'Kilo' Didn't Take Too Kindly To Gunman Pushing Into Staten Island Home

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There’s a dog that took a bullet, possibly saving his owner’s life. And surprisingly, the 12-year-old pit bull shot in the head survived.

The pit bull named “Kilo” was off to the vet Wednesday for a check-up, after taking a bullet for his owner, Justin Becker.

“He’s a hero. He saved my life. He went to protect me and he did his job,” Becker told CBS 2’s John Slattery.

Even Dr. Greg Panarello, the veterinarian who treated the dog, was impressed.

“Incredibly lucky. Incredibly lucky,” Panarello said.

It happened Saturday evening in Becker’s apartment house in the Graniteville section of Staten Island. A gunman, posing as a FedEx deliveryman, wearing a uniform, rang the bell and said he had a package, but then pushed his way into the apartment.

“He barged in. My first reaction after seeing the gun is push him out, so I pushed him to the door. Like I said, he fell like wedged right by the door. I slammed him inside the door and he was stuck and tried to get out now because he was getting crushed,” Becker said.

His girlfriend has been holding the dog and let go.

“I was shocked and I was terrified,” Nicole Percoco said.

The dog went after the gunman.

Kilo the hero pit bull

“Now Kilo came out to protect me. Grrr, he tried to come through the door at the guy, his head was out. Grrr, then I heard the guy, three gunshots,” Becker said.

One of the shots hit the dog in the head.

“It did ricochet off the skull and went straight down and exited at the neck,” Dr. Panarello said.

The vet staff put a superhero insignia on this bandage. Kilo was up and around Wednesday, going for walks just three days after being shot.

“I think it’s amazing. He saved my life,” Becker said.

You’ve heard of a cat with nine lives. Kilo seems well on his way.

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  1. IsitFridayyet says:

    Perhaps it was a random home invasion, but I find it odd that a guy with a gun posing as a delivery man chooses this home to “push his way into”. Could the said victim be involved in illegal activity? He does have a dog named Kilo. Just sayin…

    1. Marvin says:

      And almost all pit owners are involved in illegal activity.

      1. Samantha MG says:

        im a Pyschology student i practically live at my school so what illegal activity are me and my pitBULLS intto?? huh?? Stupidity should be a crime then all of us Pitbull owners wouldnt have to deal withthe BS <3 if givein the choose btwn a pitty n a person im picking the pitty EVERYTIME!!

        1. Liberals are cancer says:


          I think I got your point, and I agree.

          Pits will attack threatening and stupid people, so we should breed thousands, and let them loose in the cities.

          That will clean out the weak, stupid, and liberals…

          1. scbr says:

            No, sorry. Pitbulls are too smart for Republicans so Republicans tend to be the ones that want the dogs to fight and die. Pitbulls reaised with liberals just want to play and be happy dogs that may attack only if their owner is attacked…

  2. Bishop says:

    Good job Kilo!!!!!

  3. Robert says:

    I’ve owned many breeds of dogs throughout the years and recently got my first Pit. She is a sweetheart. Her and my little guy, schnoodle rescue, are inseperable. And now the Air Force is moving me to the UK, who doesn’t allow Pits. Nothing like breaking up a family over some BS myth about Pits. Fortunately my mom is a dog lover as I am. She is inheireting my pooches. I can’t see breaking them up and only taking the little guy. I know they’ll be in good hands.

  4. Joe Blough says:

    It’s been a known fact for ages that pit bulls have thicker skulls than the “more intelligent” breeds. By the way….”Who Let the Dog Out”? (My tongue is firmly in cheek)

  5. greg mitchell says:

    I’ll bet money this pit has bitten or attacked friendlies too during the last 12 yeard

    1. Marvin says:

      Right, it should be destroyed!

  6. Paula says:

    I would suggest that the next FedEx, UPS, or USPS guy leave any package at the door, hit the doorbell, and leave running.

  7. Donna g says:


  8. Yaspar says:

    Something is fishy about this whole story, if you ask me. Dog named “kilo?” Armed intruder targets this particular home, and takes precaution of wearing a disguise. (Was FedEx van idling outside?) So the intruder was expecting to find something particular in the home, and wore a disguise and brought a gun to get through the door. I wonder what was in that house? Something that comes in kilos? Something that needs protecting by the official dog of thugs and dope-dealers, a pit bull? Very fishy.

    1. Marvin says:

      I agree!

  9. OpinionChanged says:

    I always thought pit bulls were a mean, dangerous breed. Then one day about 6 or 7 years ago my mother happened upon a starved, ready-to-die white “dog” that had been abandoned on the side of the road. She took it in, my brother wound up nursing it back to health. Its an American pit bull, looks EXACTLY like Kilo here. It is, hands down, the absolute NICEST dog I have ever known. Even with other dogs. Seriously the most loving, caring, gentle dog Ive ever known out of dozens. Heck his other dog (a part-boxer) is far more unpredictable and “scary” than the pit. It’s all in how they are raised.

    1. greg mitchell says:

      uh yeah-that story totally changes my opinion too

    2. Samantha MG says:

      <3 glad to see wheni tell people all you have to do is actually MEET one to fall in Love<3 Pitties are just the most humanly expressive dogs with the SWEETEST SMILES <3
      Kilo is the perfect example of how loyal these dogs are… i bet after he was shot he was still only concerned with his "parents" safety <3

  10. glenp827 says:

    guns ARE illegal in NY so why did this law abiding criminal possess a firearm?

