NEW YORK (WFAN) — Well, the Metropolitans may have a better bullpen than the no-sting Rays of Tampa Bay.

No, we don’t want to hear about the Mets’ bullpen any more! The Rays got no hits and no runs Tuesday night from the New York relievers.

Go ahead, pinch yourself, but it’s true. The Mets’ bullpen got the job done.

New York responded well in Tampa Bay after being handed the broom in the Bronx. Apparently they’re better indoors than outside.

Now, imagine how good the Mets could be if they’d just score with no outs — or one out — since they’ve become a run-scoring machine with two outs.

Now if they could only get Jason Bay to wake up

LISTEN: Pinch Me, Mets’ Bullpen Got The Job Done!


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