ever manifest racist inclinations?

    Racist dogs should no more be tolerated than racist whites.

    The hate must stop.

    1. Victor says:

      Keep in mind that the dog is white.

      1. noonitoons says:

        No, the dog is half brown half white, just like Dear }”if I had a son”} Leader.

        1. Victor says:

          Okay, so perhaps the dog is a ‘White Hispanic’.

          1. noonitoons says:

            Good Comrade, you’re up to date with the program!

          2. georgeincincy says:

            too funny

    2. noonitoons says:

      If I had a son, he would look like Kilo.

      1. Victor says:

        That would mean that your wife was a b-tch.

        1. noonitoons says:

          That’s impossible, I’m a Human b-itch!
          You’re assuming that I’m a male dog.

          1. Pedro says:

            See, when we ASSUME we make an A** out of U and ME.
            I was waiting 20 years to make that stupid joke, finally!!!

      2. georgeincincy says:

        and another too funny, yall are killing me, oops I am wearing a hoodie

        1. noonitoons says:

          New DHS Instructions for personal safety,
          1 Remove hoodie.
          2 Pull up your pants
          3 You are now safe.

    3. Mike says:

      Your white guilt will not ruin America, we are sick of your type.

      1. curt says:

        Hey Mike, Booga Booga! Go sniff Obama’s throne

      2. noonitoons says:

        Mike, you are correct, my “white guilt will not ruin America, because I have none.
        What are you talking about?
        What type?

  7. bernieb says:

    One rarely hears anything GOOD about Pit bulls, one rarely hears anything GOOD about New York, one rarely hears anything GOOD about bl@ck home invasions. . . . . . Does anyone feel a pattern here ? . . . It’s not too late to escape !

  8. CB says:

    The dog was obviously profiling…. 😉

    1. Rockit says:

      The Obama admin will accuse the dog of racism.

  9. jerrykregle says:

    I hope Kilo made a meal out of this jaggoffs Scrote and berries

  10. Paul says:

    Didn’t Obama say “they bring a pit bull to a fight, we bring a gun”?

    1. Brad says:

      Close… Obama Flashback: ‘If They Bring a Knife to the Fight, We Bring a Gun’…

      Read more: http://nation.foxnews.com/politics/2011/01/10/obama-flashback-if-they-bring-knife-fight-we-bring-gun#ixzz1r7gw0AOE

    2. Brad says:

      SO If they bring a Gun… We bring a Pit Bull!

  11. Cry and Howl says:

    Great story! Very happy the beast survived. I doubt my little Shi-Tzu would be of much help in that situation.
    Pit Bull or no, this is a great story, and great dog!

    1. CB says:

      I saw on our news where a chihuahua chased out a grown man that came in to rob a store (they had it on the surveillance tape)…so you never know. 😀

      1. Cry and Howl says:

        Ha haaa!! Yeah, I guess you’re right CB. One never can tell!

  12. Calvin says:

    I am impressed but I was more impressed with my 45 pound border collie when I was a kid. He was goofy, playful, friendly and looked after baby animals of all species but when someone came into our drive way, raised his voice, and acted threatening it was a growling dealer of death that approached him.

    We always remember Poopsie that little mangy pup that we found in the woods.

  13. Darrell says:

    Whoa, wait a minute. Guns are illegal on Staten Island, so there could NOT have been a “gunman”. Had to have been sumthin’ else.

    1. Brad says:

      Dude! only criminals have guns! Get it through your thick skull!

      Law abiding citizens are suppose to just take it up the tail pipe.

      1. Darrell says:

        Um, that was the intended joke. Call off your pit bull.

    2. Henry R Kneitz III says:

      Why wasn’t the dog arrested? He attacked the man who was just out for a walk in a Fed Ex costume. What’s wrong with that? That man should have been arrested as well. Closing the door like that on a man who only stopped by to say hello.

  14. Mark P says:

    Great job Kilo!! Nice to see some good press for a Pit Bull for a change. I am a veterinarian and pit owner. One of my 2 absolute favorite breeds and they make great family pets. I feel very comfortable leaving my wife and young daughters home alone knowing that Brutus will NOT allow anyone to come in that house.

  15. DavidArizona says:

    Did the perp look like Obama’s son if he had one?

    1. iiRIGHTii says:

      Obama aborted his son in college… Read the book

    2. Schmackley says:

      Obama can’t have a son. He’s too narcissistic to allow anyone to share the spotlight with.