  11. diana kunselman says:

    These beautiful dogs are the most abused, are the most loyal to their owners. Sad that we have to have comments that are to the contrary. Pitbulls react the way they are trained. We have so many dumb butt pitbull owners, such scum, that is a crime. They are the dangerous ones not the dogs. This dog is a hero.

    1. Marvin says:

      This dangerous breed should be destroyed on sight, and outlawed!

  12. glenp827 says:

    I go to the door armed. No one is ever expected at my front door and I maintain my own safety living alone

  13. StillInMO says:

    Dogs are good protection, but a personal firearm is better. The bad guy should have been the one shot, not the dog.

  14. DM says:

    Funny I thought guns were illegal in NY. I guess its time for a few more.

  15. fred says:

    Years ago, when I knew people in the business, fake Fed Ex delivery men was the way drug dealers got robbed. A pit named Kilo sort of maybe might perhaps could confirm my suspicion. Or maybe not. Good dog though, too bad he didn’t rip the guy’s face off while he was pinned in the door.

  16. danny says:

    Some of these comments here makes me wish the apocalypse happens soon. People are pathetic and the worst species on this planet.

    1. Marvin says:

      Stop talking about yourself like that. You are a good person!

      1. danny says:

        Marvin, go E.A.D. you silly troll (eat a XXXX)

  17. cfactus02 says:

    Should be named Mc Gruff as he takes a bite out of crime.

  18. bobdee says:

    I have been around APBT’s for over 20yrs, They are truly America’s breed ! Oppose all BSL !

  19. Lars Johnson says:

    Glad to see Pits get a fair shake. All the general public ever hears is the down-side of the breed.

    Wonder how many people realize that Petey, the dog in the old Spanky and Our Gang TV show, was a Pit?

    1. greg mitchell says:

      well, that’s mainly what that breed offers, the downside.

    2. glenp827 says:

      sorry I posted teh same thing later — I didn’t see your post on PETEY first

  20. dee says:

    Finally a positive story about a pitbull. Its all in how you raise a dog. Get well soon Kilo!

    1. Yaspar says:

      Positive stories about pit bulls are very rare, aren’t they? Ever wonder why?

      1. glenp827 says:

        wasn’t a positive story for the perpetrator

    2. Marvin says:

      That because most of these beasts are no good vermin:^)

  21. dee says:

    Finally a positive tory about a pitbull. Its all in how you raise a dog. Get well soon Kilo!

  22. Darin says:

    Cally, The only trustworthy pit bull is a dead one. If you are dumb enough to own one and let your family members be around it then that is OK with me….. but if it comes over in to my yard…..Bang!

    1. greg mitchell says:

      innocent people in some hoods face more danger from these dogs than criminals. Think about it. Pit buls target innocent kids…
      Pit bulls maul innocent people, usually. one positive pitbull(?) story will not change that.

  23. Jakoby says:

    I think this is just an amazing view on Pits! They are awesome and loyal dogs! Finally in the media they are getting justice to the breed. It’s incredible he survived. I hope he continues to stay healthy he seems like an amazing dog!

    1. greg mitchell says:

      this dude is in denial over this hoopla story

  24. Darin says:

    Paul, your brain is as small as a peanut if you believe the criminals in the UK don’t have guns….. Go cower somewhere you POS!

  25. Darin says:

    Sorry folks but Zeigler is right. Cops are there to generate revenue for their state, county, or city. D.U.I., drug posssession, traffic tickets, no problem they are Johnny on the spot, but if you call them because your house was burglarized, forget it. That is too much work and will yield little revenue. You can argue all you want, but those are real life facts.

  26. paul says:

    Wouldn’t have minded reading if they caught the perp or not…

  27. The stranger says:

    Yes because they keep killing people, Yes even their owners, but that is what they are bred to do. In this case the pit attacked the bad guy and not the owner

    1. tash says:

      guess you never had a pit? First off they where bred for pulling and protecting owners from bull charging, later they where used for bull baiting. Pitbulls where Americas dog even shown in war posters as ” the ever watchful and loyal” . Sorry but they where not bred to attack people but to work. So far I’m 21 I had a pit as a baby, a kid, a teen, now I rescue them as a adult, and i can say I been bit by every breed not once by a pitbull. If you raise them right they do right.

      1. Monkeyman says:

        This breed is variously cited as being responsible for nearly a third of all fatal dog attacks in the United States, in part due to its tenacity in a fight. Pit bulls cause one-third of dog-bite related fatalities while only make up less than 2% of the dog population. Because of the deaths, maulings and serious injuries inflicted by Pit Bulls, many countries worldwide ban these dogs altogether or require licenses for ownership of them.

        1. Angela says:

          It’s the humans…not the dogs.

        2. StatingTheObvious says:

          Again, it is how they are raised. Irresponsible pet owners usually raise pit bulls brutally, training them for fighting and aggression…gee, I wonder why so many people get attacked? When an animal is raised with love, proper care and training, there is never going to be a need to worry about any particular breed.

        3. thorschariot says:

          the Golden Retriever is responsible for the most dog bites in the U.S. There is no such thing as a “vicious” breed of dog. The dogs’ temperament depends almost entirely on how it is treated by those who own it.

