Bowling Alley, Movie Theater, Basketball Court, Dog Spa, You Name It, They Got It

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — One thing that never changes in Manhattan — finding a good deal on an apartment is tough.

Vacancies for city rentals are near an all-time low and buildings are piling on the amenities to attract more and more renters.

CBS 2’s Ann Mercogliano got a tour of the most lavish perks on Tuesday.

When your apartment building amenities include a bowling alley, a 40,000 square-foot athletic center and a 75-foot swimming pool, a Pilates studio and a basketball court, it certainly makes up for the lack of apartment space.

“New York City is kind of like your living room. You tend to have a small apartment so you want the amenities that you have access to but you don’t have to have a 3,000- or 5,000-foot home,” realtor Nicole Beauchamp said.

If there’s a court, well, of course, you need a rock climbing wall, too.

At The Aldyn on Riverside Boulevard, residents have all these great perks to enjoy.

Beuchamp said these are the things people are “really” looking for “right” now in a Manhattan abode.

“It appeals to them. It gives them sort of like that clubby feel, and it makes them feel they’re getting more value for their money,” Beauchamp said.

New York City has gone amenity crazy, with buildings offering lavish extras to try and lure renters.

At the MiMa on 42nd Street and 10th Avenue, a dog spa offers A-list salon pampering for the building’s four-legged tenants.

“The craziest amenity I have seen has got to be a full-service dog spa where you can even specifically seek out who walks your dog,” Beauchamp said.

For the humans, the MiMa also features a movie theatre and an Internet cafe all for renters’ enjoyment.

Inside the Ohm on 11th Avenue and 30th Street, there’s a video arcade, loaded with games, from car racing to pinball, and even classics like Pac-Man.

There’s also a stage for live music in the lobby.

Downtown in Tribeca, 34 Leonard woos potential tenants with a wine cellar — red or white, it’s up to you — but the wine is not included.

Wouldn’t it be nice to find just the perks you were looking for?

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