NEW YORK (WFAN) — Before the rain on Thursday night, the Mets had Jeremy Hefner on the mound.

After the downpour? He looked more like old man Hugh Hefner.

There were more ducks than people at Citi Field, watching the unwatchable. The San Diego Padres scoring more runs on more hits since they were an expansion team!

You were watching this game for three reasons:

1. To see if anyone was going to drown at Lake Citi Field.

2. You wanted to see if David Wright could maintain .400 and get the cycle. No cycle, but Wright did get three hits and ended at .405.

3. The Ike Davis drama: you wanted to see if he was going to be seen! He was told he wasn’t going anywhere, which apparently meant sitting on the bench — until his two-run single in the eighth.

Too little, too late. But maybe we’ll see more of that from Ike.

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