This conversation started with Boomer criticizing Craig’s hitting ability in the two charity softball games they have played in together over the last year or so. After Craig defends his honor, he talks about his regrettable decision to leave the game at Yankee Stadium before the buffet dinner, which he was unaware would be taking place.

Boomer goes on to mention that Craig displayed some deplorable behavior at one of his charity golf events. Listen to Craig describe the scene in which he took an entire shrimp boat from the buffet back to his table, a move which needless to say did not go over well with the folks who owned the place.

Perhaps the funniest part of the story is that the managers did not know how to approach Craig about his little fopat, and instead went to Boomer with the complaint. Al points out that any time Boomer and Craig are out together and someone approaches Booms saying, “I’m not sure how to tell you this, but…” it always seems to be pertaining to something outrageous Craig has done. Ya see Craigie, this is why we can’t have nice things…

LISTEN: Boomer Can’t Take Craig Anywhere Nice

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