When you travel the country as much as the Eli Young Band does, you see some interesting stuff.

This week, the boys checked in with Pat and Tom from Sacramento station KNCI. They were in Fargo, North Dakota, where they were met at the airport by a celebrity…of sorts.

“Usually at airports, there might be like a new Volvo or car,” they explained. But in Fargo? “There’s actually a wood chipper right there in baggage claim.”

If you’re wondering why there would be a wood chipper in the Fargo airport, you must not have seen the movie Fargo (one of the film’s villains meets his demise in such a machine). And “celebrity” isn’t too big a stretch to describe this particular wood chipper, which tours the state often and even has its own Facebook page.

But that’s not all.

The band explained that they are taking a short break from touring with Rascal Flatts and have been playing a lot of state and county fairs. Asked if they’ve tried any unusual fair food, they said that in Texas, they sampled fried beer.

How was it? “It’s fried beer, and it’s exactly what you would think it would be,” they said. “It’s something you wanted to try, and then regretted trying.” The idea, they agree, is “really cool,” but bottom line is it “tastes horrible.”

One thing they don’t regret is choosing “Even if it Breaks Your Heart” as their latest single. The Eric Pasley-penned tune (he also wrote “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” for Jake Owen) is currently in the Top Five and just might hit Number One very soon.

The band says it’s been a blast watching the single climb the charts at a much faster clip than their previous hit “Crazy Girl,” which was the ACM Single of the Year and the most-played song on country radio in 2011.

“We’ve been a band for 12 years now,” they say, so the success they’ve had in recent years is a great payoff–“it’s been a nice, slow build.”

Listen to the full Eli Young Band interview on KNCI.

-Pat Still and Tom Mailey/KNCI 105.1


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