NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – If you love New York City like we love New York City then tag along with Toni On! We uncover hidden city secrets, show you the coolest stuff to do and hunt down the best treats because we love to eat! If you’re looking for a good time, Toni is your go-to guide!

This week we are taking the show south of Canal!

Sure, it’s home to NYC’s most famous film festival but the triangle below canal –  TriBeCa is where you’ll also find Maryland’s most famous crustaceans, heuvos rancheros with cilantro rice, a watermelon margarita and frosting shots! But if you want to look ten years younger and ten pounds slimmer – we’ve discovered the best “surgery free” facelift & lipo in the city.  Just under an hour and my pants were loose.

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We get cracking on Maryland Crab night, down a frosting shot or two and discover how the Hudson River kept our food chilled before refrigeration! 

We take on the city’s most iconic brunch spot and scarf down heuvos rancheros with a watermelon margarita!

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Road-trippin’ in search of an award winning Sicilian slice! 

Tune in next week for more Toni On! New York.