MINEOLA, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — There is additional fallout from the Long Island man, who is accused of being a bogus dentist.

An investigation is underway to determine whether any labs participated in a cover-up and into just how widespread unlicensed doctoring may be.

The family of the accused man, 46-year-old Manuel Carranza, refused to speak with CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan on Friday.

Carranza’s illegal dental practice remained shuttered Friday and the accused man — with only a sixth-grade education — remained jailed.

The seizure of his unsterilized, antiquated dental equipment has the entire Westbury community buzzing. Some residents, who had been “patients” of Carranza said they would not go there anymore.

However, others expressed sympathy for the accused man, saying being a dentist is Carranza’s “dream” and that he should be able to fulfill it.

Police said, for now, it appears the accused unlicensed dentist, who filled cavities and drilled root canals on the cheap, acted alone using how-to-books.

His equipment was apparently purchased second-hand at trade shows. The illegal medications were bought online, police said.

Authorities also said that Carranza extracted teeth for free and had built up a profitable denture business.

McLogan: “Did someone in a lab make [the] dentures or did this fake dentist do it himself?

Nassau Det. Sgt. James Watson: “It’s our belief during this investigation that Mr. Carranza actually made the dentures himself. He had a makeshift work station making denture molds and dozens of boxes of teeth.”

Police are now tracking the prevalence of bogus doctors after another one was shut down last month in nearby Roosevelt.

Carranza told police he is self taught, while getting dental tips from his sister in Honduras, who is also interested in teeth.

Both the district attorney and police department in Nassau County are urging anyone come forward with information concerning additional suspected unlicensed doctors practicing in the community.

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