By Kimberly Rae Miller

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — I have to admit, Genevieve Sabourin is kind of growing on me.  The French-Canadian actress accused of stalking Alec Baldwin has spunk.  Crazy, scary, delusional spunk.

The Daily News recently released excerpts from emails Sabourin wrote to Baldwin pertaining to his relationship with now-fiancee Hilaria Thomas.

Before she made the mistake of following Baldwin back and forth from Manhattan to the Hamptons, a strategy that ultimately led to her April 8th arrest, Genny (can I call her Genny?) was planning on taking another trip to the Soho yoga studio Thomas instructs at.

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On March 20th, Sabourin apparently sent Baldwin an email revealing her plan:

“I will change my name and take yoga classes you know where and I’ll become HLT best friend, faster then (sic) you know,” she wrote. “I’ll use her ego.”

Hours later she sent another email to the ’30 Rock’ actor: “I’m coming to NY!!!! … I’m not afraid of loosing all because I already did.”

The woman has gumption.

When Baldwin and Thomas announced their engagement on April 2nd, Sabourin did not sent congratulations, she sent more crazy, writing to the actor, “I just died.”

“I’ll never be this candid little smiling/giving/nice … naive and caring blonde girl next door, she died on the stepping stone in front of your house.”

In front of his house!  That’s my favorite part, because that’s probably where she was while writing the email.

You have to respect a woman who knows what she wants and is willing to put on yoga pants to get it.

Sabourin’s lawyer, Maurice Sercarz, implied that his client’s emails to Baldwin were harmless, saying “She had no intent to harass, annoy or alarm Mr. Baldwin.”


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