NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Are you ready for “4-D” movies?

Howzabout $30 tickets to see ’em?

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A South Korean movie theater chain thinks it’s the next big thing, and the best way to lure movie-goers back into theaters.

According to a report in the Los Angeles Times, CJ Group – operators of Asia’s largest theater chain – is hoping to open up 200 “4-D” theaters in the next five years in New York, Los Angeles and other cities in the U.S.

CJ’s brand of 4-D is known as 4DX. According to the company, “4DX theaters are equipped with high-technology motion seats that move in perfect sync with on-screen action.”

The company also says on its website “You will be able to experience special effects such as wind, fog, lightning and scents that enhance what you see on the screen. 4DX enables you to connect with the movie, sending you on a journey with the characters, and ultimately freeing yourself from the flat screen.”

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The company says they can produce wind effects, bubbles, fog, scents, and even splash your face with water at key moments in a movie.

CJ Group’s site lists 27 such theaters in Mexico, Brazil, South Korea, China and Thailand. Some movies that have been given the “4DX” treatment include “The Avengers,” “Titanic,” “Star Wars,” “Avatar” and “The Hunger Games.”

CJ Group execs told the L.A. Times they believe audiences would pay an additional $8 for the 4DX experience. In New York City, where an IMAX 3-D movie can already cost $21 – that would push the price to nearly $30 a ticket.

CJ Group isn’t the only outfit getting into the 4-D business. D-Box, a Canadian company, also manufactures theater seats that rumble in sync with a film.

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Would you pay $30 for an IMAX 4-D movie experience? Do you want rumbling seats, fog and scents in the theaters? Tell us in our comments section below.