  16. Phoenix says:

    Kilo represents the very best attributes of pits. They are loyal, intelligent, comical and built like a tank. I hope he has a 100% recovery.

    1. Pedro says:

      They are comical, good call I have three and they have an incredible sense of humor that just suddenly bursts out of no where. Good call.

  17. OldScout says:

    Never had a Pit Bull, but we did have a 135lb Rottweiler. She was not only protective of our household family, but “adopted” our infant grandson from the first time he entered our home. She would insert herself between him and any adult that she did not know. She took on a coyote (we are in Iowa) that came at me while on an evening walk. The coyote lost. A loving, loyal friend that I still miss.

  18. Missy Ogyny says:

    One more ruse the gutter-trained Obots use to steal your property–A FEDEX UNIFORM! (They’re so incredibly unemployable, they have to steal legitimate work uniforms to commit crimes!) Too bad the victim didn’t have a gun…Could have rootie toot tooted the swarthy skank into an eternal dirt nap!

  19. tracy says:

    Kilo, such a good boy and such a hero!

  20. Doglover says:

    I’m glad the dog survived, but I have a feeling that had it been a different breed that doesn’t have a noggin like a T-rex, it wouldn’t have been so lucky.

  21. Ed Ward II says:

    Where Jesse and Al and Obama?

    1. Al Schork says:

      dat white dawg had no reason to go after that brother. He was just lookin to get his skittles on.

    2. NOBHO2012 says:

      BHO doesn’t help us which is why we need to have 2nd amendment rights.

      1. yogiman says:

        Kick the bums you have in office our and vote people in your offices that will get you those rights.

  22. EdS says:

    The bullet ricocheted OFF THE SKULL? HOLY @#$*! I knew they were strong dogs, but a skull that strong? unbelievable. Kudos to the dog and glad to see the owners are safe!

    A well trained dog is your best protection against home invasion. Period.

    1. Rimbaud says:

      while a well-trained dog is definitely a great asset, a firearm comes in at #1.

      1. Pedro says:

        Actually a dog beats a firearm at 2AM when you are sound at sleep.
        Then a firearm comes in a strong second!

        1. Schmackley says:

          Either way he will have to peel back his hoodie and see whats gonna hit him first.

  23. redruffansore says:

    What a great dog, too bad Kilo couldn’t eat this Obot before he could rob or vote again.

  24. Jeff says:

    I have three dobermans. I figure if a criminal does break in the chances of them exiting alive are nil, as I also own several handguns and various other weapons. The dog was very brave and protected his master and family. Congrats on the owner for having such a brave dog and I pray for his rapid recovery.

    1. Jeff Benson says:

      Let’s nominate KILO fpr a Humane Society Award. Do you know, or would you like to begin this petition or contact the HSUS to begin. We are fortunate of being in April, early enough that KILO is eligible for nomination.

  25. bad writers says:

    Does the person who wrote this article even know what HEROIC means? The dog attacking the bad guy did nothing heroic. It’s an animal that was protecting his owner. This was just instinct!

    1. ~ says:

      bad writers,

      Do you know what HEROIC means? Maybe you could explain it to us?

      Have you ever met ANY person or any animal that was heroic?

      Speaking of instinct, do you operate on any level using “instinct”?

      Are you ever “heroic”?

      1. Cry and Howl says:

        Bad writers is a dick. Like I said my little Shi-Tzu wouldn’t have been any good in that situation … of course I love the little guy.
        Jeez, you wonder why people comment trying to show people that they are smart … when they’re really dumba$$es.

    2. Right Now says:

      Actually, it may surprise you to know that MANY dogs do not protect their owners when their people are being attacked or the home broken into. Some hide and cower from intruders while others seem oblivious to the danger until violence erupts and then they too, hide and cower or simply bark in fear but take no action to protect. This goes for large, medium and small dogs alike.

      The pit bull did a great job protecting its owner.

      1. ~ says:

        Animals, like humans, are all unique individuals. They, and we, are all shaped by the pasts, who they are around, the shots they are given, and even what they eat.

    3. Doooshfighter says:

      Have you ever heard of being a dooooshbag? That’s you.

    4. Coolit10 says:

      What do you think a Hero is doing,moron?

    5. redruffansore says:

      Instinct tells me to call you a clueless ass. Heroic would have been me sensing you were about to make a public ass out of yourself and I flew to your place and beat your PC into a billion pieces to save you the public embarrassment.