          1. glenp827 says:

            not even close on that disinformation

            Column 1 is Breed Attacks doing Bodily Harm, #2 is Child Victims, #3 is Adult Victims, #4 is Deaths and #5 is Maimings
            Pit bull terrier 1110 495 397 104 608
            Golden retriever 6 6 0 1 4

        4. saffiemomma says:

          The problem with these statistics is that they lump several breeds of dogs under the umbrella term pit bull. When not all the dogs are true American Pit Bull terriers. So the stats your quoting are twisted to make these animals look worse. For every 5 “Pitbull” attacks you hear about on the new maybe 1 of them is a true APBT. The other 4 are more likely than not American Bull dogs, Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terrieres, Dogo Argentina or one of several other breeds or even a mutt. It’s just so much easier for the media to label it a “pitbull” for publicity and call it a day. Before you continue to spread the bs they want you to believe do a little more research and spread the truth.

        5. FAhq2 says:

          That is total BS. Black Labs bite and maul more adults and children in the US than any other dog. Followed by Spaniels in unprovoked bite situations.

          Dogs with high body counts are the Akita, the Chow-Chow and Malamutes.

          Furthermore, the American Staffordshire Terrier should not weigh more that 55lbs, and the Staffordshire Terrier not more than 40lbs. Females of the later, range from 30 to 40lbs. These are supposed to be small dogs. If you see a 100lb + Pitbull “looking” dog, somewhere along the line is was crossed with another “Bully” breed, i.e. American Bulldog, Olde English, Valley, and Bull Mastiff…the most common, to gain mass and size, this is no longer a dog to be lumped in with Petey from the little rascals or Nipper, the RCA Victor dog, Tige, the Buster Brown Mascot and Sgt Stubby who was a war hero in WWI and invited to the White house by 3 different Presidents.

          For Christ’s sake, Hellen Keller had one as a loyal companion that help shape a life for herself!

          Get your shiite together you sound like an ignorant arse.

          And to all of my APBT brethren, try and make an effort to stop calling them “Pits” or “Pitbull” any crossbred hybrid mongrel that enters the ring is a pit dog these days. I introduce my lapdog as an AmStaff Terrier, that is what she is. Great conversation starter. God Bless!

        6. Pit are ok but not owners says:

          Yea i think it is in fact the owners that are to blame. I’ve never met a Pit owner who wasn’t an A-Hole. I mean why would a good respectful person own a pit.

          1. Paul says:

            Then I guess I’m an A-hole because I’ll never have any other breed that than the Staffy. The have a lifetime friend in me.

          2. noway says:

            So who’s the a-hole now?

          3. A-Hole Pitbull owner says:

            I own a rednose/bluenose pitbull mix and I dare you to come and call ME an asshole…..she is the most loving and gentle animal i’ve EVER had. I’ve owned a few different breeds of dog from dachshund to husky and of ALL…i trust my pittie more with anyone from small children to full grown adults who have fears of animals…….I have the utmost respect from my community as both a loving father of 4 kids and a community activist……you may wanna recant on your stereotypical remark.

        7. philip drescher says:

          people make the dog that way read all the facts or do you work for a news sevice also!

      2. Robert says:

        Our pit bull was the smartest, most physically fit, and by far the most loving dog we ever owned out of roughly a dozen dogs throughout my lifetime.

      3. Sandy says:

        Tash, you are so right!! My son has had several pitbulls too, and each of them from pup, it’s all in the way they are raised, much like kids. If you raise them right, the turn out right.

        1. Jean2009 says:

          I raised both of my kids right, same way I was raised. However, one turned out to be a productive citizen in society the other one, well, he’s a bum, etc. So you never really know how your kids will turn out nor do you really know how your pet will turn out. Sometimes DNA takes over. My on son turned out to be alot like his dad whom he hasn’t seen since he was 2 yrs. old. And he has alot of his traits.

      4. the Dude says:

        That’s wonderful, bring the dog in my neighborhood and it’s as good as dead. Zero tolerance for these savages.

    2. kc says:

      Your ignorance is showing, Stranger, you need to research before you comment. People are to blame, not the breed; even pit bulls bred to fight by humans, once rescued, have been trained as therapy and search/rescue dogs. Pits are loyal, loving nanny dogs, and just like some people should not be allowed to have kids, some people should not be allowed to have a dog.

      1. Melody says:

        Very well said! Nice to finally read a POSITIVE story about a pit bull.

    3. Pitsloyalty says:

      When was the last time you heard a pit bull killing people???

      1. tash says:

        You know what’s funny we had a news paper artical that read pitbull kills owner. Turned out it was a lab. Pits recorded as killing are not always pits, most of the time they are even bully breeds that are mistaken for pits. The highest number by pits in a yr causing death was 3 in the last 5 years. For the most part the dogs where unsocilized and didn’t know the people they attacked. Once case a kid pulled on the stiches of the pit and it was not a kid from the pits family but a friend of the child who told him not to do that. Now no one speaks of the lab puppy who killed a baby on a swing, why? Not good ratings.

        1. steve says:

          We had a bull terrier for 10 years, she was the happiest friendliest dog I ever met. We saw countless news articles about bites, maulings etc.. more often than not, they showed a photo of a pit bull, or bull terrier, but the dog involved was a german shepherd, or husky, or spaniel but they ended the article with a paragraph on pit bulls – just trying to get ratings/sales.

