NEW YORK (WFAN) — There are a variety of ways to assert your fandom in the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry.

Some may take part in a Quinnipiac poll. Others decide to take the make-my-child-cry approach.

And then there’s the fisticuffs method.

An unfortunate episode between fans of the AL East rivals, appropriately titled “Mayhem in Section 328,” made its way to YouTube late last week. In the first clip, a woman wearing a Red Sox hat is shown having words with a group of Yankees fans in the next section over. One person could be heard chanting, “Let them fight!” as the situation escalated.

The taunted Boston fan walked over and threw haymaker across the aisle. Then things got really ugly, resulting in a kick to her face and a tumble one row down to the metal railing below.

(Warning: videos contain graphic language and images)

The second video showed the same woman, apparently after the fall, having her hair yanked by a female in a Mark Teixeira jersey.

The brawl occurred during last week’s New York-Detroit series at Yankee Stadium, according to the video’s description. It was just the latest example of fans behaving badly, joining last year’s infamous stun gun incident at MetLife Stadium and the brutal beating of Rangers fan — and off-duty cop — Neal Auricchio after the Winter Classic in Philadelphia.

What do you think the answer is to curbing fan-on-fan violence? Sound off below…