      How am I doing so far?

      1. Pedro says:

        As of this time, this is the funniest comment of this thread.

  26. Alvin says:

    I live in Kansas, we have gun laws which allow us to protect ourselves and our dogs.

    1. Stan says:

      Why does this not surprise me.

  27. PowerPC says:

    Although I have never owned a Pit Bull, a friend of mine owned one before his wife took the dog after they got divorced. That Pit Bull was really a great big baby! As big as he was the dog loved to climb up in someone’s lap and curl up for a good rubbing.

    On the other hand, My Aunt was attacked by her neighbors Pit Bull. The dog really damaged her thigh and she required numerous stitches in her leg. The dog was actually muzzled before the attack and for some reason the neighbor removed the muzzle while she and the dog were entering their portion of the duplex. That is all it took and the dog was on the attack. Pit Bulls are what their owners make of them.

  28. Boatner says:

    God bless you, your girlfriend, and Kilo!

    1. Sex is good in wedlock says:

      Mary the girl dude!

  29. blunt trauma says:

    “The veterinary people put a superhero insignia on this bandage.”

    The veterinary people……LOL

  30. HoseA says:

    pit bulls fight off everything…

  31. Babe says:

    Thank God for some intelligent replies here!
    If not for Lilo, that guy would have been dead.
    I hope he took a few chunks out of that low life thief!

  32. Michael P says:

    I thought that guns were illegal in New York

  33. Gary says:

    I am 48 years old and have owned probably 10 dogs in my life. I now have a pit bull and she is the most loving, loyal dog I have ever had the pleasure of owning. Why to go Kilo!

    1. Dj says:

      Gary, I too have a female pitbull (rescue from Baltimore) and found her to be the best dog I’ve owned in my 38 years. I am sold on females of this breed from here on. Awesome dogs.

    2. Al Schork says:

      Had them all my life (62 yrs), have 3 now, Best and most loyal canines in the world. Some owners are just poor trash or stupid, or both.

  34. kburger says:

    “…carrying a pistol with a clip…”

    That’s a strange way to carry a pistol. Convoluted wording. Maybe “carrying an automatic pistol that had a magazine,” perhaps? But that would be redundant. Show me an automatic pistol that doesn’t have a magazine.

    1. Jahnke says:

      Most journalists are liberals … and know absolutely nothing about guns (or liberty, courage, morals, justice …).

    2. CB says:

      A pistol with a clip, is as opposed to a revolver, which does not. But I agree it’s awkward wording. I doubt it’s an automatic (aka a Uzi machine gun) but a semi-automatic.

      1. Coolit10 says:

        Probably a Tech- 9. gangsta favorite.coward favorite.Magazine hangs out about 4 inches. About the same as these cowards.Breed Pits.Not these POS.

  35. Billy J says:

    One the best family dogs anyone could ever own. They get a really bad rep. They are super great with kids and other small pets.

  36. Love NYC says:

    Once they catch the perp, his criminal defense lawyer is going to use the excuse that he was trying to retreat and was pushed and crushed in the door by the owner and that he shot the dog in self-defense. Sadly, a jury will buy some lawyer’s spin on it. If the owner can’t remember the exact color of his clothing or car, forget it. Speedy recovery to Kilo.

    1. steve of scrabblecheat.com says:

      Wasn;t there an episode of Married with Children like this.
      The robber sued Al Bundy for beating him up and won $100,000

      would be nice to see the dog attack the jurors.

  37. Rick O'Shea says:

    i had a female Pit and she slept at my feet on the bed. When someone came to the yard gate she would put herself between me and the gate.She lived a long and happy life.

  38. E.T. says:

    the dog is a racist.

    1. Rip Torn says:

      I wonder if the robber looks like a son Obama would have had.

      1. SavageMagoo says:


      2. Rick O'Shea says:

        Looks like, he probably was?

      3. Well Armed Lamb says:

        Maybe it was Obama’s uncle I here he is out of jail now

      4. marlene klim says:

        Amazing how 85% of all killers look like they could be Bammy’s son. Or is that Soetoro’s son?

  39. sherry says:

    lovin the pibull breed, he is my hero too!!!!!

    1. huufarted says:

      Guh Boyyyyyyyyy Kilo Guhhhhhhh Boyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!

