By Kimberly Rae Miller

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The next ‘Dirty Job’ that Mike Rowe should try out is being the Realtor in charge of the ‘Jersey Shore’ house.

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Now that is a job no one should want.  When the show is in production the gig appears fairly easy –  just sit back and collect those royalty fees – but when the camera crew and resident Juice Heads leave, managing the seasonal property for private rental becomes a nightmare.

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According to gossip site TMZ, the Seaside Heights house is plagued by vandals. The show site is tagged with spray-paint on a daily basis, most using the walls of the home as a yearbook of sorts, writing messages to the cast or signing their own names.  Some go a bit further, actually stealing parts of the building – like shingles.

When the show is in production it’s the producers responsibility to keep up with the maintenance, but the folks in charge of renting it out for private parties during the down season have to repaint and repair on a weekly basis.

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I, for one, am just shocked that the fans of ‘Jersey Shore’ would stoop to such a level. I had always imagined them as models of class and breeding.