Earlier in the morning, Craig noticed that Robinson Cano’s stuttering in a soundbite Jerry used in one of his updates sounded a little like a banjo playing.

Well Al and Eddie behind the glass thought it sounded like the intro to The Human Beinz’s “Nobody Like Me,” which it did. Eddie played the song underneath Cano’s sound byte and it worked seamlessly. That’s when Craig decided to throw in some of our other various sound bytes, including a few from Al Dukes. All in all it was quite funny.

Then, at the request of many folks on Twitter, Boomer asks Craig to sit down. This is because Craigie tends to forget that he is on TV sometimes, and it seemed as though he was playing “pocket pool” in his shorts, if ya catch my drift.

Craig insists his hands were nowhere near his junk, but does hike his shorts up to chest level, drawing quite a bit of laughter from Boomer and Jerry.

LISTEN: Fun With Sound Bites And Craig’s Hands In His Shorts

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