Check Out FBI's Site By Monday To Make Sure You Will Remain Connected

NEW YORK (CBS 2) –– The doomsday virus capable of knocking out your computer is still active and dangerous.

In fact, the clock is ticking on it and if you don’t take action in a few days you could be hit with it, CBS 2’s Asa Aaron reported Thursday.

Jake Lewis works as a personal assistant, which means he’s on the Internet more than 15 hours a day. He said he was alarmed to hear about the computer virus that could knock thousands of people off-line.

“I have all my documents, my data bases stored online. That’s contacts, that’s scheduling, that’s references,” Lewis said.

The FBI has been on the case since last year, when agents busted a ring of computer hackers in Estonia. The scam infected hundreds of thousands of computers around the world and controlled them through rogue servers.

The hackers would redirect people to different websites and rack up millions of dollars in illegal fees.

The challenge for the FBI was if it shut down the hackers’ servers, it would wipe out the Internet connection for all the victims. So instead, the feds set up alternate servers, which took control of the infected computers.

That temporary system is shutting down on Monday, which means about 64,000 computers in the U.S. will be cut off. The FBI is directing users to a special website to see if they’re infected. The site will check for the virus and tell you how to fix it. Lewis said he’s in the clear.

“I am very relieved, knowing I will not lose my Internet on Monday, thank God,” Lewis said.

However, many others are still at risk, and the FBI said it thinks about 50 major corporations are infected as well.

It takes about three minutes to log on the FBI site and clear your computer. It’s a smart time investment because this virus has reportedly gobbled up standard anti-virus software.

Remember, you need the FBI site to handle it and you’ve only got until this coming Monday.

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