New York Daily News Knicks reporter Frank Isola joined the program shortly after a conversation about his apparent rift with the New York Post’s Marc Berman. Frank began by providing some insight into that.

Before long Isola let us know where he stands on the Knicks presumably parting ways with Jeremy Lin. Boomer had been saying all morning that he doesn’t believe that Lin really wants to play with the Knicks, and that’s why he went back to the Rockets to restructure their offer sheet.

Isola doesn’t think that’s a crazy idea and goes even further to say that maybe the Knick locker room isn’t the ideal fit for Lin. After all, Carmelo Anthony did refer to Houston’s offer as “ridiculous” and J.R. Smith even indicated there would be resentment in the locker room if Jeremy did come back to the Knicks with a monster contract.

Frank finds it a little funny that the Rockets, a team who cut Lin from their roster within the last few years, is now willing to pay him $25 million over three years. Imagine if the Knicks were the team doing that…

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