Say The Woman They Trusted Was Really Nothing More Than A Common Thief

SCARSDALE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — They said they were victims of a betrayal of trust, right inside their own home.

A nanny was arrested after being caught on camera allegedly ripping off her bosses, CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey reported Tuesday night.

They say video doesn’t lie, but it can leave you speechless.

Just ask Jeff Osterman and wife, Susan Matula, who said they still still can’t believe what their nanny Jeanne Quigley was caught doing, rummaging through an office she wasn’t supposed to be in.

“Utter shock, disbelief. Immediately I saw her going through Susan’s wallet, going into the cabinet and taking out an envelope with cash and going through the envelope with cash,” Osterman said.

The Scarsdale couple installed a camera after growing suspicious when money first went missing from Matula’s pocketbook.

“According to my calculations, I was $120 shy,” Matula said.

Over the course of months, the couple said things disappeared, including Susan’s wedding ring, so they installed a camera and on the first day they used it they said they caught their nanny of three years in the act.

“It was all very surreal. I couldn’t believe we were living this moment,” Matula said.

“She appeared very remorseful. She was crying, said many, many times she was sorry, that she didn’t know why she had done this,” Osterman added.

Making this betrayal of trust even worse, Matula is legally blind.

“I do think she utilized that to her best interest, absolutely,” Matula said.

Quigley was fired by the couple and after speaking with police, finally admitted she had the wedding ring.

“To see her actually doing these things, it makes you feel violated. It makes you question why you didn’t see this before,” Osterman said.

After the couple fired Quigley, and before she was arrested, they heard their former nanny may have found work in Rye and so they are hoping their story serves as a warning.

Hennessey tried to find Quigley on Tuesday night to get her side of the story, but didn’t have any luck finding her. The 47-year-old has been charged with grand larceny and possession of stolen property. She’s scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday.

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