NEW YORK (WFAN) — Let it be shown, let it be read, let it be stated that any thoughts should be directed to the health and welfare of Jerry Sandusky’s victims.

Meanwhile, back at not-so-Happy Valley, there’s plenty of shame, soil and stain to go around.

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Legacies, legends and reputations ruined. Innocence forever gone.

Back in November, Penn State students, they too turned the other way on Joe Paterno — much like Paterno and the others turned the other way on Sandusky and his victims.

The students, they couldn’t — or wouldn’t — believe the unbelievable. Not when you couldn’t see, not when you were blinded, not when you were blindsided by the leaders led by denial. Collusion, delusion and confusion, fueled by ego and power.

Now we have to believe those students realize that, given the chance, Sandusky would have gladly given them the shirt off his back.

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Now we have to believe those students realize that Paterno and his allies were going for the win. No matter the opposition, no matter who or what or where or when or why.

Say it ain’t so, Joe — and the Freeh report says he did.

For a long time.

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