          Our bull terrier also came to the rescue with someone trying to get onto the house. It was the only time I saw her go after someone. they are really smart.
          she was also more patient with children than I am.

          1. AtlasObjectivist says:

            Don’t call a Pit Bull a Bull Terrier. They are two entirely different dogs. Pit Bulls are owned by a-holes and are nothing but savages that should be put down.

            Bull Terriers are like the Target dog.

            1. kauboy says:

              You are a truly ignorant person.

              The American Pit Bull Terrier is a loyal breed. It will do whatever it has been trained to do to please its owner.
              If the owner is a horrible person, and raises the dog to be mean, it will be mean.
              If the owner is a kind person who raises the dog with proper discipline and care, it will be gentle and passive.
              My pup, Champ, is an APBT and simply adores my 4 year old daughter and her 4 month old brother.
              He lays with them, plays with them, and puts up with their annoyances better than I do.
              We’ve raised him right, just as I will raise my children right.

              I live in a quite suburban neighborhood. I am married with two beautiful children. I have no criminal record, I attend church every Sunday. I pay my taxes. I help those in need.
              Am I an a-hole simply because I own a particular breed of dog?
              If you think so, you are a shallow shell of a person.

            2. Nicole says:

              Are you people serious? I can not believe the ignorance in *most* of these replies. I am the proud owner of a American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT), YES, that’s the *official* name given by the UKC.

              The American Temperament Test Society, who test dogs on a variety of variables relating to temperament, has consistently scored APBT’s (86.8%) better than shetland sheepdogs (68.1%), german shepherds (84.6%), and yes, even the highly popular golden retriever (85.2%). Staffordshire Bull Terriers, often times labeled as APBT’s by the media, scored 90.3% in the series of temperament tests.

              Can we please look beyond the media, fight the ignorance, and open our minds to the truth?

    4. FAhq2 says:

      You must be a stranger to reality arsehole. Come a knocking at my door and push your way in my APBT is the 2nd wave of home defense, if you consider licked to death a terrible way to die. The first wave of Home Defense is a 100lb Cane Corso, schutzhund 3 trained, now THAT dog will take your gun arm off from the shoulder down. In case of multiple intruders, level 3 is a mossberg 500 and sabot slugs. By-in-by you’re a frickin idiot. You ain’t going to learn what you don’t want to know.

    5. S. Halverson says:

      Pits get a bad rap because of some bad breeding and undeducated owners. You might be interested to know the dog that bites thrid most frequently is the Golden Retriever (German Shepherds are #1 and Chow Chow’s #2). I’m an experienced dog owner and can tell you that it’s the way the dog is bred and handled. Yes, there are some pits that have been bred with so much aggression and fear that the kindest thing to do is put them to sleep, but that’s the exception rather than the rule. Right now, I wouldn’t own a Pit or any other strong and seemingly “aggressive” breed. I was in an auto accident a while ago and simply don’t have the strength or energy to properly handle them so for me right now it’s smaller, more docile breeds. These beautiful dogs are for experienced owners or someone who is willing to put in the time and energy to get the training needed to know how to handle these breeds. Dogs don’t kill people; stupid owners and greedy breeders kill people! Please don’t vilify breeds like Pits, Rotties, Dobbies, etc because of a few bad reports. For every report of one of them doing something agressive, there’s two or three stories like this one where the dog is willing to or does give up it’s life to protect it’s human.

      1. the Dude says:

        So full it and so tiring. How many cases of people being mutilated and killed by Golden Retrievers are there? Bring a Pit Bull in my neighborhood and it’s as good as dead – that’s a promise.

        1. kauboy says:

          Show me one story where an *actual* American Pit Bull Terrier killed an innocent person.
          I challenge you.

          It’s truly frightening to think that people as ignorant as you exist in this world and can be armed.

          1. glenp827 says:

            I had a patient whose pit bulls killed a child and he went to jail. Guy’s name was TURNIPSEED and it was in Atlanta so go look up the story and get back with me.

            the kids were teasing the dogs previously so they weren’t all that innocent

  28. Dresia Vaughn says:

    I’m so sorry, the BASTARD that tried to rob this family did not get his head chewed off. Good for Kilo. It shows, dogs are more loyal then man. Look at what Kilo did, protected his family. If I had a gun, I would have shot that motherf*cker through the door. Heal well Kilo. I’m so sick and dam tired, of all this robbing and killing over money, etc that we work hard for only for some low life to try and take from us. Get your ass out there and get a job doing something. I hope one day, the BASTARD that tried to rob this family will get a bullet. One less intruder off our streets.

  29. Anti LIB says:

    The “gunman” must not have realized it is against the law to carry a firearm. Otherwise this never would have happened.

    1. paul says:

      Or if we had really effective laws like Britain and other countries where even the bad guys dont have guns.

  30. Glenda says:

    Pit bulls, the other white meat!

    1. Pit boss says:

      See, the damn dogs are good for something other then target practice.

  31. Georeg says:

    What a great and beautiful dog. He looks as he’ll be fine. My idea for punishment of the offender … lock him in a small room with a wolverine high on angel dust .. stole that from George Carlin.

  32. Thor says:

    Cally, get a life you pit lover!

    1. Anna Luvell says:

      Thor, is that semen on your lips or just a couple of Marines?

