NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The parents of an 11-year-old Brooklyn girl, who died nearly two years ago, say they are still seeking justice.

Michael and Carmen Ojeda, the parents of Briana Ojeda, contend that police officer Alfonso Mendez refused to give the girl CPR.

1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks Reports On The Story

Briana suffered an asthmatic attack on August 27, 2010 in Carroll Park.

Carmen Ojeda put her daughter in her car and drove the wrong way down a street that was the most direct way to the hospital. That’s when she spotted officer Mendez.

Mendez allegedly said he didn’t know CPR, but apparently escorted the woman and her daughter to the hospital by following her with his lights on following a delay.

Young Briana was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The family wants officer Mendez punished and is demanding that the NYPD re-train and re-certify all officers in CPR and First Aid.

“What we’re doing here is fighting so no other parent can go through this. We’re learning to live with this on a daily basis. It’s the hardest thing we can do in our life,” Carmen Ojeda said.

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  1. Family friend says:

    You all are nasty disgusting people! Who cares about the CPR, money or anything like that. A child died and a police officer did nothing about it, he even tried to give the mother a driving ticket at the hospital!!! We still have to deal with the tragic loss of a beautiful child. She was so smart, polite…a sweetheart.

    Think about what you’re going to say before you comment next time!

  2. Dr. Meh says:

    The original story was the officer delayed helping her with an escort and gave her attitude and smirked when asked for CPR. He was obnoxious and not realizing how seriously Sick the child was. He was not behaving as NY finest and acted poorly with no empathy.

  3. cathy says:

    You are the mom Of an asmatic child,,,, Its your responsibility to learn CPR

  4. NYCsewer says:

    The mother clearly is trying to cash in on her dead daughter so she can buy a big house in PR and breed more

  5. Nick says:

    Just how is CPR suppose to stop an asthma attack???? I do know how to stop a stupid attack: sterilize these idiots so that it stops contaminating the gene pool.

    1. NYCsewer says:

      clearly it is better she died for the gene pool

      1. Love NYC says:

        Clearly you have chosen an appropriate name for yourself. To comment that a child should die is repulsive.

  6. Doug says:

    This woman knew her daughter suffered from severe asthma for years and she NEVER learned CPR, but now it’s the officer’s fault because he wasn’t properly trained in it. CPR is voluntary in the NYPD and you are only trained to do it once while in the academy. Once you’re out, your certification expires three months later. Had the officer done CPR the woman would have sued saying he wasn’t properly trained in it. A no win situation for the officer either way.The NYPD does not even provide barrier protection even if the officers wanted to do CPR. This is all this woman’s fault

    1. Well said says:


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