Not Only Is What They Consume Scary, It's Very Expensive To Have Removed

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A golf ball, a fish hook, a sewing needle, a toy dinosaur and a rubber duck are not necessarily the type of things that you would expect to find in an X-ray of your dog’s stomach.

One dog even swallowed a tube sock, something that veterinarians told CBS 2’s Maurice DuBois that they see all the time.

“One of the really dangerous objects are some of the things in the hamper,” one vet said.

Dogs like to eat clothing, like socks and underwear, because it carries the scent of their owners. But consuming those items can be dangerous, even life threatening, according to experts.

“It can get stuck in the stomach, go into the small intestine and is can cause bunching up of the small intestine and even lead to a perforation,” a vet said.

These accidents do not just happen when your back is turned either. They can happen in the blink of an eye, right in front of your face.

Mary Bottino’s poodle, “Mocha,” recently swallowed a gold crucifix.

“The dog immediately grabbed it, and he chased her, and she ran, and she basically swallowed it whole,” she explained.

The Bottinos rushed their dog to the vet to have the cross removed. They said the experience wasn’t only scary, it was expensive.

When Mary Buffington’s dog “Tonka” swallowed a tennis ball it cost $20,000 to remove it from the 160-pound Newfoundland.

“He chews it and chews it and chews it until it pops and then he swallows it,” she said.

To prevent future medical expenses, Tonka was given a special muzzle to wear when tennis balls are present.

Veterinarians told CBS 2 that balls are one of the most common items for dogs to eat, but that they can swallow just about anything. A set of dentures, a spoon, a fork and a baby pacifier have all been found inside dogs’ stomaches.

Experts said that if your dog is vomiting, not eating, or not going to the bathroom regularly then you should take them to the vet.

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