      1. Henry says:

        Anna, there from your dad!

        1. Anna Luvell says:

          They’re = they are

          Their = shows possession

          There = a place

          English is a rich and beautiful language. You should try learning it so you don’t appear to be such a degenerate room temperature IQ moron.

          ====== ======= ============ =======

          1. Marvin says:

            Anna, you are not so bright yourself, feeding a troll. Also, your grammar is not that great.

  33. MisterJones says:

    Strong hint,had the owner of the pit-bull been allowed his RIGHT TO KEEP AND BARE ARMS HE WOULD NOT HAVE HAD TO OWN THE PIT-BULL! He would not have to feed his weapon just clean it after use.We dont call 911 in the Republic of Texas.We shoot the ba$tards.

    1. Jenny Craigg says:

      Shoot, shovel and shut up … the way it use to be. No need to involve the criminals called the police.

  34. outlaw pitbulls says:

    Pit bulls are the worst. They are always attacking people without warning and killing little kids, babies and old people. Pit bulls are not safe to own and should be outlawed. There is not one pit bull in this world that is not a violent murderer. I’ll bet they all vote republican because they are such nasty animals.

  35. Bruce says:

    Their natural born killers. The only good pit bull is a dead pit bull.

    1. Cally says:

      And all guys named Bruce are homosexuals .. right?

      And can’t spell or properly use grammar. Try ‘they’re’ Nancy Boy.

      1. Sam Hill says:

        Cally – your analogy is invalid. You are comparing apples to oranges. “Bruce” is a given name, just a label that identifies somebody, and can be changed. A pit bull is a pit bull at birth. It cannot be changed as a name can. Once a pit bull, always a pit bull.

        That being said, “Cally” sounds kind of feminine to me …

        1. Cally says:

          I guess you’ve never heard of Pavlov nor shall I take the time to explain to someone who’s name is associated with hell, not that I believe in it. Bruce may be able to change his name, but not his degeneracy, stupidity or proclivity for monolithic thought.

          1. Thor says:

            Grow up Cally! You pit bull loving twit.

            1. Reality says:

              Thor has spent too much time at his g l o r y hole.

              1. Barry Hegwish says:

                Wrong, Thor IS the g l o r y hole.

                1. Henry says:

                  Wrong! You both are used glory holes!

                  1. Barry Hegwish says:

                    “You can pretend to be serious; you can’t pretend to be witty.”
                    – Sacha Guitry

                    1. Glenda says:

                      Berry can you pretend to have a brain?

                    2. Pit boss says:

                      Berry, Grow up!

      2. Bruce says:

        And you are probably a gang banging, dog fighting homosexual right!

        1. Oh my says:

          Bruce knows when his sister has a yeast infection because his dad’s unit tastes funny …

          1. Henry says:

            Oh my you should come out of the closet!

            1. Oh my says:

              Henry, do you sit around for hours thinking up these stunning comebacks or are you just a natural? I’m sure everyone in here is awed by your genius. Please tell us more.

              1. Glenda says:

                Oh my god you have a small weenie! I thought I would enter this game.

                1. John Conlley says:

                  Can I smell your feet? No? I knew it was your p u s s y.

                2. Arnold Heeler says:

                  Glenda, take a shower you’ve ruined this room.

                  1. Marvin says:

                    At least they don’t smell like you two. Freshly made poop:^)

    2. Pedro says:

      “their natural born killers??” Do you mean I have three “natural born killers” sleeping on my bed every night for the last five years? OMG Brucey I’m soooo upset!! I’m going to wet my pants!

      1. Bruce says:

        Pedro, go back to Canada where you belong!

        1. Glenn Turney says:

          Bruce go back to your mum’s basement … oh .. that’s right, that’s where you live. Never mind.

          1. Henry says:

            Glenn I boned your moma for 5 bucks!

            1. Glenn Turney says:

              Wow, I just can’t believe how original and erudite you can be. So just how many vaccines have you had whilst you wash down your hot pockets with your Aspartame laden Big Gulp? What’s a moma? Is it as a momma?

              1. Glenda says:

                What in the hell are you talking about Glenn? Also, will the both of you please grow up!

      2. Pit boss says:

        Pedro, they will more people, especially kids then any other dog! The breed should be destroyed!

        1. Pit boss says:

          Pedro, they will kill more people, especially kids then any other dog! The breed should be destroyed!

          1. amitorelocato says:

            What do you know about Pit Bulls?Do you have one or you just give an opinion of what you hesrd.?Raise a human being in a bad enviroment and he will behave worst than a dog.Give them love,attention,care for them and see how humans and dogs respond.Blacks kill more people that anybody else, so should they be destroyed?

  36. GimmeDatDing says:

    Well, what the heck happened to the intruder??? Did he escape? Did the cops get him? Very poor reporting …

  37. Brad Pitbull says:

    “A Dog is very religious and its religion is free from superstition. The god it believes in is its master, and that god actually exists, and is actually concerned about its welfare, and actually rewards it and punishes it, on a plan comprehensible to Dogs and meeting with their approval, for its virtues and vices. Dogs need not waste any time over insoluble theological problems. Their god is plainly visible and wholly understandable — they have no need of clergy to guess for them, mislead them and get them into trouble.” ~ H.L. Mencken

    1. Brad Pitbull says:

      “There is honor in being a Dog. ~ Aristotle

      1. Brad Pitbull says:

        “Dogs are blameless, devoid of calculation, neither blessed nor cursed with human motives. They can’t really be held responsible for what they do.
But we can.” ~ Jon Katz,

    2. greg mitchell says:

      you are highly unbrilliant! You can rest assured that you will probably be able to leagally marry your (pitbull) in a couple of decades, however. Kids getting killed by pitbulls proceed the words of Katz, Mancken, Aristotal. Are you able to reason? Discern? Katz, Mancken, Aristotal were refering to pitbulls?
      I’m flabbergasted by your illogic…bewildered….

