NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The lazy, hazy days of summer are here. But if you’re unemployed, these could also be days of opportunity.

There is a way to beat the competition and land a new job.

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Laying out on the beach is certainly a summer temptation, but if you’re one of the 8.5 percent of New Yorkers out of work, this is the season to be pounding the pavement.

“It makes it the perfect time as a job seeker to kick up your job search, because there’s a lot less competition during this time,” Amanda Augustine, a job-search expert for TheLadders, told CBS 2 consumer reporter Asa Aarons.

“Other people are going to be at the beach, and that’s going to reduce the size of the candidate pool,” job seeker Brad Soltis said.

Soltis said he is making the most of his summer and staying focused on his job search.

Staffing expert Dave Sanford added that this is a great time to fill in for vacationing employees.

“Temporary work is a great way to open up the door,” said Sanford, the executive VP for client relations at Winter Wyman. “The bar gets set a little bit lower on the contracting side, so it’s easier to get in.”

Tamika Bryant has been looking for work since January, and she has a temp position now.

“I’m seeing some positions open up now that I plan to go for,” Bryant said. “And having the foot already in the door, I’m already meeting some of the directors and managers.”

Experts also advise to use the vitality of summer to your best advantage.

“When you’re feeling great about yourself you’re projecting a better version of yourself to prospective employers,” Augustine explained.

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“The summertime brings happiness, and so for the unemployed we welcome that,” job seeker Hoda Metwally said. “We want the hiring managers to be happier and more relaxed.”

And with a more relaxed schedule, managers have more time to spend with potential candidates.

“Because their workload is lighter they’re more focused on you,” Metwally said.

Experts also maintain that it’s vital to stick to a routine.

“You can’t send out eight applications one week and then do nothing for three weeks in a row,” Augustine said. “You’re going to put yourself back down at zero.”

And it’s also imperative to take advantage of more relaxed networking opportunities.

“Keep a copy of your resume,” Bryant recommended. “It’s good networking, because you never know who you’re going to be speaking to in the coffee shop.”

Making sure that you’re following through on that search on a daily basis is the most important thing you can do,”  Sanford stressed.

One aspect of the job search that remains important despite the season is social media. Make sure to take advantage of some of your connections on LinkedIn, and remember that you can set up a separate Facebook page devoted to your profession.

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Job seekers, have you found that it has been easier to get interviews in the summertime? Let us know in the comments section below…