NEW YORK(CBSNewYork)A school bus driver who was in a coma after being beaten by an angry motorist, died on Friday night.

Juan DelValle was taken off of life support shortly after 6:ooPM.

DelValle’s bus accidentally side-swiped a parked car, sending the owner into a punching and knocking rage that sent DelValle to the ground, with his head hitting the pavement. Doctors said he has permanent brain damage and his family could take him off life support later this week.

A surveillance video captured the entire incident, in which the driver of the car punched DelValle and sent him flying into the pavement.

DelValle was planning to retire from driving the school bus at the end of this school year. His family is waiting until after an autopsy is complete, to plan a funeral.

What could cause a person to attack somebody else in such a brutal manner over a minor car accident? Leave your thoughts below…