Garv Agarwal May Be A Little Kid, But He's Already Being Recognized As A Hero

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A 6-year-old Westchester County boy was doing what most children like to do, when he dropped everything to save his mom’s life.

As a result, he’s garnered plenty of attention and is being hailed as a hero.

Garv was alone with his mother, Kirti Agarwal, at their White Plains home when she collapsed to the ground, blacking out from stress and dehydration.

The young boy told CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez that he was coloring when his mom fainted. But he remembered the emergency response lessons he learned in pre-school and quickly jumped into action. The following is an excerpt from his call to 911:

Garv: “My mom is in trouble, I’m the only one here!”

Operator: “Okay, what’s the matter with your mom?”

Garv: “She was shaking. I told her the ambulance coming.”

Garv: “Mama (inaudible) can you get up? Can you get up?”

Operator: “Leave mom there. Tell her to lay there and we’ll send an ambulance to check her out, okay?”

Garv: “Okay, I told her that but she’s now picking up the phone.”

Emergency responders arrived within minutes and rushed Kirti Agarwal to a nearby hospital. She is now home recovering with a swollen eye from the fall and grateful for her brave son.

“‘Garv’ in our language means to be proud and he’s really made me and my husband both feel very proud of him,” Agarwal said.

Garv, who will be entering first grade this fall, is a typical kid, but one who has already accomplished quite a feat at such a young age. He decided to let Sanchez in on some big plans he has for his future, adding he wants to be three people.

“A paleontologist, a person that studies dinosaurs, an inventor and a cop,” he said.

He’s already proven he knows how to serve and protect, so he’s clearly ahead of the game.

The White Plains Police Department and mayor honored Garv for his heroism with a certificate, a cap and his very own police badge.

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