NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – If you love New York City like we love New York City then tag along with Toni On! We uncover hidden city secrets, show you the coolest stuff to do and hunt down the best treats because we love to eat! If you’re looking for a good time, Toni is your go-to guide!

This week we track down the best ten things to eat for under ten bucks at the New Amsterdam Market which has set up shop at the former site of the legendary Fulton Fish Market. We chow down on lobster rolls, gruyere grilled cheese, salt and pepper chocolate and we wash it all down with amazing parking lot pizza.  We travel around the world and get Roman porchetta and Moroccan cookies and Mexican ice cream.

Then we hit the road to meet some kids who truly rock. These kids may build boats in the Bronx, but the boats help build the kids, too. We meet an amazing New Yorker who put this incredible program together helping kids in the poorest zip code this side of the Mississippi.

Plus our weekly secret location….where I had my last drink before I got hitched!

Gruyere Grilled cheese and Chunky Lobster Rolls but what is Porchetta?

The Sweet Side: Bourbon Apple Crumble, Cayenne Chocolate and Mexican Rice Pudding Ice Cream.

Take a trip back in time and set foot on a historic ship in the seaport.

Meet some amazing boat builders and the incredible New Yorker that created this program for some at risk inner city kids.

Tune in next week for more Toni On! New York.