  40. lwlfnm says:

    He will sue the dog and his owner for racially motivated assault

  41. roninmaximus says:

    Very fortunate the gentleman’s dog was there and able to provide for his defense – and did so successfully. It is sad, though that in New York someone can be accosted in such a way by a piece of filth like that…begs the question of what might have happened if said resident possibly got the assailant’s weapon away from him, successfully defend himself (shoot and possibly kill) with it and be arrested for doing so. That’s the insanity of the laws there.

  42. max54 says:

    Enough of the race crap! Kudos to the pit bull. They are awsome dogs who are extremely inteligent, full of tons of energy, outstanding personalities and character and although they do need a strong alpha to keep them in order, they will go down for their masters. I hate the idiots that mess with them to make them mean. In the right household they are awsome family dogs that will be playful an fun and I say it again, they will sacrifice it all for that family.

  43. mark oconnell says:

    Best dogs ever – hands down. So sad that far too many thugs and rednecks who fight dogs agree.

    1. mark oconnell says:

      Wouldn’t give my pit up for the world. I’ve passed up on many nice apartments and rentals because they wouldn’t allow “that breed” thanks to all of the ghetto trash that have so mistreated these animals.

      Their natural disposition can’t be beat – unless their human literally beats them, that is. I let my dog play with my one year old nephew, he plays great with my cat, plays great with the neighbor’s shitzu, and listens to every utterance I make.
      The fact that pits get a bad rep really ticks me off.

  44. Peter says:

    He was probably there to rape the guys

    1. tremayfreon caudwell says:

      more likely, he was there to rape the guy. or the dog.

      1. Neonentity says:

        Wow. Better get back on the meds, friend.
        FWIW, we have a pit mix. Incredibly intelligent, loyal, and with a great sense of fun.
        Kilo is a true hero. I hope he has many more years ahead of him.

    2. juan one says:

      Not trying to rain on the party of the hero dog but, look at the facts.
      1. Perp dressed like s Fedex driver and acted like he was delivering a package.
      2. He was armed with a loaded weapon.
      3. Owner own a pit named is Kilo.(short for kilogram)
      Perp used a good disguise and was prepared for violence. He went to the apt when both the male and female were present. Conclusion is he probably was after drugs, money, or both.

      1. UgotJUANupyouraz says:

        Actually Kilo can also be short for Kilobyte, owner could be in the IT field. Jackhole!!

  45. Protestant Man says:

    Kilo is my hero too! The dog had no fear against a man holding a gun, who ultimately shot him. I’m very impressed.

  46. mittra says:

    obama’s grown man son, I’m sure!

    1. dawgmama says:

      Don’t quit your day job,mittra, cause you’re not going to make it as a comedian or political hack. I’ll just assume that you are a little stunted, and that you wish Kilo a fast recovery! Go, Kilo!!!

      1. robertbayer says:

        Mittra .. Good one HA!

      2. mike ball says:

        No Mittra was right. Your the stunted one.

  47. kentuckian says:

    Time for some idiot to complain about pit bulls being dangerous.

    1. Coolit10 says:

      Labrador retrievers bite more people than any other breed. Blame the owners. No dog is born to be mean. Think about genetics/history of all breeds.Mean dogs ended up in the soup.

  48. Feral Apes says:

    should we be on the lookout for someone that looks like what Obama’s son would look like? Or would that only pertain to fed ex drivers wearing hoodies?

  49. Snod says:

    He was wearing a hoodie!

    1. Crsnj says:

      No but he thought the tenant had skittles! Lol

  50. Andrew Kent says:

    Too bad they couldn’t get the gun away from the perp and pump a few shots into him while the dog was ripping his throat out. Then they all would have been heroes, and this guy wouldn’t still be on the loose with his gun and a FedEx uniform. Of course, with all the guns in Staten Island, it’s only a matter of time until he gets his comeuppance.

    1. Mike Johnson says:

      No, they would have labeled Becker a racist and the throngs would have come out to protect the perp.

      1. SavageMagoo says:

        Tru that! what a backwards world we live in. The only thing that makes me smile anymore is scratchin the head of my 8 year old brindle pit and knowing that her unconditional love is behind those big brown eyes. Pits are the absolute best dogs no matter what Michael Savage says.

        1. ~ says:

          I have never heard Michael Savage make a negative comment about Pit Bulls!

          Michael Savage loves ALL animals and he certainly loves dogs! Course, he might debate on which is his favourite.

          The sad thing is all the Trash who own and abuse their Pits. I know karma is not mocked and not fooled, but I would certainly like to help her along.

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