Helloooo NYC! Max here filling in for Bobby. Boomer and Carton made their triumphant return to the airwaves this morning, and they came ready to dish on the latest news regarding the Jeremy Lin contract saga. That’s right, it’s basketball talk in July!

On Saturday, Lin signed an offer sheet with the Rockets for 3 years and roughly $25M, giving the Knicks three days to match the deal. However later in the day, the Knicks agreed to a sign and trade with the Blazers to bring point guard Raymond Felton back to MSG, seemingly indicating the Knicks are prepared to move on from Linsanity.

The guys had differing opinions on this matter. While Craig is more than ready to say goodbye, Boomer longs for the days when Linsanity was in full bloom. And let’s face it, those were some of the most exciting weeks Knicks fans have had to enjoy in quite some time. But Craig is quick to point out that he believes Jeremy Lin to be one of, if not the most overrated player in the NBA.

While Boomer would love to have Jason Kidd, Felton, AND Lin on the roster, he acknowledges that’s probably not the greatest way for the Knicks to use their cap space. He seems to be put off by the fact that Lin and his agent went back to the Rockets to make their offer more difficult for the Knicks to match.

Neither Boomer nor Craig begrudges Lin for making as much dough as he possibly can, but it’s hard to look at these negotiations as anything other than a money-grab motivated by greed. All the while Craig reiterates his opinion that much like Carmelo Anthony told the media, it would be “ridiculous” to pay a player with Jeremy Lin’s limited NBA experience that kind of scratch.

All this and more as we get rolling on this Monday morning…

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