While Craig was asking Boomer for advice about what style of underwear he should purchase, Al Leiter called-in on the hotline and found the conversation all too familiar.  He offered Craig his opinion on the pressing matter, before moving on to the advantages of male-grooming and what it is like working-out at the same gym that Al Dukes pumps his iron.

Eventually the conversation gravitated to baseball, as the former big league pitcher did call-in on behalf of the MLB Network, where he get paid to offer his expert baseball analysis – money well spent if you ask me.

Leiter admitted to not being in favor of R.A. Dickey starting the All-Star game for the National League, but has since come around and would like to see the knuckleballer get the nod.

The guys filled Leiter in on the comments made by Reggie Jackson regarding PED’s and the Baseball Hall of Fame and then he offered his take on the hot-button topic.

Before sayng goodbye, Leiter agreed to participate in a round of golf with the Dynamic Radio Duo and told Al to say hello the next time they cross-paths at the gym…

LISTEN: Al Leiter Calls-In At The Perfect Time (07/06)

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