In honor of the FAN’s 25th anniversary, we’ve been counting down the top 25 moments in New York sports history as voted on by you, the listeners. The moments have been playing in order at the top of every hour counting down from 25-1.

When Craig heard the #23 moment playing at 8:00 this morning, he recalled that yesterday at the same time, the countdown was somewhere in the teens. This of course meant that the #1 moment had already come and gone at some point in the previous day. He then informed us that if you missed it, we played the #1 moment at 5:00 this morning, because who isn’t up and listening to the FAN at that hour?

Craig then had Al and Jerry guess what the top moment might be. Eddie eventually does play the audio, after a little bit of a misdirection at the expense of Jerry. You’ll see what I mean if you listen…

LISTEN: Counting Down The Top Moments in NY Sports History… Strangely

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