NEW YORK (WFAN) — 7,982 games — and counting.

Phil Humber was the latest former Mets player to put his stamp on history when he completed MLB’s 21st perfect game Saturday.

Though it would be nice, fans in Flushing aren’t asking for a perfecto. They just want to enjoy a no-hitter. Just once. After all, every other team in the league — except the San Diego Padres — has one.

“I think one day it’s gonna happen,” Mets starter Mike Pelfrey said Sunday. “I can’t tell you when … it’s got to happen eventually.”

New York’s latest near-no-no came on Easter Sunday, when Jonathon Niese took his hitless gem into the seventh inning at home against Atlanta.

The list of one-time Mets to throw a no-hitter elsewhere is impressive. Nolan Ryan, Tom Seaver, Mike Scott, Doc Gooden, David Cone, Hideo Nomo and now Humber, shipped out in 2008 as part of the Johan Santana trade, have all accomplished the feat.

Humber (No. 3 overall in 2004) and Pelfrey (No. 9 overall in 2005) were picked in the first round by New York in consecutive years. “Big Pelf” knew his former minor-league teammate, now with the Chicago White Sox, had something special.

“He was a guy that you looked at and you always knew he had great stuff, especially now that his velocity’s back up,” said Pelfrey. “Good for him. He’s a guy you expect great things out of.”

If you had to guess, who would be the first starter or prospect to toss a no-no for the Mets? Sound off below!