NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Knuckles the dog is staying in Los Angeles, for now.

A judge said Wednesday Knuckles, a half pug, half beagle, can stay with Craig Dershowitz’s ex-girlfriend Sarah Brega.

In papers filed earlier this year in Manhattan state Supreme Court, Dershowitz, who lives in New York, said Brega “kidnapped” Knuckles after they broke up and took the dog to California.

Brega said Dershowitz gave her the puggle pup. Dershowitz said the dog is registered to him. “He’s my son. Really, first thing I really loved and cared for,” said Dershowitz.

Dershowitz started the website “Rescue Knux” to raise money for the custody fight. For $250, contributors can play fetch with Knuckles. For $10,000, Legends of Graffiti will do a giant, personalized mural.

Dershowitz made an emotional video plea and posted the following on his site:

“Knuckles was kidnapped by my ex-girlfriend and the legal fees to retrieve him are going to bankrupt me.

I know it might sound funny and I understand that. If it wasn’t so painful, I would be laughing too (I mean, c’mon – dognapp – really?) but this is very serious to me and I miss him a lot. Enough that I have gone into debt to retrieve him and enough that I am on here asking for your help. I need the money to keep fighting the court battle. She comes from a wealthy family that is backing her. I don’t. She keeps filing crazy, frivolous motions just knowing that I can’t afford to respond even after the judge has ruled in my favor. The courts gave me custody already but, sadly, the system is too complex and expensive to make anything that simple and easy.

I need help bringing my boy home…where he belongs…for good.”

So far Dershowitz raised $4,304 of his $20,000 goal and has 32 days to go.

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