      1. greg mitchell says:

        sp error Aristolte

  38. spauna says:

    Had to wonder- why is the dog named Kilo? Kilo of what?

    1. Dove Luahglin says:

      A kilo of kick arse.

  39. Lt Scrounge says:

    You don’t know spit about pits. The breeder I got mine from tried to give me his father, but it was not socialized and I told her no thanks. So she gave me the 7 wk old puppy. 7 years later, he’s the friendliest and most loyal dog you could ever imagine and he’s a big boy. So many of my friends have fallen in love with him that I had to get a female to breed him with for them to have puppies of their own.

  40. muneshadowe says:

    To me the dog is not only a deterrent but also is used to hopefully delay the home invaders long enough for you to get to something close by so you can stop them permanently.
    Best to Judged by 12 rather than carried by 6.

  41. Nick says:

    Was this article written by the dog? After it was shot in the head? Holy cats that’s some horrible writing, lol.

  42. Larry Shank says:

    Hold on a second here. That guys gonna be in a lot ofTrouble, New York does Not allow Gun Ownership. Here, Here.

  43. richard says:

    THIS should in be posted in all jury rooms in every courthouse in the US

    1. greg mitchell says:


  44. navy says:

    Kilo is also a Russian attack submarine.

    1. muneshadowe says:

      I thought they were “Typhoon Class”? or am I thinking of their “Boomers”?

      1. John says:

        KILO and TYPHOON are NATO code names for Classes of Soviet era diesel-powered attack submarines and nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines respectively. Boomer is a generic name for a ballistic missile submarine.

        1. Chris says:

          No, the Kilo is a diesel-electric, but the Typhoon is nuclear powered.

    2. gsd says:

      What they are is great companions and loyal friends. My pit bull passed a few months ago and I miss him greatly. The dogs get a bad rap…

  45. Marian says:

    read this article…. don’t open your door to someone dressed as a fedex man,etc

    1. Brian says:

      Pigs? You’re an as*hole for calling the police that. They’re “Pigs” to you because you got your sorry ass busted for something that you shouldn’t have been doing… Grow up…

      1. Freedom says:

        No, they are pigs, because anyone that takes up a job to crush peoples lives over victimless crimes are pigs.

        I have never been busted for anything, but you ave to have a mental disorder to think creating an armed class of above the law tax feeders is somehow a good thing.

        How about you grow up you fascist pig lover? Maybe figure out the evil SOB you are worried about is in your head, not outside your door.

        Police are there to protect themselves and uphold the rules of their lords and masters. Let me give you a hint, if your not a cop or a government official, you aren’t included. YOU are the enemy. Stockholm syndrome is sad.

        1. 1911 says:

          You swallowed the pill, get back to the occupy looser crowed where you belong, and call us only when you need us to save you and not a second sooner. LOOSER

          1. Stu says:

            So, when exactly do the police save anyone? Only thing I have seen them do is document crimes after the fact. You guys need to wake up and realize that your not the big hero’s that you have been told.

        2. Officer Bob says:

          I’m a cop and I don’t mind being called a PIG. It stands for Pride, Integrity and Guts! People like freedom are just confused and it doesn’t bother me. Freedom probabl;y just doesn’t know any better because they have been brainwashed by the liberal media. Are there bad cops out there…absolutely. And it is a shame that those few give us all a bad name. However, Of the almost million uniformed officers (full and part time) out there, less than one percent are ever charged with misconduct. Of that, less than half are convicted! And I know what you’re going to say Freedom…it’s because the system is corrupt. Well, I hate to tell you that it isn’t.

          But that’s ok, you believe what you want and if you’d like, just don’t call us when an armed robber breaks in to your home and threatens you and your family. We’ve got lots of other stuff to keeep us busy.

          1. ziegler says:

            Officer Bob, I wa swith you up til your last comment. it complete discounts everything else you just said. Cops do not protect and serve. I’ll call YOU once I defend my family. YOU will only come out and file a report of witness accounts, and arrest me for defending my family. Call you….HA…that’s a joke…and you have heard it plenty of tims. When Seconds counts, the police are only minutes away. Call you for help…that’s one of the biggest jokes in this country, that the police are there to help. Get over yourself, you’re not there to help, you’re there to fill out the report and generate an income stream for the state.
            Never been arrested. The system is corrupt. That you would say otherwise shows you are just like the good little germans.

            1. JP says:

              Feel sorry for you, what is wrong with you and Freedom, go live in another country ..You both sound like spoiled brats and very imature….

