It’s been well documented how Craig has been victimized twice now by losing bets in which he has vowed to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge in revealing outfits. Well this morning, it was who Boomer laid it all on the line.

Boomer has been critical of Carmelo Anthony over the last few years as a Knick. But after reading his comments from about a month ago in which Melo said the time to win a championship is now, Boomer wants to see the proof in the pudding.

And so if Carmelo Anthony somehow manages to lead the New York Knicks to an NBA championship this season, Boomer Esiason will walk across the Brooklyn Bridge in Knicks’ boxer shorts. We now have it on record and the tape has been saved. And speaking personally, I’ve never wanted to see the Knicks win a title more in my life.

LISTEN: Boomer Makes A Bridge Bet

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