To tackle the tough topic of proper manners at the beach, etiquette expert Thomas Farley and writer Jennifer Press visit The Couch to  discuss the do’s and don’ts of hitting the sand.

For example, Pets. What are some basic guidelines for taking your pets to the beach?

“Like goes with like,” Farley said. “Do not bring your dog to a pet unfriendly beach. First of all, it’s not allowed and you’ll get kicked off the beach. And you’ll also annoy people.”

And when it comes to personal space among humans, Press said, “My sense of things in life is that some people have a sense of it and some people don’t. In my opinion, the best thing to do from time to time is to assess the situation, and if it’s going to impact your joy at the beach, pick up your stuff and move somewhere else.”

What’s your beachside pet peeve? Sound off below!