              1. ziegler says:

                Why yes, the torries heaped such disapproval on those that spoke out against the crown too. I was born and raised in America, and I’ll die here. It makes me no less of an american to rail against the government. To a point, I would say it makes me more american that I would speak out against it.
                Officer Bob…if truly in Law Enforcement will corroborate what I stated. The chances that the police will stop a crime being committed is very slim. Especially a home invasion. It is up to the homeowner to defend his property and family. Depending on the police will only get you killed or worse.
                1911: model of handgun? ….either way..it’s LOSER…..LOOSER is a term meaning more loose.

            2. 1911 says:

              Good point. Outside of my house is where I spend my tax dollars on protection and safety, when it comes to my home and personal property is where I come in and defend and protect, there is know one who can do that job better then myself. Butt my respect and trust are with my local Police and the limits they have over my rights.

          2. JP says:

            Officer Bob, well said and thank you for all you do!!!!

            1. Firefighter John says:

              I second that…

              Thanks, Bob, for doing a thankless job, and thanks to all other officers who serve with integrity and honor. Most people have no clue what goes into being a LEO, much less the sacrifice and strain it puts on one’s family.

              Heck, without cops and military, mankind would just get along great and always do the right thing. We’d be swell to each other and be living in complete peace. All you’d have to do is say, “Swiper, no swiping!” and the criminals would stop and say, “Aw, man!” They’d give you a big group hug and everyone would say sorry.

              (It goes without saying, however: shame on those who pervert justice and abuse power. If you don’t answer for it in this life, you’ll answer for it in the next.)

          3. james pog says:

            Hmm, if I called you to come help me because an armed robber broke in my house and threatens me, then I’ll be dead long before you show up. OR, I could use my weapon, and call you to file a police report on the situation and HOPE you don’t arrest ME for defending myself. I’ll be nicer then Ziegler about it… But honestly, when is the last time you’ve came out to a scene while it was still happening? 1 out of 10? 1 out of 50? How many? The police ride alongs I’ve been on, usually involved us getting there, and the officer filling out some paperwork, and perhaps driving around hoping to find the perp. The Supreme Court already ruled, that YOU have no legal obligation to protect ME. And if we get down to the nitty gritty, that gun you hold is for your protection, not ours. Police haven’t been about protecting and serving the public for a very long time. 50% of the work seems to be traffic ticket enforcement.

            1. Firefighter John says:

              Is that the responding cop’s fault, or the legislator’s fault? (And therefore the voter’s fault?)

              Just saying. Not that I disagree with any of what you’ve said. I pray the day never comes when I’d have to defend my family. But using the second amendment and going through legal hell is better than being a statistic…

          4. yochanan says:

            some fools can’t tell the difference between sheep dogs and wolves. i can i love sheep dogs because they keep the wolves away.

          5. Nicole says:

            When only seconds count, the cops are only minutes away.

        3. JP says:

          My niece is a NYC police woman and is a wonderful caring person and law woman. The next time you need help, try not to call 911

        4. The stranger says:

          I have to agree with you. I had FAMILY who was cops and they were pigs. They were always above the law, breaking laws left and right along with many of the people who worked with them.

        5. 135na70 says:

          Hey pal, the one day some thug puts a .45 auto to your head you’ll be screaming for the cops, police, anybody with a blue uniform and a pistol. You’ll be praying for the officer to save you from this thug. Without them you would be the first statistic in the crime wave. If you don’t like it go live in Cuba or Egypt or Syria.

        6. Teri says:

          I suppose you don’t support our US Troops either….. I think figures with authority scare you. You’ve probably been busted for something you’ve done wrong and want to blame the entire world and not yourself. I have 5 pot bellied pigs so to call them pig lovers doesn’t bother me as I do love pigs, whether they are wearing a uniform or bumming around my backyard rolling in the mud… You are really a sicko and need help…

        7. Stone Cold Sailor says:

          there is no such thing as a victimless crime. only in a Progressive mind and the liberal world is there a “victimless crime”.

          Pig? Are you for real? Try growing up and becoming a person instead of a mindless robot for the lefty-hate-mongering Progressives. Try to use your mind instead of your “feelings”.

          Next time you are being attacked by one of your fellow “lefties”, call your friends to help you. I am sure the police will be busy with real crimes and criminals.

      2. Paul says:

        Brian, I think he meant to type pits as in pit bull.

        1. kevin says:

          No he didn’t. Read it again. I don’t think “pits” can take target practice.

        2. Rob says:

          No, that’s not what he meant at all. He typed “pig” more than once. What a pathetic creature.

    2. Gina says:

      What an A## you are dogshot. Let me guess, typical liberal.

      1. danny says:

        I am so sick and tired of people labeling as LIBERAL or CONSERVATIVE. I am a liberal. I respect the police. Gina, your comment is one of those comments that have no reason. I don’t know/care how or who you vote. I think you’re just a typical A##.
        But, I am so happy that this dog survived.

        1. jerry says:

          You are sick of labels and in the next sentence you label yourself. Another intelligent comment from a liberal…

          1. danny says:

            Let me re-phrase it so you can understand. I am not labeling someone else. Gina is. The person she response to was simply an A## hat. How does she know who or what he voted for? What does politics have to do with this?
            That would be like me telling you that you are a typical conservative that knows how to read, but lacks the comprehension part of it. I know many intelligent conservatives. You just seem to be not one of them.

        2. Nicole says:

          Liberal, Conservative. Both funded by the same corporations (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Goldman Sachs).

          I laugh at anyone who actually sees a difference. There is no liberal vs. conservative or left vs. right, just them vs. you and your rights.

