ROOSEVELT, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A 20-year-old man, charged with jaywalking and riding a bike without a bell on Long Island, has called into question the conduct of the officer who arrested him.

Gary Mosley claims that Officer Joseph Stacci, known as “Pac-Man” to locals, stalked and harassed him during his arrest, targeting him because of his race.

CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan spoke to Mosely, who condemned what he believed to be a gross abuse of police authority.

“I do respect police,” he said Thursday. “But what Pac-Man is out here doing is something else. You can’t do that. I don’t think that’s right. Especially under the law…with that badge on, you’re supposed to protect and serve — he’s harassing me.”

A surveillance tape from a nearby Roosevelt bodega caught the incident on tape, recording the cop pushing Mosely into a fence, punching him in the ear and then throwing him to the ground.

Mosely was cuffed by the cop and left on the ground for 30 minutes, CBS 2’s McLogan reported.

After his arrest, Mosley filed complaints with Internal Affairs. When they went unanswered he hired a lawyer to file suit against the Nassau County Police in State Supreme Court, accusing them of assault, false imprisonment and civil rights violations.

Many community members are outraged by the incident, and said this is not the first time the officer has acted out of line in the name of law enforcement.

“On the streets he has his own way of doing things,” said one Roosevelt resident.

But Nassau Police continue to defend Officer Stacci, despite the cop’s controversial actions.

They also claimed that Mosley is a dangerous and a self-admitted Crips gang member with a substantial criminal record.

Despite the legal action taken by Mosely, Nassau Police said Internal Affairs is reviewing the case.

Meanwhile, Officer Stacci remains in good standing on the force.

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