In an effort to make his radio partner’s life more difficult, Craig encouraged fan to greet the Booms with a healthy ‘BOOM-ER’ when they see him tonight at Garden for Game 5.  Needless to say, the Blonde Bomber was not thrilled by the gesture.

Craig then ordered Al Dukes to get Tim Tebow on the Show, not to talk about football, but rather to offer a prayer for John Tortorella and the Blue Shirts.

After all of that, Craig took issue with the stench coming from the Devils jersey he was wearing (pictured).  the jersey belongs to our guy Max Herman, who works on the Show and apparently could use the number of a good dry cleaner, because according to Craig, the jersey (or sweater as hockey fans like to call them) wreaked of cigarettes and Drakkar cologne, not a very pleasant combination.

Despite Craig’s urging, Boomer refused to take a whiff of the soiled Devils’ paraphernalia…

LISTEN: One Stinkin’ Devils’ Jersey (05/23)

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