    3. Robert says:

      Yep, don’t accept packages, ever.

    4. Bob says:

      Your mother was a pig for having you out of wedlock.

    5. Michael says:

      GOOD DOG

      1. ReadyEddie says:

        A dog who is a pitt-bull breed named Kilo…now is it pronounced Kee-Low? Hummmm makes one wonder how he got his name. I am not home during the day to accept packages so they leave them with my neighbor,,,,they have never been robbed at gunpoint either! Thiswhole story is salty/sweet glad no one died but the inuendos are stacked and wacked…..why wasn’t a neighbors point of view offered? they usually are for that 5 min of fame???? Just my opinion…………

        1. tash says:

          Guy a comp nerd the dog was named after kilobyte not sure if it’s correct spelling
          was The

          1. WakeUp says:

            @tash Just because someone is proficient in IT does not make them a “nerd”. That is insulting. Would I describe you as a fashion designer “homosexual”. No! Just because someone is an expert in fashion does not make them gay. It still boggles my mind how people feel it is necessary to slam certain careers and show bias towards the very people they call for help when they do something stupid.

            1. glenp827 says:

              so comb your hair and get the cookie crumbs and drool off your mouth —stop being a nerd.

            2. JohnDaniel says:

              Nerd is no longer an insulting or degrading term. The Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo, etc. founders are all nerds and laugh all the way to the bank. NERD speaks of educated, intelligent, wealthy, entrepreneurs.

        2. Gemma says:

          Um I don’t think the dog is named after a sub, more like drugs. Why was this person’s apt targeted by someone posting as Fed Ex? Maybe the resident is a drug dealer? I think my version makes more sense than anything else, but above all, I’m just happy the dog is ok.

          1. Steve says:

            Way to be a jerk.

          2. allan says:

            U are correct

  46. noonitoons says:

    No, it does not make up for the stupids who’ve taken ownership of a smart, loyal breed for the wrong reasons.
    Just like a stupid juvenile who’s never driven stealing a muscle car, odds are there will be human damage.
    In the hands of a mature experienced driver, none.

  47. mike says:

    It’s IGNORANT people like you that give pitbulls a bad name! Do some research “Bobingo the clown”

  48. rick says:

    Gunman? Typical use of this term to repeat the leftist mantra that guns are bad.
    Guns don’t do bad things. People do bad things.
    How about: “assailant,” “intruder,” “attacker,” “perpetrator,” “invader,” “agressor,” or even “bad guy.”

    1. noonitoons says:

      Nice point. We now live in Orwellville.
      Not only guns kill people, SUV’s kill them too.

      1. GRIZZ MANN says:

        “Quemadmodum gladius neminem occidit, occidentis telum est.”
        “A sword never kills anybody; it’s a tool in the killer’s hand.”
        – Lucius Annaeus Seneca.

    2. Jon Gordon says:

      “Intruder,” “attacker,” that’s pretty racist dude! How about a “middle-aged African-American gentleman who made a request for Becker’s property.” Just because this African-American gentleman pointed a gun doesn’t mean that he intended to use it. It’s pretty racist to just jump to those kinds of conclusions.

      1. noonitoons says:

        Jon Gordon,
        I think even my neighbors heard me laughing!!!!
        If you were a writer, I might by a newspaper again!

      2. noonitoons says:

        “Just because this African-American gentleman pointed a gun doesn’t mean that he intended to use it.”
        I think this is a thought crime and the victim should get a stiffer penalty!

      3. Chardoo says:

        amen hehe

      4. tomintx says:

        ever heard of th critical race theory?

    3. Morgan says:

      Hey bud I’m pretty sure they called him a gunman because he was a MAN with a GUN. Do you get it now?

      1. Dave says:

        Oh, hence the term “brainless” applying to you, I get it, thanks!

      2. Sean says:

        Using your logic the victim was a man with a dog so then why was it not a gunman vs a dogman? If he had a knife would he be a knifeman? What if he was a she, would she be a gunwoman? Personally I am a breast man, does that mean I am attacking people with breasts? Why is it the only weapon that they do this with is a gun? I’m with Rickman on this one.

      3. Words are important. Similarly, those who would disarm the citizenry, call it “gun control” rather than calling it “taking away your right to self-defense”. So there is a constant and subtle attack on guns.
        Now in the UK, they are talking about “knife crime”. The government won’t be happy until the population is not a threat.

        1. Coach says:

          It’s funny that if you are against guns “gun control” is limiting the availability. For guns, it’s how you make sure that you hit your target.

    4. 1911 says:

      You left out Occupier that describes all the you said.

    5. Chicago Guy says:

      Yeah, Guns don’t kill people, bullets kill people. Which is why I always keep a healthy supply of ammo on hand.

  49. jack says:

    If Obama had a son, he would look like the gunman who tried to kill the dog.

    1. WhiskeyDrinkingMan says:


    2. Kingfish says:

      If he had a son it would look like dog poo.

    3. Dave says:

      But it wouldn’t have been reported because it would have been bl ack on white crime.

      The dog is white.

    4. heelers4me says:


    5. bill says:

      Now that is funny. Best comment yet.

  50. Coolit10 says:

    Blame the parents. Teach children how to behave around animals they do not know. Pits are the best.Put Vick in a pit and see how fast he can’t run. Sorry, for the kids.


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