But They Each Take Several Wicked Parting Shots On The Way Out

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Four years after their split, the war is finally over.

Bitter exes Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook were urged by a Suffolk judge Friday to come up with an 11th hour deal and settle their custody battle for the sake of their two children.

At 2 a.m. Monday, that’s what they did, according to attorneys for both parties, CBS 2’s Amy Dardashtian was the first to report.

The settlement comes just one day before the stunning supermodel and her architect ex were set to go to trial.

It ends a public battle that has raged for months.

The couple divorced in 2008 after Cook admitted to cheating on the supermodel with an 18-year-old.

Back in November the fighting started back up again over small sums of money and rude e-mails.

Brinkley accused Cook of not paying child support and Cook claimed the supermodel was using the courts to generate publicity for her Broadway debut in the musical “Chicago.”

Their battle raged in court as recently as last Friday when Cook’s wife, Suzanne Shaw, and Brinkley came head-to-head in the courtroom exchanging verbal blows.

Both parties said the resolution is in the best interests of their children.

That said, they both also released sharply barbed statements.

Brinkley posted a statement about the settlement on her Facebook page:

“Once and for all, this is my last word on the subject. Let it be known, that I ‘moved on’ from my marriage to Peter Cook the moment a police offer tapped me on the shoulder and informed me that ‘my husband had been cheating on me in a two year affair with his 17 year-old-daughter.’ Since that moment, it has been an odyssey of frustration as I have navigated the court system with one goal to find peace and protection for my family from the various forms of abuse at the hands of a narcissist.

“I had a prenup, a confidentiality agreement, and a ‘civility clause’ that all cost a lot of money, but were for all intensive purposes ignored and useless against the extended character assignation and extortion attempts I have endured. While extortion for money he was not owed was Peter Cook’s shameless goal in this last round, I was seeking respite from narcissist abuse by fighting for the right to enforce the ‘No Contact Rule’ which is imperative for persons, mostly women, dealing with a person diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

“In a late night settlement, I finally won the right to establish boundaries with provisions such as an intermediary to deal with email bullying, verbal and emotional abuse. I am hopeful the steps taken will now protect my Constitutional right to quiet enjoyment and peace and serve as a template for the courts to help others avoid the lengthy trials and tribulations that cost taxpayers money, and at a cost to families that CAN be calculated in dollars. But its the emotional toll which can only be measured in tears that must be considered by the courts and media alike.”

Cook’s attorney Jim Winkler also released a statement:

“The issues raised in the pending motions have now been resolved between the parties and the matter has been settled. Peter Cook has been completely vindicated.

“In addition to receiving financial compensation for having to address Ms. Brinkley’s frivolous lawsuit against him, Mr. Cook has also secured a parenting coordinator, something he has sought, and Ms. Brinkley has refused, for 4 years. Ms. Brinkley is now mandated to co-parent directly with Mr. Cook and she will be monitored. It is my hope that through this 3rd party intervention Christie will finally be forced to follow the court ordered agreements and behave in a manner that is in their children’s best interests. In addition, based on past experience, and her juvenile behavior towards Peter and his wife in the courthouse last Friday, we have secured a no verbal contact rule going forward. All communications shall be in the form of email or letter writing.

“Ms. Brinkley brought a meritless lawsuit against Mr. Cook for the sole purpose of causing pain and suffering to him. Contrary to Ms. Brinkley’s assertion that Mr. Cook was a ‘dead-beat dad’ and ‘bully’ this settlement agreement provides financial compensation exclusively to Mr. Cook and dismisses all monetary claims filed against him. Ms. Brinkley has publicly stated that Mr. Cook was attempting to extort money from her but this settlement demonstrates it was she who was wrongfully attempting to extort money from him. The settlement we reached proves Ms. Brinkley’s claims were baseless and that a hearing would have only proved to be a further embarrassment for her.

“For the sake of their children and Mr. Cook’s entire family, I hope this settlement will temper Ms. Brinkley’s public harassment of him going forward and that she will seek appropriate help to deal with her anger. The tragedy that has ensued since the day she fought to keep the court open back in 2008, inviting the media into their private family matters, and her motivation for this recent lawsuit against Mr. Cook, is inexcusable.”

Brinkley’s attorney, Thomas Campagna, then lit into Cook in an e-mailed statement to CBS 2’s Amy Lauren:

“Despite the fact that this matter has been settled, Mr. Cook and his attorney continue to garner media attention with outrageous lies and misstatements that have absolutely no reflection upon the parties’ settlement. The statements made by Mr. Cook and his attorney regarding the terms of settlement are simply and completely untrue.

“Any statements released by Peter Cook should be viewed in the context of his personal history of severe, and well documented, ethical and moral shortcomings, all of which are indicative of his lack of credibility.

“There was never an appointment of a “parent coordinator” as Mr. Cook claims and there was absolutely no compensation paid to Mr. Cook. In addition, Mr. Cook was forced to pay his child support arrears rather than face the consequences of the Court. The settlement also provides for an “intermediary” to monitor Peter Cook’s abusive communications and levy a fine for any future violations.

“Ms. Brinkley achieved the legal remedies she sought in this action. Ms. Brinkley has won the right to enforce a “NO CONTACT RULE” which is imperative when dealing with a spouse with a Narcissistic Personality Disorder (“NPD”). This includes boundaries and provisions such as an intermediary to protect NPD victims from email bullying, verbal abuse, and emotional abuse.

The legal matter is now fully resolved. As to Peter Cook’s ongoing character assassination, we will no long dignify his behavior with a response.”

Brinkley accused Cook of being a deadbeat Dad and sending aggressive e-mails. Cook, an architect who was married to Brinkley 10 years, said she’s an egomaniac who dragged the case through the courts to drum up publicity.

Cook said he is raising their kids, ages 13 and 16, alone.

The divorce made headlines in 2008. Cook confessed to an affair with a teenage assistant. Cook said Brinkley, who is worth millions, is out for revenge.

Both Hamptonites moved on after their bitter divorce. Brinkley travels with the show “Chicago” and Cook has remarried.

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